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Actor, Producer (1978)
Fri Feb 24 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Peter Cambor

Wife : Chrissy Cambor
Peter Cambor got married to Chrissy Cambor.

Peter Cambor is a Hollywood actor, writer, and producer known for being tall. The man with a height of 6 Feet and 5 Inches (196 cm) is popular for his role as Nate Getz from NCIS: Los Angeles. He has been working with the show since 2009.

Peter's other recognizable works are Suits, Grace and Frankie, and Roadies. He has also written a short film called The Details. He has also worked as a producer for Blackballed, Free Lolita, and Net Positivita.

Relationship Timeline: Peter Cambor Is Married To Chrissy Cambor

Peter Cambor is a married man who has found the love of his life in a woman named Chrissy Cambor. The fans love this couple and find them adorable. The two have maintained privacy regarding their relationship.

Chrissy Cambor is carrying Beau Burgess Cambor as Beau is drinking something.
Peter Cambor's wife, Chrissy Cambor, and his son, Beau Burgess Cambor (Source: Peter Cambor Instagram @petercambor)

So, we are still trying to find out the details of Peter and Chrissy's love life. For now, how these two fell in love and when they walked down the aisle remains a mystery. The NCIS actor has shared a few pictures of his wife, Chrissy, on his Instagram.

Peter Cambor Has A Son 

Peter not only holds the husband's responsibility but the father's responsibility as well. He has a son named Beau Burgess Cambor. Beau's exact birth date remains unknown, but he was born in May 2022.

Beau is an adorable kid and is already popular among fans of Peter. But, the caring father hardly ever posts about his son. He is only around a year old and has a lot of life ahead of him. The actor probably doesn't want his son to be the attention of the media and wants to give him a normal childhood.

Family Details: Who Are Peter's Parents? 

Peter's father's name is Glenn Cambor, and his mother is Kathleen Cambor. He also has two brothers and two sisters, but their identity remains to be discovered. Both his parents were accomplished individuals.

Glenn Cambor is wearing glasses and has a big mustache.
Peter Cambor's father, Glenn Cambor (Source: Peter Cambor Instagram @petercambor)

Glenn and Kathleen's career path is completely different than their son Peter's. His father, Glenn, works as a psychiatrist, whereas his mother, Kathleen, is a novelist. 

Kathleen has written the highly-rated novel, The Book of Mercy and In Sunlight, in a Beautiful Garden. She is an award-winning writer honored with Janet Heidinger Kafka Prize and Guggenheim Fellowship.

Net Worth Status: A Rich Actor 

NCIS actor Peter Cambor has an estimated net worth of $5 Million thanks to his acting career. His biggest commercial success so far has been NCIS: Los Angeles. The amount he has made so far from the popular series has been kept under wraps.

Suits and Grace and Frankie are some of the popular shows Peter has been involved with. The money he made from doing these shows has only added to his wealth. He also founded District 33, a successful film development company.

Role In The NCIS: Los Angeles

Peter is a talented man who worked as a Hollywood writer, director, and actor. He has been in numerous movies and shows, with his role as Nate Getz in NCIS: Los Angeles arguably his most popular work. He had played this character in the previous version of the show NCIS which came out in 2009.

Peter Cambor is holding something in his hand and looking at it.
Peter Cambor as Nate Getz in NCIS: Los Angeles (Source: _fortheloveofwords_ Youtube Channel)

Cambor hasn't always been part of the show as he had quit it at one point. Express reports that he left the show as he started focusing on many other projects. He had initially joined the show in season six.

NCIS: Los Angeles is one of the longest-running shows on television today. The show has been going on since 2009. Peter has been featured in over 35 episodes of the show.

Has A Masters Degree In Fine Arts

NCIS: Los Angeles actor Peter is a highly educated man, which is evident from the institute he has studied at. He has a Masters degree in Fine Arts from Harvard Institute for Advanced Theater Training at the American Repertory Theater. 

Cambor specialized in Drama and Theatre Arts. He entered the University in 2003 and graduated in 2005. Before Harvard, he did his bachelor's degree at Wesleyan University. He studied English language and literature at the institute from 1997 to 2001. He did his schooling at Deerfield Academy and graduated in 1997.

Founded A Company

Peter has not just been involved in the movie industry as a worker and has his own company. He is the co-founder of District 33 alongside Sam Widdoes. It is a film production company that mostly focuses on documentary films. 

The poster shows the man sitting, holding a basketball with Blackballed text written below him.
Peter Cambor's District 33 produced documentary, Blackballed (Source: Los Angeles Times)

The company was founded in the same month singer Emi Canyn passed away, February 2017. It is located in Santa Monica, California. Cambor is not only the founder but the company's executive producer too. His co-founder Sam also works as a producer.

Peter and Sam are good friends and have also worked on projects. He and Sam produced Blackballed. A documentary about the infamous figure in the NBA, Donald Sterling, and the story of why he got banned for life.

Has An Interest In Politics

Peter is a man who is interested in politics and talks about it a lot. Usually, celebrities try to avoid it or maintain political awareness but not the NCIS: Los Angeles actor, Peter. He speaks his mind on what he feels is right.

Just look at Peter's tweets, and you will find out. He, in the past, had criticized mainstream News Channels, political leaders like former US President Donald Trump, and even Elon Musk when he bought Twitter.

Career Highlights

Peter Cambor has worked on numerous movies and shows as a writer, producer, and actor. His performance of Nate Getz in NCIS: Los Angeles is his most recognizable work. Actress Daniela Ruah is also part of the show. Besides that, he is also known for shows like Grace and Frankie and Suits.

Cambor is mostly known for his TV works, but he has also appeared in many films. He has worked on American Terrorist, Forever My Girl, Unit Zero, and a few short films.

Peter has also been involved in movies as a producer with a documentary show, Blackballed, and short films like Free Lolita and Net Positiva. Besides that, he has written a short film, The Details.

But none of Cambor's works come close to the popularity of Nate Geze. Even after leaving the NCIS for a few years before making a comeback, the series is what most people recognize him for. And getting back into the character after such a long gap wasn't that difficult, as he said in an interview with NCIS LA Magazine.

Social Media Presence

Peter is on social media, and you can find him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. His Insta page, Twitter handle, and Facebook account are @petercambor, @petercambor, and @Peter Cambor.

However, his Facebook account has been inactive for a while. He isn't much of an Instagram user, even though that's the platform to go to if you want to learn about his personal life. Twitter is his go-to platform as he frequently tweets more than other social media platforms.


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