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Wed Aug 09 2023
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Nina Sadoski Seyfried holds the title of the first-born and only daughter of Mama Mia actress Amanda Seyfried and her husband Thomas Sadoski. Nina has been the center of media attention due to her parent's fame.

Seyfriend and Sadoski often share pics of their children on Instagram. Also, Nina becomes the topic in most of her parent's interviews. So, let's look at what's it like to be the daughter of Amanda and Thomas.

Nina Sadoski Seyfried Age & Birthdate

In February 2017, Amanda Seyfriend gushed about how thrilled she is to be a mother. The American actress welcomed her first child Nina Sadoski on March 24, 2017.

Nina Sadoski celebrates her birthdate the same month her parents celebrate their wedding anniversary. While giving birth to her Amanda was in labor for 24 hours.

Nina Sadoski Seyfried's Parents Love Life

Amanda Seyfried is happily married to her husband Thomas Sadoksi at the moment. Like most celebrities' love stories, Nina Sadoksi first met on the set of The Way We Get By in May 2015.

Nina Sadoski Seyfried's parents met on a movie set.
Nina Sadoski Seyfried's parents met on a movie set. Source: Instagram @mingey

Despite the couple playing the love interest Seyfried and Sadoksi were just friends. While shooting, Nina's mother had a panic attack and it was Thomas who helped her.

Gradually Thomas and Amanda became close friends which later turned into romance. yes, it was in March 2016 when Nina's parents officially announced their relationship. 

Nina  Sadoski Seyfried's parents are happily married now.
Nina  Sadoski Seyfried's parents are happily married now. Source: Instagram @mingey

At this point, Sadoksi had divorced his ex-wife, Kimberly Hope, a casting director. While Seyfriend split from her actor boyfriend, Justin Long.

Nina Sadoksi's parents found solace in each other arms and have been together since that day. In September 2016, Amanda and Thomas got engaged on her farm in Stone Ridge, New York. Her engagement ring was from a vintage jeweler in Portland, Oregon.

Amanda Seyfried & Thomas Sadoski Married In A Private Setting

Yes, the celebrity couple had a secret wedding after Amanda was nine months pregnant with Nina. It was in March 2017 when Seyfriend and Sadoksi went to Topanga, California. 

Seyfried said:

“What if something goes wrong, and he’s not legally my husband?”

Amanda Seyfried and her husband had a secret marriage.
Amanda Seyfried and her husband had a secret marriage. Source: Instagram @mingey

It was just Nina Sadoksi Seyfried's parents and the officiant at the wedding. Many might think that it would be boring without any guests. But, Amanda and her husband do not think this way.

In fact, the 159 cm tall Seyfried and Sadoksi believe that the ceremony was beautiful and it had everything. Nina's parents even ditched the reception and had lunch together in the nearby cafe, Cheebo.

Nina Sadoksi Seyfried Has A Brother: Know Amanda Seyfried's Son

Yes, Nina Sadoksi Seyfried is a big sister now. Amanda Seyfried welcomed a son named Thomas Jr. He is three years younger than Nina. Did you know? Amanda struggled during the birth of her second child.

According to Nina Sadoksi's loving mama, she suffered trauma and had a spinal issue while delivering Thomas. Amanda had to endure a lot of pain but at last, all things are great now.

Amanda Seyfried has two kids.
Amanda Seyfried has two kids. Source: Instagram @mingey

Nina really loves her role as a big sister. She takes care of Thomas and plays with him. Amanda jokingly said in an interview that raising two children is the hardest thing and she does not want to have a third child.

Nevertheless, being the mother of two surely cheers up Nina's mother, Amanda. She has also been concerned about the innocent children brutally affected by war and conflict. Thus, Amanda has joined INARA and War Children USA to help them.

It was the non-profit organization INARA and War Child USA that announced the birth of Nina Sadoksi's brother, Thomas Jr. The celebrity children are rarely spotted with their parents in public.

Nina Sadoski Seyfried Is Proud Of Her Mother

It's only natural for someone to be proud of their mother. Like all, Nina Sadoski Seyfried takes pride in her mother being an actress. According to Amanda, one can see the pride in her eye while she watches her parents on the screen.

Nina Sadoski Seyfried was spotted with her mother
Nina Sadoski Seyfried was spotted with her mother. Source: GhBase

On the other hand, Nina's brother does not seem to care much. It must be because of his young age. Seyfried's daughter seems to be a natural actress and the American actress thinks Nina will follow in their footstep.

While the Mean Girls actress is looking forward to seeing her daughter in the entertainment field, her husband is not so eager. Thomas, being a protective dad, is a little terrified for her daughter to be in the showbiz industry.

Nina Sadoski Seyfried Helps Her Parents In The Farm

Nina Sadoski Seyfried's parents are animal lovers. They reside on a farm where the husband and wife duo had an engagement. Amanda said they have over 30 pets on the farm which includes hens, horses, dogs, cats, and goats.

Like her parents, Nina Sadoski Seyfried seems to be taking care of her pets. Amanda posted a picture on her Instagram where her lovely daughter is seen lending a hand in the farm work.

Nina Sadoski Seyfried's Lifestyle & Richness: Know Amanda Seyfried's Net Worth

Well, being a celebrity daughter is a boon. Nina Sadoski Seyfried is living a rich lifestyle with her parent's massive fortune. Speaking of parents' wealth, let's see Thomas Sadoski and Amanda Seyfried's net worth.

Amanda Seyfried in her farm.
Amanda Seyfried in her farm. Source: Instagram @mingey

Both of Nina's parents are in the showbiz industry. Thomas has 38 credits as an actor and has a net worth of $4 Million. He has appeared in some critically and commercially acclaimed movies like John Wick 2, The Crowded Room, The Games We Play, and so on.

Similarly, Amanda Seyfried has a net worth of $16 Million. She has 65 credits as an actress on her IMDb profile and is still active in the industry. With her massive wealth, the Mama Mia actress Amanda has acquired some hot property.

propertyLocationYear PurchasedPurchase Price
CondoGreenwich Village, NYC2010$1.7 million
CondoUpper West Side, NYC2019$2.5 million
HouseBeachwood Canyon, Los Angeles2011$1.85 million
Farmhouse with barn and stableCatskillsN/AN/A




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