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Fri Aug 26 2022
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Patricia Gage, born on March 3, 1940, married Paxton Whitehead in 1971. The ex-couple separated after a few years of marriage due to irreconcilable differences. During their married relationship, they were blessed with a beautiful daughter. 

Patricia, a pretty popular name in the TV industry around the 90s, was an actress born in Glasgow, the most popular city in Scotland. She had played a couple of blockbusters like Rabid, Street Time, and Doc.

If you want to know the relationship history of Patricia Gage, then stay tuned to this article.

Are Patricia & Paxton Still Together? 

Street Time actress Patricia Gage was married to Paxton Whitehead, a British actor-director and playwright. They married in 1971 in a private ceremony where they exchanged their vows in the presence of close friends and family. 

Interestingly,  Paxton was thirty-four, and Patricia was thirty-one at the time of their marriage.

After fifteen years of marriage, the ex-couple Paxton and Patricia divorced in 1986. They kept their divorce reason a secret to stay away from the limelight and media attention. Therefore, the exact reason for their divorce has not been disclosed till now.

About Patricia's Husband: Where Is He Now?

Paxton Whitehead, aka Edwin Francis Paxton Whitehead, is a versatile British actor. He is not only famous among the public for his fantastic acting skills but also his direction and playwright. He was born on October 17, 1937, in Larkfield, Kent, England.

Paxton Whitehead wearing black coat over his white shirt
Picture of Patricia Gage's ex-husband Paxton Whitehead (Source: 

Whitehead started his career as a theatre actor in 1949. Later, he made his Broadway debut with his play The Affair in 1962. After that, he tried his hands at being a director debuting with his first directed play, The Circle at Shaw, in 1987.

Currently, Patricia Gage's ex-husband Paxton Whitehead lives happily married to Katherine Jane Robertson in the United Kingdom.

Patricia Gage Daughter & Custody Battle

As mentioned earlier, the ex-couple Paxton and Patricia had one child from their married relationship. Their daughter's name is Heather Whitehead. 

However, they have not talked much about their daughter on any media. Additionally, they have put their daughter, Heather Whitehead, out of the media exposure to this date. 

Like other celebrity divorce cases, this ex-couple, Paxton and Patricia, also fought with each other for the custody of their child. After several months of battling in case, Patricia was granted her daughter's custody authority. Likewise, Paxton was granted the right to visit her daughter. 

Rumours About Patricia's Divorce

According to rumours, Heather Whitehead was not a child of Paxton. And that was the main reason for their divorce. But both of them had claimed that the talks were false.

Photo of Patricia Gage in ancient looks
Photo of Patricia Gage (

Patricia Gage, often called "Pat," strongly disagreed when asked about the rumours and always said that these are imaginary rumours. Also, she stated:

Things between her and Paxton just did not work out as they had wished so they got separated. 

What Happened After Their Divorce?

After one year of their divorce from Patricia, Paxton married Katherine Jane Robertson in 1987. However, he has not talked much about her current wife in any media.

On the other hand, Patricia did not marry any other guy after her divorce from Paxton. It seems that she decided not to match any other gut except Paxton. Since then, she lived with her daughter, Heather Whitehead, till her death. 

About Patricia's Ex-Husband Current Relationship 

As mentioned earlier, the lovely couple Paxton and Katherine are married and still together, bonded by their love bond. It has been thirty-five years since they married, and they are hoping for their ruby anniversary.

Paxton Whitehead and his wife Katherine Jane Robertson sitting on the couch
Patricia Gage's Ex-Husband, Paxton Whitehead and his wife, Katherine Jane Robertson (Source: Youtube- WestportPlayhouse)

Katherine and Paxton have been blessed with two children, a son and a daughter. Sarah Whitehead is the lovely daughter, whereas their son's name is Charles Whitehead

Who Was The First Love of Patricia Gage?

Rabid actress Patricia, aka Pat, never openly said she had dated anyone before Paxton Whitehead. According to the stats, she was married to Whitehead, which was her first and last marriage. 

So if this fact is entirely actual, Paxton was her first and last love.

Cancer: Reason Behind Pat's Death

The Doc actress Pat died on Sunday, January 31, 2010, at sixty-nine. She died in a hospital in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada. 

Black and white portrait of Patricia Gage smiling.
Photo of Patricia Gage. (Source:

She was diagnosed with cancer a few years before her death, just like Gilda Radner

What Was Patricia's Last Wish?

According to Heather, Patricia wished there would be no funeral service or other stuff after her death. As per her wish, the family did not organize any funeral services.

Heather said:

"As per Moms wishes, there will be no funeral service. A reception will take place on Sunday, February 28January 31, 2010 from 2-4 at The Riverbend Inn (Coach House), 16104 Niagara River Parkway, Niagara-on-the-Lake"

Patricia's Daughter's Statement On Her Demise

Patricia Gage was deeply missed by her only daughter Heather Whitehead. She has quoted some sentences on the unfortunate death of her mother. 

It goes like this:

My Mom, aside from being a wonderful mother and friend, was an accomplished actor whose career on stage, screen and television spanned more decades than she would want me to mention.

In the words of Moms dear friend Eric, the landscape will be forever changed without Patricia and to this we can all attest.

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