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Relationship Timeline Of Rebecca Schuld

Husband : Gene Schuld
Rebecca Schuld married to Gene Schuld on 1951.

We are not quite familiar with meteorologists, but they are rare in today's time. One amongst few meteorologists is Rebecca Schuld, who is the well-appreciated television meteorology broadcaster working for WDJT-Television Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

A compassionate, stunning, and enthusiastic lady, Schuld broadcasts weather so beautifully that her fan following is more amongst the males and few mentioned that they watch it just to see her.

What is Rebecca's Marital Status? Who is Her Mysterious Husband? 

The Wisconsin-based meteorologist, Schuld is a happily married woman, who is keeping her conjugal relationship with her mysterious husband far from the eyes of the media. The pair seems to have a private love life as seen as they are keeping distance from social media as well.

Rebecca Schuld having fun during work at WDJT CBS 58. Who is Schuld's husband?
Rebecca Schuld is now serving as a broadcast meteorologist at WDJT CBS 58
Source: Twitter @RebeccaSchuld

The couple is raising a beautiful daughter, Jaiden Schuld in a healthy and friendly environment. Rebecca and her secretive husband are very pleased to stay with their family in Green Bay and continuing career in her home state in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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How Did Rebecca Schuld Get in an Accident?

A lady Meteorologists got into a car accident. In an accident, Rebecca's arm got fractured and was admitted to hospital. All of her family members spent the next 4-5 hours with her bracing to fall with her arm but in last hour ended up with a hospital report 'Breaking of the arm.'

However, according to the hospital report on March 2, 2021, she could raise her arm toward the front and the other out to the side. As in the present context, she is feeling fine and back to her meteorology professional.

How Much is Rebecca's Net Worth in 2021? Explore Her Salary!

WMLW-TV meteorologist, Schuld is earning an impressive salary from her profession. So, she might be receiving an average salary of a broadcast meteorologist at WDJT Channel 58, which is $51,106 per year. 

Rebecca Schuld with her fellow meteorologists at WDJT Channel 58. Explore Schuld's salary and net worth in 2021!
Rebecca Schuld have a good relationship with her WDJT Channel 58 fellow meteorologists
Source: Twitter @RebeccaSchuld

As a prominent meteorologist, Schuld is also garnering a handsome paycheck as a weather forecaster at Milwaukee Brewers as well as the producer of Telemundo Wisconsin. Currently, she boasts a lucrative net worth of $800,000 which is less than Jessica Knapett's total fortune.

Some of Rebecca's Awards and Volunteer Works

Some of her lifetime awards and achievements include:

  • Rebbeca was awarded a Seal of Approval by the American Meteorological Society (AMS) in 2010.
  • Schuld took part in the biggest fundraising program for the American Red Cross Society in 2012.
  • In 2013, Rebecca was awarded top honors, Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Awards for Best Weathercast.
Rebecca Schuld with her favorite co-worker, Molly Hendricks. What is Rebbeca's age?
Rebecca Schuld with her WMLW-TV fellow, Molly Hendricks
Source: Twitter @Mollyhendrickso

Besides her profession, she has helped many of them. Out of her comfort zone, Schuld has volunteered for the 'Hunger Task Force' course in 2014. Furthermore, she emceed Susan G. Komen in her cause for health dubbed "Race for the Cure," in 2015.

Some Facts Behind Schuld's Early Life

The 40-years old, Rebecca was brought and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin to Judah Wattenberg and Rachel Gutman. She was born in a family of seven children.

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Since a very young age, she loved watching storms roll in, which pursued her to join a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environment Biology from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Later in 2007, she continued her study applying for Meteorological studies at the USDA Graduate School.

In her spare time, Schuld loves to dance, playing softballs, video games, going to the beach, and many more. Besides that, she also writes an article such as A Star Gazing, Sun Bathing Weekend Ahead, Coldest Morning since Late March, and so on.

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