Revisit Jane Fonda's Wild Dating History

Wed Jun 07 2023
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Jane Fonda's high-profile dating history is filled with a slew of flings and a few nuptials: Complete story here!  

Jane Fonda is a global icon and a massive inspiration for women all around the world. Although better known for the conspicuous part of her life, which is her career on the screen, only avid fans are familiar with the actress's glorious past as a political activist. Fonda was a leading celebrity, spearheading campaigns against the Vietnam War in the 60s and 70s.  

Born Jane Seymour Fonda on December 21, 1937, in New York City. She kicked off her film career in the 60s, and needless to say, is now one of the biggest Hollywood stars. Her memorable flicks include Klute, Julia, Coming Home, The Morning After, and On Golden Pond. Here's looking back at the legendary actress's colorful love life.  

Jane Fonda's Dating History!  

Fonda boasts a stellar career and a fitting dating history. Her history includes a string of long-term relationships, marriages, and some high-profile flings. Fonda's strident and expressive nature isn't only limited to her work; the Oscar winner is known for being unabashed and candid about her love and sex life.  

Jane Fonda is an Oscar-winning actress.
Jane Fonda is an activist, fitness guru, and two-time Oscar-winning actress. Photo Source: Instagram

The Morning After actress's foremost romance goes back to the 60s. She married French film director Roger Vadim, in a small ceremony, in 1965. The couple split up in 1973 and during their seven-year-long nuptial, the duo welcomed a daughter.  

Roger, who was ten years older than Fonda, and married twice before her, went on to find two more wives before his passing, in 2000. The Oscar-winning actress's most notable romantic stint was with fellow political activist, Tom Hayden.  

She married Tom three days after her divorce from Roger in 1973 and went on to welcome a son and adopted a daughter. The duo's seventeen-year-long marriage was a lot more than just a conjugal tie. Together, Fonda and Tom advocated for a peaceful world and contended for civil rights and anti-war causes. The pair announced their split in 1990.   

Jane Fonda has been married three times.
Jane Fonda has walked down the aisle three times. Photo Source: Instagram

Almost a year after her divorce from Hayden, Fonda would go on to wed for the third time. The Academy winner married television producer, Ted Turner, in 1991, and got divorced from him in 2001. The duo didn't have any children together but they formed a beautiful blended family with their kids from their previous marriage.  

Fonda and Turner, who she calls her "favorite ex-husband" had an amicable split, and remain close to this day. After Turner, the Monster-in-Law actress didn't walk down the aisle again, but she did keep her dating life active and spicy. Fonda's last noteworthy relationship was with music producer Richard Perry, who she dated from 2009 to 2017.   

Jane Fonda was married to Ted Turner.
The Oscar winner last dated music producer, Richard Perry, for seven years. Photo Source: Instagram

The world might think of Fonda as an icon who couldn't have it all or worse still, unlucky in love, but the veteran actress/activist begs to differ. "I'm not cut out for it," Fonda said when asked about her experience in love. Her history also includes rumored flings with Alan Delon, Jimmy Smits, and Jay Sebring.  

Who is Jane Fonda Dating?  

Was Turner her last love? Well, life's uncertainty and tendency to surprise surely don't allow the bold assumption, but so far, Fonda has maintained her relationship status as a happily single woman. The Oscar winner might be single but that doesn't mean she is in the market.  

Jane Fonda is single at 85.
The actress announced her retirement from her dating career in 2018. Photo Source: Instagram

The Grace and Frankie alum announced her retirement from dating and sex in 2018. Fonda asserted the empowering fact that she didn't need a man to be happy. "I'm stronger than all the men that I've been married to," the veteran actress said as she claims to be happy on her own. 

The Oscar winner hasn't sparked any romance rumors since her heartbreaking split from Perry, but that doesn't mean Fonda has completely lost interest in men. In an explosive interview in 2021, the Julia actress opened up about her deepest fantasy.  

"I don't want to be in a relationship," Jane said before adding, "Do I fantasize? Yes, here's my fantasy." Fonda said she desires younger men like her fellow male powerhouse who audaciously associate with women half their age. "Isn't that awful? I would want a younger man, and I'm too vain," Fonda shared.  

Meet Jane Fonda's Children!  

With a career flowing in every direction, Fonda, an actress, activist, fitness guru, and Philanthropist, Fonda admits she hasn't been the best mother to her three children, two daughters, and one son. The actress isn't ashamed to disclose the fact that she didn't give her kids the undivided love and time they deserve.   

Jane Fonda is a doting mother of three.
Jane Fonda regrets not being the best mother to her three kids. Photo Source: Instagram

To atone for her lackings, Fonda even studied parenting at an organization in Georgia, and now, believes she has gotten better. "I didn't know then. So I'm trying to show up now," said the mother of three. Fonda welcomed her oldest daughter, Vanessa Vadim, with her Roger, in 1968.  

Vanessa spent most of her childhood with Jane following her parents' divorce. She has taken after both her mom and dad. Vanessa is an activist and filmmaker. Her last directorial was her mother's hit documentary, Jane Fonda in Five Acts.    

Fonda on trying to become a better parent for her kids! 

Jane welcomed her secondborn, Troy, with her then-husband, Tom Hayden, in July 1973. Fonda and Tom didn't want their son to attract unnecessary attention due to their high profile status, hence, Troy was given his paternal grandmother's maiden surname, Garity.  

Troy is an actor and has shown his acting chops in Ballers, On Golden Pond, and more. The Oscar winner's daughter, Mary Luana Williams, is her only adopted kid. Fonda and Hayden came across Mary during their joint activism. Mary is a social activist and author. Fonda has credited Mary for making her feel complete.  

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