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Wed Feb 28 2024
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Oliver Elfman, the celebrity son, has been in the spotlight ever since his birth. He is none other than the son of American music composer Danny Elfman. Moreover, Elfman's mother Bridget Fonda is a former actress and used to be a big name in Hollywood.

Being the son of popular names has always put his personal life at the forefront, especially his relationships. Let's discuss his relationship and dating life alongside some interesting facts relating to his life.

Oliver Elfman Relationship Status: Is Danny Elfman's Son Dating?

Oliver Elfman, who is still in his teens, has been busy spending time with his friends and family. Apparently, being in a relationship is the last thing that is on his mind for now similar to Lucy Paez.

Oliver Elfman with his father Danny Elfman in the set of Alice.
Oliver Elfman with his friends. Source: Instagram @dannyelfman

Danny's son, Oliver is not known to have a girlfriend. He is not pursuing a romantic relationship. On the other hand,  American music composer Danny has been Elfman'sn in a marital relationship for a long time now.

Oliver Elfman's Mother: Danny Elfman's Wife & Relationship Details?

Oliver Elfman is the son of American high-profile personalities. He was born to Danny Elfman and his wife, Bridget Fonda. Oliver's mother Bridget is a former actress. She has acted in movies and TV Series like Snow Queen, Breakup, Delivering Milo, and so on.

Oliver Elfman parents Danny Elfman and Bridget Fonda.
Oliver Elfman parents Danny Elfman and Bridget Fonda. Source: Favebites

Danny and Bridget have been together for two decades now. Their enduring relationship serves as proof of their love and commitment. The romantic pair got married in the year 2003.

Oliver's mother Fonda, (born on January 27, 1964) left her career after her marriage. While Danny kept his work continued. All these years there are no rumors of their divorce and extra-marital affairs.

Oliver's Parents' Previous Relationship

Danny and Briget were in their respective relationships Prior to marrying each other. Danny was married to film producer and actress Geri Eisenmenger

The American music composer Elfman has two daughters with Geri. yes, Oliver Elfman has two half-sisters named Lola and Mali Elfman from his father's side. Likewise, Danny dated Kim Gordon, a member of the rock band Sonic Youth during his academic years. 

Similarly, Bridget was in a relationship with LionHeart actor Eric Stoltz. The former couple were together for eight years from 1990 to 1998. He is now married to Bernadette Moley.

Besides this, Snow Queen actress Fonda has been romantically linked to several personalities.

Partner Dated Years
Lee Drysdale1986-1989
Dwight Yoakam1999-2002

Oliver Elfman Bio: Age, Education & Family

The celebrity son, Oliver Elfman was born on January 21, 2005, in Los Angeles, California. He reached the legal age i.e. 18 in 2023. Elfman is currently studying but the name of the institution is kept private.

Oliver Elfman with his father Danny Elfman.
Oliver Elfman with his father Danny Elfman. Source: Pinterest

Elfman has shown a huge passion for music. Oliver is influenced by his music composer father and is honing his skills under his tutelage. He has the genes of a creative and talented family.

Oliver is the son of music composer Danny and actress Bridget. Moreover, he is the grandson of Peter Fonda from his mother's side. His uncle is Justin Fonda.

Bridget Fonda's son Oliver Has Two Half-Siblings

Oliver is the only child of his parents together. But, he is not the only child of Danny Elfman. As mentioned above, the music composer has two daughters from his previous marriage with Geri.

Oliver Elfman two half-sister Lola and Moli Elfman with Danny's mother.
Oliver Elfman two half-sisters Lola and Moli Elfman with Danny's mother. Source: Favebites

The daughters Lola and Mali are both accomplished people now. They are doing good in their life. It is quite unsure about the relationship between Oliver and his half-sisters.

Lola Elfman 

Lola Elfman, the eldest of all, now goes by the surname Greene. The eldest daughter of Danny is married to Greg Greene. Furthermore, she is the mother of two.

Born in 1979, Elfman is the founding partner of a consulting agency called DevelopWell. She currently runs the agency.

Mali Elfman

Like Danny, his second daughter Mali is also in the entertainment industry. However, she is not into music but works as a producer.

Mali, born in 1984, has credits as a producer, director, writer, and actress on her IMDb profile. Some of her works are Beyond the Dark, Eureka, Neurotica, and so on.

Oliver Elfman's Net Worth

Bridget Fonda's son Oliver Elfman has not started his professional career yet. So, he does not have wealth of his own for now. Oliver, however, is living a comfortable and rich lifestyle thanks to his parent's net worth.

Danny Elfman's real estate.
Danny Elfman's real estate. Source: YouTube Architectural Digest

Oliver belongs to one of the rich and famous families from the United States. His parents, Danny Elfman and Bridget Fonda have a jaw-dropping combined net worth of $70 Million.

The married couple Fonda and Danny bought two side-by-side homes in Encino, California. The combined area of the estate is 2.2 acres and it cost them $8 Million. Besides, they also own several other homes and have a ranch in Santa Barbara.

Danny's son, Oliver will one day inherit some of his parent's properties. Nonetheless, he also has inherited talents from his parents. He has a bright future ahead.

Oliver's Mother, Bridget's Fonda Serious Car Accident - End Of Fonda's Acting Career

In 2003, the Snow Queen's actress Fonda met a serious car accident. She had a rear-ended car accident while she was on her way to meet Danny Elfman.

Bridget was badly injured on her neck and head from the accident. Due to this, she had to undergo surgery and months of physical therapy. 

Seeing her condition, Bridget Fonda retired from her acting career. Despite her retirement, people still remember and talk about Oliver's mother's actions.

Fonda is not interested in acting anymore. When she was asked by a Papparazi in 2023 whether she might return to acting, she said no.

Oliver Elfman Is The Reason Danny Got To Work In The MCU

Marvel Cinematic Universe is a big name in itself and has lots of hit superhero movies. Everyone wants to be associated with it. The music composer Danny Elfman has also worked for Marvel.

Did you know? Oliver was the reason Danny landed his first work at MCU. The music composer wanted to get a ticket for Avengers: Age of Ultron and thus he was preparing for the Berlin Film Festival.

Oliver Elfman with his father Danny Elfman in the set of Alice.
Oliver Elfman with his father Danny Elfman in the set of Alice. Source: Instagram @dannyelfman

At the moment, an agent called Elfman and offered to work at Marvel and tickets for the movie. Danny changed his plans for the Berlin music festival.

However, this is not the first time that Oliver has changed his father's work. Once, while recording for Alice, he made a suggestion to Tim. It actually caused an edit on the Film.

Danny Elfman mentioned it on his Instagram:

"Oliver sitting in on the recording of “Alice.” He made a suggestion to Tim that actually caused an edit in the film… I’m not kidding."

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