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Tue Jan 11 2022
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Olisa Odele is a Nigerian actor who has grown his fame through Tv series like Chewing Gum. He became successful to impress people through the Tv-series Chewing Gum with the reel character Ola and as a C.J of My parents are aliens.

He has given many outstanding movies to the industries like Scarborough, Surprised by Oxford, Its a Sin, Mumatar, etc. 

Childhood of Odele

Odele was born on 14 November 1994 in Nigeria but he didn't live there. He was moved to London with his adoptive parents.

He has been always a curious child who always wants to do something extra and adventurous.

Olisa Odele
Olisa Odele's recent look. Source:IMDB


The Nigerian actor has attended the Salcombe preparatory school in London. He has always been talented and extraordinary since his school days to yet.


Olisa Odele has starred in many movies and tv series which have been very much famous in the movie industry. 

He has a very hardworking and dedicated personality due to which he is now in this present position.

C.J of 'My parents are aliens'

C. j has become the nickname of Odele. The origination of his nickname is from his famous tv series My parents are aliens.

Olisa Odele
Olisa Odele as a C.J of My parents are aliens. Source: Closer Magazine

He played the character C.j who is a foster son and a small boy who has been rescued from the SuperBrian.

Ola of 'Chewing Gum'

Ola is a reel character of Odele in the famous British television series Chewing Gum. His character was liked by many.

He had played the character Ola who is a singer, actor, and fashion icon who has been living with his adoptive Irish parents in London.  

The relationship status of Odele

Olisa Odele is single at present. He is an actor who prefers a low-key profile despite being a famous celebrity that's why he has not uploaded photos of his girlfriend yet.

Olisa Odele
Olisa Odele posing before his shoots of Mumatar. Source: my Cast.Io

Actor's Net Worth

Olisa Odele has a total net worth of $5 million. He has such an amount through his successful career as an actor. Julie Dolan also holds the same net worth as Olisa.


The actor of Scarborough is a rumor-free actor. He has not been in any controversies and rumors yet.

He is an actor who likes to keep things private and it might be the reason that any social media could not flash his rumor. 

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