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Tue Jun 06 2023
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Nina Heisser is famously known among the general public as an ex-wife of Earl Thomas. Her ex-husband, Earl, is a former American Football player who used to play in (NFL)National Football League.

Heisser hasn't stuck to fame earned being a celebrity ex-wife and is a self-made entrepreneur. She is the founder of Nine Transportation and the clothing brand called CAPTIVATE.

Discover The Details Of Nina Heisser's Married Life With Thomas 

Nina Heisser was previously in a married relationship with her former romantic partner, Earl Thomas. They didn't share their marital life for a long period and separated shortly after four years. 

Heisser and Thomas both had their introduction while studying in high school in 2006. They initially had a platonic bond, but with time it turned into romantic, eventually dating each other. 

The Marriage ceremony picture of Nina Heisser and Earl Thomas.
The Marriage ceremony picture of Nina Heisser and Earl Thomas. (Source: Seattle Seahawks)

Thomas was the one who made the marriage proposal in 2015 during his annual football camp for kids. It was a positive response from Heisser. Nina and Earl soon engaged, marrying a year later. 

The ex-couple Nina and Earl completed their marriage at Chateau Cocomar in Houston, Texas in 2016. It was a well-celebrated marriage during which the bride wore a strapless ball gown while the groom was looking dashing in a black tuxedo. 

Nina Heisser Has Shared Three Kids With Earl Thomas 

Nina Heisser has welcomed three kids with her husband Earl Thomas during her romantic life with him. She is presently a single mother after filing for divorce from Thomas in 2020. 

Heisser and Thomas welcomed Kaleigh Rose Thomas before their marriage, while they were in a romantic affair. Nina and her ex-husband welcomed their daughter on September 24, 2012.

The picture of Nina Heisser enjoying time with her three kids.
The picture of Nina Heisser enjoying time with her three kids. (Source: Instagram @ msninathomas)

Heisser gave birth to her second kid Kamila Thomas on November 21, 2017. Similarly, the youngest one in the family is Vee Thomas welcomed on December 6, 2018. 

The celebrity kids have their official Instagram page which is available under the handle@thomaskids29. In there, you can grab adorable pictures of Kaleigh, Kamila, and Vee. 

Know About The Divorce Of Earl Thomas And Nina Heisser

It is known that Nina Heisser and Earl Thomas are no longer together. Nina was the one who filed for divorce from her husband Earl in November 2020, deciding to part ways. 

It was reported that she looked for divorce due to infidelity. While searching through she stated "no reasonable anticipation of reconciliation.”

Nina raises her three kids as a single mother after separating from Earl. She often spends time with her kids and spares time to enjoy with them, despite her busy work schedule. 

Unmasking Nina Heisser's Fortune: What Is Nina's Net Worth?

Nina Heisser has made a staggering net worth of $9 million, similar to Bernadette Moley. She has generated this jaw-dropping wealth through her successful entrepreneurial works. 

Heisser is the owner of the clothing brand called CAPTIVATE featuring women's clothing and other products. It is available on Instagram under the handle@ishopcaptivate.

Nina Heisser featuring the clothing brand CAPTIVATE.
Nina Heisser featuring the clothing brand CAPTIVATE. (Source: Instagram @ msninathomas)

In addition, Heisser is also the owner of a luxury car service center Nine Transportation. It features the booking of luxurious cars like Rolls Royce, Mercedes Sprinter, and several others on the line. 

On the other hand, Heisser's ex-husband Earl Thomas has an estimated net worth of $26 million. He has summoned up most of his money being an American football player. 

Was Nina Heisser Arrested?

It is indeed true, Nina Heisser was arrested on April 13, 2020. She was arrested by the police for pointing a gun towards her husband, after seeing him cheating with other women. 

The incident occurred at a rental house on Brushy Street in East Austin. She was charged with burglary of a residence with intent to commit aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, family violence, and child endangerment

Nina Heisser faced imprisonment on April 13, 2020.
Nina Heisser faced imprisonment on April 13, 2020. (Source: NBC News)

With a bit of research, it is known that she was released on bail paying $25k in April 2021. Two additional women involved in the conflict with Nina were also set free. 

Camisha Garlow was one of the ladies who had a bond set at $15,000. Likewise, Kayla Baham-Heisser faced an accusation with a bond of $100,000.  

Was Thomas's Arrest Related With Heisser? 

Earl Thomas was arrested on May 13, 2022, in Orange County, Texas. He faced arrest for violating a court protective order two or more times within 12 months.

Thomas's arrest warrant was issued on April 27, 2022, in Austin, Texas. Thomas allegedly sent threatening messages to a woman about her and her children and the woman was indeed Heisser.

Earl is facing a third-degree felony charge for violating a court protective order. In addition, it is unclear what sentence Thomas may face if he is convicted.

The Social Media Presence Of Nina

The entrepreneur Nina is an avid social media user and often stays active on social platforms. She loves to engage and interact with her fans through her social networking sites. 

The Instagram picture was shared by Nina Heisser.
The Instagram picture was shared by Nina Heisser. (Source: Instagram @ msninathomas)

People ought to look out for her Instagram handle by searching on the internet. She can be found under the handle@msninathomas amassing over 33k followers. 

You can connect with Nina's Instagram handle to track down some of her personal life. She makes posts on her family life, professional work, and other stuff on her Instagram.

Explore The Information About Heisser's Family

Nina Heisser was welcomed by her parents on October 9, 1989, and is in her mid-30s as of this writing. Her parents Troy Heisser and Annita Baham raised her in Orange, Texas, United States.

Heisser wasn't the only kid of her parents but has shared two other siblings with whom she shared her childhood. They are Ryan Heisser and Kayla Michelle Baham-Heisser.

Nina Heisser with her father Troy Heisser and  Annita Baham.
Nina Heisser with her father Troy Heisser and  Annita Baham. (Source: Instagram @ msninathomas)

The lady's father Troy is professionally involved in the business world. However, the details of the professional life of her mother and siblings are undiscovered right now. 

Also, Nina is very close to her grandmother as seen on her Instagram handle. She has often shared pictures of her family on her Instagram showcasing her love for them. 

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