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Thu Feb 23 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of ortal ben-shoshan

Boyfriend : Tomer Capone
Ortal ben-Shoshan is in a relationship with Tomer Capone.

Ortal Ben-Shoshan is an Israeli actress who has made a name for herself on television. She has worked in half a dozen of stuff like Shababnikim, The Grave, and The Psychologists, to name a few.

Ortal was born in Ra'anana, a small city in Israel not too far from Tel Aviv, in 1987. However, detail regarding her date of birth is still behind the curtains. Ortal Ben-Shoshan's height is 5 Feet 5¾ Inches (167 cm), and her weight is 125 lbs (57 kg).

Ortal Ben-Shoshan And Tomer Capone's Relationship

If you were wondering about Ortal's love life, let me inform you that she has a man in her life. She is the girlfriend of the super popular Israeli actor Tomer Capone. You probably know him as Frenchie from the popular show, The Boys.

Tomer Capone is sitting on as Ortal Ben-Shoshan is holding onto him as they are wearing all black in the picture.
Ortal Ben-Shoshan and Tomer Capone at a photo shoot (Source: Married Wiki)

Ortal has been in a relationship with Tomer since 2012. That's all the information on their relationship, as the two are very private about it. Both of them also don't have any pictures of the other on their Instagram. Maybe they don't want their relationship to be the talk of the media, as we all know how some media run celebrity relationship stories.

Net Worth & Earnings Of Ortal

Ortal is far from the traditional concept of a "big actress." However, her acting has helped her to make a living from it. As of now, Ortal Ben-Shoshan's net worth is estimated to be $1 Million.

Ortal's biggest success in TV has come from the shows Fullmoon and Hashoter Hatov. According to IMDb, she played in 96 episodes of Fullmoon and 30 episodes of Hashoter Hatov. Besides acting, she has also done photoshoots for magazines, contributing to her growing wealth.

Ortal Has Learned In Acting School

While formal training isn't necessary to become a successful actor, getting help from seniors and professionals helps greatly. Ortal learned a thing or two about acting when she joined Performing Arts Studio, founded by Yoram Loewenstein.

Ortal Ben-Shoshan is wearing grey tees, white pant, and holding a big handbag in the picture.
Ortal Ben-Shoshan taking a picture in an elevator (Source: Instagram @ortal_bs)

The 1988-founded theatre school is located in Tel Aviv and is regarded as one of the best in the country. Studio act on their website has mentioned that this institute is responsible for some top actors like Ayelet Zorer and Ali Saliman. 

Has A Furry Companion 

Ortal Ben-Shoshan may not have enough time to spend with her boyfriend Capone since both are actors with busy schedules. But, no need to worry as she still has a furry friend to rely on. 

She has a pet dog whose name remains to be known. But it is a german shepherd, and she has numerous pictures of her dog on her Instagram. Some also speculate that it is a rescue dog, as her boyfriend Capone is also involved in animal rescue. 

Ortal Ben-Shoshan and the dog are touching each other's head.
Ortal Ben-Shoshan with her pet dog (Source: Instagram @ortal_bs)

While giving an interview to the Crush Fanzine, the interviewer had asked about Capone's rescue dog photos, to which he had replied:

I have always grown up and loved animals. In my eyes, they symbolize the highest purity that our crazy planet has to offer. The pictures you are referring to are from “Keren Or” rescue farm, a nonprofit built from donations of good people. It gives life to the less fortunate and helps animals from blind crows to crippled donkeys and more.

The Time Capone Almost Got Arrested

Ortal's partner Tomer Capone has gained many fans following his brilliant performance as Frenchie in The Boys. But the same show almost got him in trouble as well. Cooper, in the past, has said that The Boys has ruined superhero movies for him. But this wouldn't be the only time this show would create problems for him, as he was almost arrested before he even landed the role of Frenchie.

Anthony Spencer for The Things has mentioned what Capone said regarding it in his article. He said:

I took my acting gun — rubber, fake gun — and I went to my friend’s house. And we did this crazy scene … and did one take, two takes, three takes, and I’m really into it, when in the midst of, I think, the second or third take a group of undercover police with their badges [are] coming into her yard with real guns drawn at us like, ‘Throw the gun down'

Is Into Fitness

Ortal Ben-Shoshan believes in taking good care of her body, as is evident by the pictures on her Instagram. She does yoga, and exercises, among other things, to stay in good shape and live a healthy life. In one of her Instagram posts, she shared: 

Observe your thoughts ,Don’t believe them

Ortal Ben-Shoshan is stretching her legs in the picture.
Ortal Ben-Shoshan doing Yoga (Source: Instagram @ortal_bs)

Even though Ortal works in an industry where the media and people are very quick to judge someone based on their physical appearance, staying fit helps people of all kinds. She has realized that and thus works out on her body.

A Brief On Tomer Capone

Ortal has been in a relationship with the popular actor Tomer Capone for many years. The actor has gained a huge fan following worldwide thanks to his brilliant performance of Frenchie in The Boys, the show that also featured actors Karl Urban and Anthony Starr.

Capone is also an Israeli like her and was born on July 15, 1985, in Holon. Even though Frenchie turned him into a household name, he has been giving amazing performances for many years. Especially his performance in The Fauda was highly recognized and appreciated.

Capone is a big deal in Israel and is highly regarded as one of the top actors. His Ophir awards are evidence of that. Ophir awards are Israel's equivalent to the Oscars, and he received it in 2016 for Best Supporting Actor in One Week and a Day.

It is mandatory for everyone to serve in the military in Israel, and Capone has done it too. His IMDb page says that he joined the Israel Defense Forces in 2004 and was no ordinary soldier. He even made it as the leader of the 202nd battalion of the Paratroopers Brigade team.


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