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Film Director (1968)
Wed May 03 2023
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Vanessa Vadim has risen to fame and the spotlight being Jane Fonda's daughter. Vanessa's mother is an American actress known for her acting role in the movie Klute

Vadim has also pursued a career in the showbiz world like her mother. Nevertheless, she isn't into acting but works as a film director known for The Quilts of Gee's Bend

Does Vanessa Vadim Live A Married Life Or Is Single?

Vanessa Vadim is not living a single life. On the contrary, Vadim lives as the wife of Paul Van Waggoner. Waggoner and Vanessa have shared their wedding vows for over a decade. 

The love birds Vadim and Waggoner have kept their relationship details private. However, Vanessa and her loving beau walked down the aisle on June 12, 2010

Vanessa Vadim with her loving husband Paul Van  Waggoner.
Vanessa Vadim with her loving husband, Paul Van  Waggoner. (Source: MarriedWiki)

Vadim and Waggoner completed a spiritual marriage ceremony in St. Tropez, France. It was a three-day event with the presence of close colleagues and family members.

Some online sources have claimed Vadim and Waggoner are no longer together. On the other hand, Vanessa's IMDb profile shows she hasn't divorced him and strives to cherish moments together without conflicts. 

The Past Married Life Of Vanessa Vadim

Paul Van Waggoner is not the first husband of Vanessa Vadim. She previously shared married life with film producer Matt Arnett for some time before the divorce. 

Arnett made his debut production works from the short film The Quilts of Gee's Bend. Likewise, his notable production and writing works include I Snuck Off the Slave Ship.

It is known that Vadim and Arnett are divorced from each other. But the details of their divorce reason and the divorce date are kept under wrap, leaving no details to the public. 

Is Vanessa Vadim A Mother?

The film director Vanessa Vadim is a mother of two kids! Malcolm Vadim is the son of Vanessa and Matt. The former lovers, Vadim and Arnett, welcomed Malcolm on May 28, 1999

Vanessa's second child is Viva Vadim, and Viva was born on November 23, 2002. Vadim's second child lives a private life. So nothing is known about her or her father. 

Vanessa Vadim's daughter Viva Vadim with her grandmother Jane Fonda.
Vanessa Vadim's daughter Viva Vadim with her grandmother Jane Fonda. (Source: Instagram @ janefonda)

Vanessa and her husband Paul have welcomed any kids from their married life. They are raising these two kids, and Paul treats them like his children, although being a stepfather. 

Both of the kids haven't pursued a career in the entertainment industry as of now. People curiously wait to see which career path they will take. 

The Net Worth Breakdown Of Vanessa Vadim 

Vanessa Vadim has collected a hefty net worth of $6 million, similar to Jimmi Simpson. She earned money through her film direction and other works in the entertainment industry. 

Vadim has worked in the additional crew department for Jane Fonda in Five Acts. Likewise, it is a documentary biography based on the life of famous actress Jane Fonda. 

The film director Vanessa Vadim has a net worth of $6 million.
The film director Vanessa Vadim has a net worth of $6 million. (Source: Biography Mask)

On the contrary, Vanessa's mother, Jane Fonda, has a massive net worth of $200 million. Fonda earned her wealth through her successful acting career in the film industry. 

Fonda is the cast of the movie 80 for Brady portraying the role of Brady. The movie grossed $39.8 million over the budget of $28 million at the box office collection. 

Why Vanessa's Children Were Arrested?

Vanessa's kids Malcolm and Viva were indeed arrested. They were not imprisoned for doing a crime but were charged with civil disobedience in November 2019. 

Jane's fans know she involved herself in social and environmental activism for decades. Both of her grandkids are involved in this activism. 

Viva and Malcolm were arrested while they were part of one of Jane's protests. It was not an issue, and they were released soon after the arrest.  

Meet Vadim's Parents: Jane Fonda And Roger Vadim 

Vanessa Vadim is the daughter of Jane Fonda and Roger Vadim. Jane and Roger gave birth to Vanessa on September 28, 1968, and her parents raised the celebrity child in Paris, France. 

The ex-couple Fonda and Vadim completed their marriage ceremony in August 1965. They had a secretive relationship having no details on the online platforms. 

Jane Fonda with her husband Roger Vadim.
Jane Fonda with her husband Roger Vadim. (Source: Pinterest) 

Unfortunately, Fonda and Vadim eventually parted on January 16, 1973, after being together for eight years. Jane's reason for divorce from him was his gambling and drinking habit.

A Quick Look At Vanessa's Siblings

Vanessa Vadim has shared several half-siblings from her mother and father's previous relationship. Troy Garity is her biological half-brother, born to Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden

Vanessa Vadim with her mother Jane Fonda and brother Troy Garity.
Vanessa Vadim with her mother, Jane Fonda, and brother Troy Garity. (Source:

Likewise, Vanessa is the sister of adopted half-sister Mary Luna Williams. She is an American social activist just like her mother, Jane Fonda. 

Jane Fonda's daughter Vanessa is a sister of five other half-siblings. And her siblings are Nathalie Vadim, Christian Vadim, Vania Plemiannikov, Ariane Toscan Du Plantier, and David Toscan du Plantier, respectively. 

Is Vanessa  Active On Social Platforms? 

Vanessa Vadim is not active on social media platforms. She is the person who has stayed away from social networking sites keeping her life private from the public. 

It's unknown why Vanessa has chosen to steer clear of social media. However, her mother, Jane Fonda, is often seen on social sites, including Instagram, with the handle @janefonda. 

A Look At The Career Of Vanessa

Vanessa Vadim has chosen a different career from her mother, working behind the camera. She works as a director and cinematographer for films and TV series. 

Vanessa Vadim with her mother Jane Fonda.
Vanessa Vadim with her mother, Jane Fonda. (Source: Pinterest)

Vanessa started her career as a production assistant for the short film Blue is Beautiful. Following her debut, she did the direction and cinematography of The Quilts Of Gee's Bend. 

The lady hasn't worked on any projects since 2019. The last project Vadim contributed is her mother's documentary biography called Jane Fonda in Five Acts

A Short Summary Of Vanessa's Mother's Acting Career

Jane Fonda is one of the prominent actresses working in the showbiz world since 1960. She landed her first on-screen acting role in the movie Tall Story as June Ryder. 

Jane Fonda with Tom Brady during the premiere of 80 for Brady.
Jane Fonda with Tom Brady during the premiere of 80 for Brady. (Source: Instagram @ janefonda)

Fonda is known for her versatility and for bringing giving brilliant acting. Some of her notable acting attributes include Klute, Barbarella and Youth, with several others on the list. 

Fonda is two times Oscar Award winner with fifty-nine award wins and seventy-three nominations. Some of her awards include Primetime Emmy Award with two BAFTA  Awards. 

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