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registered nurse (1990)
Tue Jun 06 2023
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Ortencia Alcantara is popularly known for being the last person the relationship guru Kevin Samuels saw when he was alive. She had spent the night with the American Intenet personality before he died.

When the news of Kevin was publicized, Alcantara caught the media's attention. Many people were wondering who is Ortencia, what was her relationship with Samuels? Let's know all her details.

Who Is Ortencia Alcantara?

The last person to see Kevin Samuels alive was Ortencia Alcantara. Moreover, Ortencia is a registered nurse from the United States, just like Sharon Mobley Stow. She is yet to reveal her workplace as well as the institution she got her license.

Ortencia Alcantara is a registered nurse and the last woman to see Kevin Samuels alive.
Ortencia Alcantara is a registered nurse and the last woman to see Kevin Samuels alive. Source: YouTube @ Oshay Duke Jackson

Alcantara was born on January 19, 1990, in Pontiac. Her age was 32 when Kevin passed away. Nurse Ortencia has been very private about her life and stayed away from the public eye.

With a little bit of digging on the internet, it was found that Ortencia Alcantara used to be an athlete. Alcantara used to be in a Newman Jets woman's soccer team.

Ortencia Alcantara Parents 

The viral registered nurse, Ortencia is the daughter of Ernesto Alcantara (father) and Juana Perez (mother). She was raised by her parents in her hometown Garden City, Kan. 

Although Alcantara has revealed her parent's identity, she is yet to talk about their professions. Also, it is quite unsure if she has any siblings or not.

Educational Details: Where Did Ortencia Alcantara Studied?

The 5 ft 4 inches tall, Alcantara is a registered nurse and it is obvious that she had studied a nursing course. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in nursing from Newman University

Ortencia Alcantara was in a Newman Jets woman soccer team
Ortencia Alcantara was in a Newman Jets woman's soccer team. Source: Newman University Athletes

While Ortencia Alcantara was at Newman University, she was on the Women's soccer team. She had good stats in her sophomore year.

Prior to studying at Newman University, Alcantara attended classes at Butler County Community College. It is located in her hometown Kan.

Relationship Between Ortencia Alcantara & Kevin Samuels

The relationship between Ortencia Alcantara and Kevin Samuels is still unclear. Alcantara has not clarified if they were dating or not.

According to Ortencia, she met the dating guru Samuels in a restaurant the night before his death. They talked a little bit and both went out to Kevin's residence.

Ortencia Alcantara spent the night with Kevin Samuels before his death.
Ortencia Alcantara spent the night with Kevin Samuels before his death. Source: YouTube @ Oshay Duke Jackson

Was the nurse Alcantara dating Kevin Samuels for a long time? This question has been lingering in people's minds for a long time now. There were also rumors that Kevin was thinking of marrying Ortencia.

Besides this, Ortencia is not romantically linked with anyone. However, Kevin was married twice in his lifetime.

Kevin Samuels Marriages & Wife

The sensational relationship guru, Kevin Samuels was married twice. However, even as a relationship guru himself, Kevin could not save his two marriages.

Kevin was not married at the time of his death. His wife's identity has remained undisclosed. But, it is known that Kevin's first wife was his high school sweetheart with whom he got married for a year.

Kevin Samuels in his signature suit and tie.
Kevin Samuels in his signature suit and tie. Source: Youtube

Samuels also became a father to their daughter. But as his wife, his daughter's identity also remains behind the curtains.

Seven years later, the dating guru Kevin remarried. Although his second marriage lasted longer compared to his first marriage, it was still quite short marriage. His second marriage lasted for 3 years.

What Happened To Kevin Samuels? 

The Internet sensation dating guru Kevin Samuels was found dead in his apartment by the police. The first responders were doing CPR on the body.

Upon a little investigation, it was found out that, Ortencia Alcantara was with Kevin at the time of his death. According to the registered nurse, Alcantara, she had spent the night with the dating guru.

Kevin Samuels passed away in May 5, 2022.
Kevin Samuels passed away on May 5, 2022. Source: Facebook @ Kevin Samuels

Everything was fine but Kevin started complaining about chest pain in the morning. After he collapsed on her, she called 911 for help.

Samuels was taken to the Piedmont Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Yes, the dating guru left the world on May 5, 2022. 

Kevin's mother Beverly Samuels-Burch was uninformed about her son's death. Beverly said she knew of her son's death via social media.

Kevin Samuels Cause Of Death & Funeral

American internet personality, Kevin Samuels died of High blood pressure (hypertension). Many people thought Ortencia Alcantara had some involvement in the dating guru's death.

However, the medical team confirmed that Samuels's death was of natural cause. After his death, Kevin's funeral was done in St. John Missionary Baptist Church located in Oklahoma City.

GoFundMe Account Banned Before Kevin Samuels's Funeral

A GoFundMe account was created in the name of Kevin Samuels. It was a fake account that was created by a scammer woman to gain money.

The dating guru Samuels had always talked about financial independence. After seeing the fundraiser for his funeral, people's views toward his family were not so good.

However, it was later confirmed that the account was created by an imposter. Samuels's family reported about it and the GoFundMe's officials removed the fundraiser accounts from their platform.

Some rumors regarding the family accepting the fundraising amount have been roaming around the internet. However, Kevin's family has denied all these rumors.

Ortencia Alcantara Net Worth

Ortencia Alcantara has an estimated net worth of $100k. As an American registered nurse, she makes an average of $85k per year. 

Ortensia Alcantara earns a good amount as a registered nurse.
Ortensia Alcantara earns a good amount as a registered nurse. Source: Facebook @ Dancehallvids

On the other hand, Kevin Samuels had a staggering net worth of $4 Million. His primary source of income is YouTube and his social media presence. He had a million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

In addition to this, Samuels also owns an image consultant agency. His notable works include The Godfather of Style, a mixtape, and The Evolutionary Woman, a book.

Ortencia Alcantara's Social Media Presence

Ortencia Alcantara now lives a low-key life. She has tried hard to stay out of the public eye after Kevin's death. Moreover, she has kept her Instagram account private.

Alcantara has a limited number of people on her friend's list. Her Instagram id is @ortencia.alcantara.rn. As of now, she has 385 followers on her Instagram profile.

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