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Wed Feb 08 2023
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Paedon Rex Brown may have established himself on TikTok by amassing a significant number of followers, but much of his fame comes from his parents, his mother, Christine Brown, and his father, Kody Brown.

More than his father, his popularity comes from his mother, as he is more recognized as one of Christine's sons. He was born on August 7, 1998.

Educational Background

Brown spent his young years in Las Vegas, where he moved with his family when he was just 14 years old. He completed his high school education at the nearby Las Vegas Centennial High School. He followed this by joining the National Guard Bootcamp, where he graduated in 2019.

Christine is standing on the right, Kody on the left and Paedon in the middle in a military uniform
Paedon Brown with his parents Kody and Christine Brown (Source: Instagram @paedonbrown)

His Distant Relationship With His Stepmom

Brown's father, Kody, has had four different wives. One of his ex-wives is Meri Brown, with whom he was married from 1990 to 2014. Brown revealed later that he never got along with Meri, even more so than his other stepmoms.

The reality show 'Sister Wives' premise was that the family life would be documented. Even though they tried to show that things were good between them, fans couldn't help but notice that their body language told a different story.

Later, Brown did bring this to everyone's attention, saying that the fan's speculation is indeed correct. Some of them didn't get along. In the case of Brown, he didn't get along with his stepmom Meri. He also said that he was asked not even to mention her.

What Is a Sister Wives?

Sister Wives is an American reality television show. The show aired on the TLC channel and documented the life of The Brown Family.

The show followed the life of this Polygamist family. They documented and showed their day-to-day lives and how they lived and handled family matters which one can assume would be a lot in such a large family.

Kody is with his three wife while Christine is standing separate from them.
The Poster of Sister Wives (Source: IMDb)

The show may have a poor rating on IMDb with 4.3 out of 10 stars, but it acted as a stepping stone to help them advance their career. And also helped the family gain some fame and money along the way.

How Much Money Did Sister Wives Family Make?

Despite all the negative reviews from critics and fans, Sister Wives was a pretty successful show. The show ran for 16 seasons for a reason.

The Brown Family made a lot of fortune for themselves through the show. The success of this show made Paedon's Brown father, Kody Brown, earn an income of $800,000. His mother, Christine Brown, also made $400,000.

His stepmothers also made a lot of money through the show, with Janell Brown making $400,000, Meri Brown making $800,000, and Robyn Brown making $600,000. The other cast members of the show have not disclosed their income.

Not On Good Terms With His Father

Brown, unfortunately, never got the father he wanted. His relationship with his father has not been the best. But, people soon found out their relationship was even worse than expected.

When the famous TV show Sister's Wives ended, Brown revealed how his father is a hypocrite as in he would tell others to do things a certain way and never did it himself. 

It wasn't just Brown that disliked his father. Kody was unpopular among show viewers, and even other family members were not on good terms with him.

He Has A Lot Of Siblings

Brown is not the only child of Kody and Christine. They have a lot of children together. Christine (Just like Rick Mahorn) shares six children with Kody. Kody also has had three other wives apart from Christine. Brown was the third child of the couple.

He has a very long list of siblings. His siblings are Aspyn Brown, Gwendlyn Brown, Hunter Brown, Leon Brown, Logan Brown, and Mykelti Brown.

Squashing Rumours About Aurora Christian 

There was a lot of rumor about Paedon Brown that he is finally in a relationship. The fans couldn't contain their excitement and were happy for him. The girl he was rumored to be dating was Aurora Christian.

Paedon is carrying Aurora on his back.
Paedon Brown with his friend Aurora Christian (Source: Instagram @paedonbrown)

This all started with Paedon posting a picture with one girl on his Instagram. The girl was non-other than Aurora herself. The post shows Brown holding Aurora behind her back with the caption saying:

Really going to miss such an amazing beautiful friend.

The rumors were further fuelled by people in the comment section saying, "Awww…take her with you! She is so pretty and happy!!" and "You two are cute together, congratulations."

However, when Aurora engaged her boyfriend, Michael, rumors were shut down. She posted it on her Instagram @aurora.christian. Michael is seen going down on one knee in the post while she is shocked. The caption in the post says

SURPRISE! We’re ENGAGED! I am so in Love with Him! 

Bit About His Mother Christine Brown

Christine Brown, who was part of the show Sister Wives, was one of the four wives of Kody Brown. She had six children with him.

She was one of the most beloved characters in the show, with people always sympathizing with her over Kody. Her relationship with Kody has ended, and the fans came even more, to support her when Kody didn't want her to be independent. He pushed her to her limit before she called it quits with him.

Bit About His Father Kody Brown

Kody Brown gained fame after being part of the famous reality television show 'Sister Wives.' The show's leading man, with his four other wives, is the father of eighteen children.

Kody has a curvy shoulder length hair and is wearing a check designed shirt.
Kody Brown giving an Interview (Source: TODAY)

He was a bit unpopular in the show, with the fans calling him toxic, constantly misbehaving and shouting at his wife, and not making any effort to keep the family together. He gained more hate after the show when his son Paedon Brown gave an insight into his life.

Paedon Brown's Social Media Presence

For people who want to follow Brown's life on what he is doing after the show, they have good news. Brown is on social media, where he is regularly posting.

On his Instagram handle, you will find him goofing around a lot. He is constantly joking, and his fans will see him as hilarious. His Instagram handle is @paedonbrown.

You will also find Brown on TikTok. On his TikTok account @paedonbrown, you will find him talking about all kinds of things. He usually makes TikTok with his family, especially his Mom, Christine.

Brown Is Part Of The Military

Brown is part of the US Military department of the National Guard. Unlike traditional military personnel whose job is to fight on the battlefields and put their body on the line, National Guard Army's job is to be active and respond during natural disaster-like situations.

Paedon is taking a selfie with his three friends. All of them are in a military uniform.
Paedon Brown with his military friends (Source: Instagram @paedonbrown)

Brown's mother, Christine, is proud of the man his son has become. He once posted a picture of himself with his military friends on his unit on his Instagram. The post said.

Had some really awesome experiences at our units AT this year. I got to know some brothers and sisters a lot better. I’ll remember this year for the rest of my life

In the picture, he is seen doing multiple military drilling lessons and seems to enjoy what he is going and making some memories with his friends along the way. His fans love him for the fact that he is serving his nation.


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