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Public relation expert (1941)
Tue May 23 2023
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Phyllis Minkoff is an American public relation specialist. She became famous after she married the former TV Host Maury Povich. Although Minkoff is no longer with the TV Host, she is still remembered as his ex-wife. 

So, what is Phyllis doing now? Let's find out about her current whereabouts and relationship in this article.

Is Phyllis Minkoff Single Or Married Now?

No, Phyllis is not married currently. She is a widow as her husband, Philip Baskin, died due to Alzheimer's disease. She married the attorney and Pittsburgh councilman in year 1980 after her divorce from Maury.

Minkoff started her new family with Baskin. The couple has two children, Shoshana Nudel and Janice Gondelman. The family of four stayed together in Pittsburgh until the demise of Baskin in 2005.

Maury Povich and his second wife Connie Chung.
Maury Povich and his second wife, Connie Chung. Source: Pinterest

The disease was diagnosed 11 years earlier to Philip's death. Baskin's passing at age 83 ended the 25 years of Philip and Phyllis's marriage. 

On the other hand, Minkoff's ex-husband Maury is living a happy married life with his second wife. He got married to American Journalist Connie Chung in 1984. The pair has one adopted son Matthew Jay Povich, who they adopted on June 20, 1995.

Phyllis Minkoff And Maury Povich's Married Life

Phyllis Minkoff was married to TV Host Maury Povich from 1962 to 1979. Minkoff and Maury met in the year 1962. Before the year-end, Povich and Phyllis tied the knot. The couple stayed married for 17 years. But they decided to separate their ways.

It is believed that Phyllis and Maury had seen each other for a year before their wedding. They have not disclosed much of their relationship. Similarly, Mickoff's split with Povich remains a mystery to the public.

Phyllis Minkoff Is The Mother Of Four

The public relation expert, Phyllis Minkoff, gave birth to four children from her two marital relationships. She has two kids from each of her two ex-husbands.

Phyllis Minkoff's daughter Amy Povich with her husband David Agnus.
Phyllis Minkoff's daughter Amy Povich with her husband, David Agnus. Source:

From the seventeen years of togetherness with Maury, Phyllis became the mother of two daughters. Minkoff gave birth to Amy Povich and Susan Anne Povich.

Phyllis again became the mother of two, i.e., Shoshana Nudel and Janice Gondelman. The widow appears close to her children from both of her ex-husbands.

Where Are Phyllis's Children Now?

Minkoff's children are all grown up now. Her daughter Susan Anne chose to be a lawyer initially, but she became a TV Host later. She got married to a motorcycle designer, Ralph Winthrop Gorham.

Susan Anne Povich is With Her Husband, Ralph.
Susan Anne Povich is With Her Husband, Ralph Winthop Gorham.
Source: Instagram@lobstahmama

Amy is an actress by profession. She has 11 credits as an actress. She has made appearances in movies like Sex and the City, Transamerica, and so on. Amy married the American Physician David Agus away from the limelight.

Both of the daughters got married on their father's properties. Phyllis's children, Janice and Shoshana, remain out of the media reach.

Phyllis Minkoff's Net Worth

Phyllis Minkoff is believed to have a net worth of $1 Million. She has accumulated this vast wealth from her successful professional life.

Minkoff is a well-known public relations and communication expert in the United States. The average salary for public relations and communication expert starts at $59k.

Maury Povich's one of the many houses in the United States.
Maury Povich's one of the many houses in the United States. Source: YouTube Famous Entertainment

Although not disclosed, Phyllis might have got some wealth from her former husband Maury as a divorce settlement. She is living a comfortable style.

Speaking of Maury, Phyllis's ex-husband, he has a net worth of jaw-dropping $80 Million. He has a $9 Million mansion in New York. Furthermore, he owns houses in several parts of the United States.

Career Highlights

All know Minkoff is a public relations and communication expert. However, it is still a mystery if she works for a consultant or a company.

Phyllis, a politically active woman, supports Hillary Clinton and the Women's Liberation Front. She donates to nonprofits and animal shelters and shares views with Senators Kennedy and Sanders.

Phyllis Minkoff's Early Life: Age, Bio & Young Days

The celebrity ex-wife Phyllis Minkoff was born on February 15, 1941. Moreover, her parents welcomed her in Washington, DC. Phyllis was raised alongside her only sibling Larry Minkoff.

Based on Phyllis's birthdate, she is currently in her early 80s in terms of age. She is alive and doing well. Minkoff is the daughter of Ida Minkoff and Hyman Joseph.

Phyllis's father, Hyman, is a businessman. He had established an alcohol shop named Acme Liquors a year before she was born, i.e ., in 1940.

Minkoff's Ex-husband, Maury Povich, Was Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Talk-show host Maury Povich seeks dismissal of a $100 million sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Maury Povich Show producer Bianca Nardi. Povich wants the dispute to be resolved through arbitration. 

Nardi, in her legal complaint, alleges that supervisors at the show subjected her to watching pornography. She claimed the management forced her to wear revealing clothing and endure sexual comments. 

The accuser also claims her workload increased, not because it had it. Bianca stated it was due to a supposed intimate relationship between producer Donna Benner Ingber and Povich. 

Povich, married to Connie Chung for 22 years, maintains his innocence. Maury vows to defend against the said lawsuit. NBC Universal's show producer is also named in the case.

Quick Information On Phyllis Minkoff's Ex-Husband, Maury

Maurice Richard Povich, popularly known as Maury, is a TV host. He is best known for his talk show with Maury. He was born on January 17, 1939, in Washington, DC.

Phyllis Minkoff's ex-husband Maury Pivoch.
Phyllis Minkoff's ex-husband Maury Povich. Source: Pinterest

Povich completed his education at the University of Pennsylvania. He graduated with a television journalism degree.

Maury's father, Shirley Lewis Povich, was a sportswriter. Likewise, his mother, Ethyl, was a housewife. Minkoff's ex-husband, Povich, grew up as the middle child and has two siblings.

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