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TikTok and Instagram Star, YouTuber (2003)
Fri Aug 05 2022
By   Selena

P.A.Y.T.O.N is an American Internet sensation and Musical artist who is best known for posting various videos on Tiktok and YouTube with interesting content. Today, his TikTok account, where he shares comedic lip-syncs and dance videos, has successfully accumulated 12.6 M fans. As a singer, his first solo "Love Letter" was released in April 2020. 

Payton Moormeier was born on 28 July 2003 to the parents Chris Addario and Joanne Moormeier. Further, he grew up alongside his sister Faith in St. Marys, GA. He holds American citizenship and is of white ethnicity. So far, he studied Playlist Live in Orlando in 2018.

Who is Payton Dating?

The 16 years old Moormeier seems to be living a happy life with the fullest. Regardless, the star has not revealed anything related to his relationships with the media at the moment. So far, he has not been connected with some other individuals. 

P.A.Y.T.O.N With TikTok Star, Avani Gregg 
Image: P.A.Y.T.O.N With TikTok Star, Avani Gregg 
Source: Instagram @avani

For now, Payton focuses on his vocation as opposed to seeing someone. He is not even sharing anything personal about his love connection on his Instagram page. However, it is to say that he is single and has no girlfriend at the moment. 

On the other hand, he has been seen often on the Instagram wall of Avani Gregg who is also TikTok phenomenon. However, Avani said she is a big Payton fan so they have no real relationship.

How Much Net Worth Does Tiktok Star, P.A.Y.T.O.N Have?

P.A.Y.T.O.N has been perceived as a celebrated TikTok star. As of early June 2020, his net worth is estimated to be over $600,000, which is alike to Sam Hurley and Mark Anastasio. He credits most of his worth to his successful career as a famous media influencer, singer, and YouTuber.

P.A.Y.T.O.N's Playing the Guitar
Picture: P.A.Y.T.O.N's Playing the Guitar
Source: Instagram@paytonmoormeier

Moormeier is popularly known as the Tik-Tok star, who has gained tremendous popularity among teenagers. He has accumulated 12.6 million fans, with love reactions of 585.4 million. So, his total earnings are estimated at around $7,561-$ 12,601 per video. 

Payton Moormeier- New TikTok Compilation (May 2020)

He also found success on Instagram and YouTube, too. So his expected revenue ranges from $8,607-$ 14,345 per Instagram post that has 4.3 m followers as of now. He is also known to upload prank videos, Q&As, routines, and challenges to his 1.21 M subscribers YouTube channel. So, he makes a monthly income of $207 - $3.3K per video.

He is a Social star and Inspiring Singer

On April 29, 2017, P.A.Y.T.O.N got verified on musical.ly (TikTok). He has since uploaded the lip-syncing videos on his Official Account named Payton. Suddenly, after posting a lot of special effects images, he became a well-known star of TikTok.

On 29 April 2017 Moormeier became a verified "muser." He was also a member of the Tik Tok community called JrElite where he made some videos for posting. But in the summer of 2017, he quit the group. He was in Orland for the 'Playlist Live' event in 2018

P.A.Y.T.O.N With his TikTok Friends Anthony Reeves and Josh Richards
Caption: P.A.Y.T.O.N With his TikTok Friends Anthony Reeves and Josh Richards
Source: Youtube

Now, he often posts the video alongside such friends as Anthony Reeves, Jaden Hossler, and Josh Richards. But, he's known for covering songs by Shawn Mendes. He's also worked in several videos with King Tino.

Aside from Tiktok, he is a famed YouTuber who frequently uploads prank videos, blogs, routines, and challenges. His first YouTube debut in 2018 was a 'MORNING ROUTINE – EXPECTATION VS REALITY.'

Payton - Love Letter (Official Music Video)

In May 2020, P.A.Y.T.O.N started his music career. He released his first music video Love Letter and it received over 400k views in one day.

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