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Thu Jun 29 2023
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Quinn Fogle is a celebrity kid who gained the spotlight for being the daughter of Jared Fogle. Her father is well-known for his advertising campaigns in subways from 2000 to 2015.

Jared's downfall began after an FBI investigation saw his involvement in sex with minors as well as child pornography. How did it affect his children Brady and Quinn Fogle? Keep scrolling to know more about it.

Quinn Fogle Age & Early Life

Jared's daughter Quinn Fogle was born in the year 2013 in the United States. She completed her decade-long experience in the world, i.e 10-years of age in 2023

Quinn's parents are no longer together. Fogle is currently being raised by her mother, Kathleen McLaughlin. Speaking of her mother's professional life, Kathleen is reported to be a teacher.

Quinn Fogle Parents: Know About Jared Fogle's Relationship With Kathleen McLaughlin

Quinn Fogle's parents, Jared Fogle and Kathleen McLaughlin are no longer together. The couple parted ways in 2015 as the Spokesperson of Subway pleaded guilty to involvement in child pornography. Fogle agreed to pay $7 Million to McLaughlin following their divorce.

Quinn Fogles' parents Jared Fogle and  Kathleen McLaughlin.
Quinn Fogles' parents Jared Fogle and  Kathleen McLaughlin. Source: Daily Mail

Jared and Kathleen knew each other since their day at Indiana University. The uni friendship turned blossomed into romance somehow. Fogle and McLaughlin were introduced by the actor's brother.

At the time, the actor was already married to his first wife. However, Jared divorced his first wife and two years later, he got engaged to Kathleen, i.e. in November 2009.

In July 2010, the romantic duo, Jared and Kathleen, embarked on their journey of marital life. They had a great married life and were blessed with two children. Unfortunately, Quinn's parents' relationship came to an end in 2015.

Jared's ex-wife Kathleen did not know about his misdeeds. She said in a 2016 interview with CBS News;

"You know, he was home with the kids and I in one life, and he was out on the road in a different life, and he was able to keep those two very separate in a way that I couldn't even fathom."

Who Is Jared Fogle's First Wife?  

Quinn Fogle's father, Jared Fogle already made a trip to the aisle once with Elizabeth Christie. The couple remained married from 14th October 2001 to 8th October 2007. The subway's spokesperson does not have any children with her.

RadarOnline posted that, the nuptial relationship between Jared and Elizabeth ended due to the actor's controlling nature. Quinn's father started acting mean which Chrstie did not like.

Jared Fogle Two Children: Brady & Quinn Fogle

Quinn Fogle sure is the only daughter of the Subway spokesperson, but she certainly is not the only child of Jared Fogle. Fogle and his then-wife Kathleen welcomed a baby boy named Brady Fogle in 2011.

Jared Fogle has two children Quinn Fogle and Brady Fogle.
Jared Fogle has two children Quinn Fogle and Brady Fogle. Source: Pinterest

Quinn and Brady are currently in the care of their mother Kathleen. The Fogle siblings have an age gap of two years. He is not in touch with the media and thus, much information regarding Quinn's brother is not available.

Quinn and his brother Brady have not met their father since August 2015. But they do call each other. Even though Jared requested to meet his children, Kathleen's lawyer has been against the request. According to the lawyer;

“Father is an admitted pedophile and consumer of child pornography. The potential risk that Father poses to the children is both obvious and unacceptable.”

How Much Is Quinn Fogle's Father, Jared Fogle, Worth?

Well, Jared Fogle's daughter is still quite young to start his professional journey. Thus, Quinn Fogle has no net worth of her own. She currently lives with her educator mother Kathleen who has an estimated salary of $47k. McLaughlin has an estimated net worth of $7 Million.

Speaking of her infamous father, Jared Fogle has a net worth of $8 Million similar to Terria Joseph. In 2013, Fogle had a fortune worth $15 Million. He agreed to pay $7 Million to his ex-wife as a part of the divorce settlement which reduced his wealth.

Jared Fogle As 'The Subway Guy'

Jared Fogle who is widely known as The Subway Guy became famous as Subway's spokesperson. He earned fame and recognition from his Subway sandwich advertising campaign from 2000 to 2015. 

Quinn Fogle's father Jared Fogle before his weight loss. Source: pinterest

Fogle's weight loss story, attributing it to Subway sandwiches, made him a recognizable figure in the battle against obesity. Jared's Subway affiliation also led to other opportunities, like his appearances in WWE in 2009 and 2011.

Similarly, Quinn Fogle's father, Jared was featured in Men's Health for his amazing body transformation. His successful career later met its end due to his pedophilic nature.

Quinn Fogle's Father Is Now Behind The Bars: What Happened To Jared Fogle?

Jared Fogle is currently serving his time in Colorado prison. He was charged guilty of his involvement in child pornography and sex with minors just like Josh Duggar. The Indiana court sentenced him to 15 years of prison. The earliest, Quinn Fogle's father can be freed is on March 24, 2029.

In 2014, Fogle established Jared Foundation with the aim to raise awareness and educate children on childhood obesity. But the non-profit organization was making a profit in some other ways.

Rusell Taylor, director of the Jared Foundation, was arrested in charge of child exploitation and possession of child pornography on April 29, 2015. Later, Taylor attempted to commit suicide but was unsuccessful. He was sentenced to prison for 27 years. Jared also pleaded guilty and accepted his involvement in this disgraceful act.

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