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Mon Feb 19 2024
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Relationship Timeline Of Rajesh Nihalani

Wife : Archie Panjabi
Rajesh Nihalani and Archie Panjabi married in 1998.

Rajesh Nihalani is popularly known for being the husband of the British Indian actress Archie Panjabi. His wife Panjabi is particularly famous for her role as Kalindra Sharma in the popular TV series The Good Wife. Her Other known works include Bend It Like Beckham and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Besides, the fame Rajesh is a designer by profession. He also has a business called Imperial Tailoring based in the United Kingdom. He was born in May, 1970.

Rajesh Nihalani and Archie Panjabi Had An Arranged Marriage

People don't necessarily associate arranged marriages with movie actors. It is because celebrities opting for arranged marriages is not something you hear every day. But that is how Archie's wedding with Rajesh Nihalani went.

She is getting pictures clicked for the cameras.
Rajesh Nihalani's wife Archie Panjabi. 
Source: Wikipedia

Archie has no regrets about marrying the tailor. Archie's age was twenty-six when the two tied the knot. They started their marriage journey in 1998 and have been going strong since.

Arranged marriages have been a topic of conversation for a while. Some people are not a fan of it as they think parents should not decide the partner they will spend the rest of their life with. 

However, Archie, who had an arranged marriage herself and had no regrets about her decision, has defended the concept of these types of marriages. 

She defended by saying:

There is a big misconception about arranged marriage. Yes, it can mean that you meet someone and then have to marry them, but this was my mother saying, ‘I'm going to introduce you to so-and-so. At the time it brought out my rebellious streak because I thought her taste in men was not going to be like mine. But at the end of the day, she knows me better than anybody.

Rajesh Nihalani and Archie Panjabi Have No Kids

Some fans have started to speculate whether things between Rajesh and Archie were going smoothly or not. Despite being married in 1998, the couple has no kids.

All sorts of speculation started. Many believed things aren't smooth between them as they may look on the outside, while some speculated that one is infertile. 

However, Archie revealed that was not the case upon asking about it. She said she doesn't feel like having kids right now. Archie said, "I don’t know if I’m going to have them. It’s not something I’m thinking about right now. To be honest, I still feel like a child myself."

How Much Money Does Rajesh Nihalani Have? Net Worth and More

The Celebrity husband, Rajesh Nihalani, has been working as a designer for a long time now. The man who started as a tailor now runs his business with Imperial Tailoring. Rajesh's estimated net worth is the same as actor Yannis Pappas at $500 thousand

Rajesh Nihalani's wife, Archie Panjabi, took a picture with the cast of the Departure TV series.
Source: Instagram

Rajesh's work seems to have worked wonders for him as he has accumulated much wealth. Nihalani's wife, Archie Panjabi, is a more famous name. The actress is a millionaire having a net worth of around $3 million

Panjabi has been actively working since 1993. Her net worth shouldn't surprise anyone, considering all the work she has under her belt. She has been part of some insanely popular movies and TV shows like Bend It Like Beckham, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

Why Was Rajesh Charged For Stealing?

Rajesh Nihalani has also been the talk of the media for all the wrong reasons. He was charged with stealing and got arrested for that. Reports emerged that he was at his home when he was arrested. 

Nihalani was charged with stealing various items from the John Lewis store. Rajesh reportedly stole a camera, a memory card, and a Macbook.

Various sources believe that Rajesh stole all of these mentioned goods by first purchasing them with his credit card. He then reported saying his card had been stolen.

Rajesh's Wife Archie Has Had A Feud In The Industry

Archie Panjabi is one of the most beloved actresses. However, it doesn't mean she is on good terms with everyone. She has made it to the list of film industry's ever-growing celebrities feud list. In her case, the feud happened with her costar, Keith Leiberthal's wife, Julianna Margulies.

Archie Panjabi appeared in The Guardian magazine for her work as an actress.
Archie Panjabi appeared in The Guardian magazine for her work as an actress. Source: Instagram

The Animosity between these two was discovered when Archie quit The Good Wife after season 6. Her quitting confirmed the rumors among the show's fans regarding their relationship.

Also, the reports came out later that the famous scene where Archie bids the final goodbye to Julianna in the show was shot with a green screen separately and edited out in the final production.

More Details About Rajesh Nihalani's Wife Archie Panjabi:

Archie Panjabi is a British-Indian actress born on May 31, 1972, in Edgware, England. Although she was born in England, she spent most of her childhood in Mumbai.

She has got an intense look on her face.
 A still image of Archie Panjabi from the show I Know This Much Is True.
 Source: Instagram @archiepanjabi

The 5 Feet 3 Inch actress Archie may appear short, but what she lacks in physical appearance, she makes up for it with her on-screen presence. Everyone who has seen her knows she can act. All the awards she has won are proof of that.

She has won the prestigious Emmy awards for The Good Wife. The San Andreas actress also won awards at the Cannes Film Festival. Besides that, she has also been nominated for the Screen Actor Guild Awards and the Critics' Choice Award.

Archie Is Involved With Charities

Snowpiercer actress Archie makes a lot of money through movies. It also helps that she is a generous woman. She is a philanthropist and has donated to numerous charities in the past.

She has been involved with dozens of charities. Some popular charities she has been involved with are Amnesty International, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Warriors in Pink, and Save The Music Foundation.

She is seen using her hand to show a size referring to hw close they are to ending polio.
Archie Panjabi spreading awareness on Polio.
 Source: Rotary

Her involvement in charities is for various causes. Some of the grounds that she has helped to fight for through her donations are Bullying, Cancer, LGBT Support, Parkinson's Disease, and Human Rights.

Social Media Absence

It seems like Rajesh Nihalani prefers to keep his life away from fame and limelight, as he is hardly present in front of the media. The wife's fame and success don't seem to impact his behavior, as the man lives a private life like an average person.

He is also absent from social media, which would suggest that he doesn't want people he doesn't know to interfere with his life. However, his wife is on Instagram (@archiepanjabi) and Twitter (@archiepanjabi), but you won't find any pictures of him there either. Seems like he wants a complete absence from the Internet, and Archie seems to respect his decision by not posting about him.


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