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Wed Feb 08 2023
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Rhys Wakefield has made for himself by working on multiple projects while taking on various roles. The man from Australia is famous for numerous works, where you will find him working as an actor, producer, and writer. He has even taken on the director role.

The versatile actor has a diverse portfolio, with his most notable work being with the role of Lucas Holden in the hugely popular series Home and Away. The Queensland actor was born on November 20, 1988.

Is Rhys Wakefield In A Relationship? 

Though there is no confirmation, Rhys Wakefield is likely in a relationship with a woman named Maddy Simmer. He is a private person and rarely posts on Instagram, with most of his posts being work-related. But he has a couple of posts with this woman named Maddy. 

He wished Maddy on her birthday with a post which led to fan speculation. It said that:

"Birthday Beauty"


It is a polaroid of Rhys and Maddy on a vacation.
Rhys Wakefield with Maddy Simmer (Source: Instagram @rhys_wakefield)

Not much is known about Maddy, with her preferring to live a private life. But her profile picture (@maddysimmer) has Wakefield on it, which is why fans are starting to believe these two are in a relationship.

Fans got even more impatient on wanting to know about Wakefield's relationship status after the Australian Sun-Times posted an article that said Wakefield was spotted going around jewellery stores looking for an engagement ring. However, Wakefield has refused to comment on the matter.

Education Background

The dream of making it big in the world of movies landed Wakefield on pursuing a degree in the relevant field. He is a student of The Macdonald College of Performing Arts in his home country Australia. He graduated from his college in 2006.

He has made his college proud with his achievements and the man he has become. The college has written about Wakefield on their official website, which shows he has left an impression on his acting teachers of college with his works.

What Is The Net Worth of Wakefield?

With impressive filmography to his name, Rhys Wakefield has successfully brought his skills to work. His growing movie catalogue has helped him make a living. He has thrived in the world of cinema and is making a lot of money through it.

Ryan is wearing a black shirt that is tucked in.
Rhys Wakefield getting his pictures clicked at an event (Source: Instagram@rhys_wakefield)

It shouldn't surprise you that Wakefield has an estimated net worth of $3 million. He has worked under some big companies in the past, like HBO and Hulu, which has helped him to gain a wider audience and made him rich through the butterfly effect.

About Rhys Wakefield's Parents

Wakefield was born in a family where both parents worked for a living. Both his mother and his father were in respected professions. 

Just like Kim Jong-Kook's father, Chris Wakefield worked in the military whereas his mother, Elizabeth Wakefield, worked in the medical field. His father served in the Navy, and his mother worked as a practitioner of Medical Standards. 

Interestingly, Wakefield is not the only son of his parents. He grew up with his brother, Luke Wakefield.

He Is A Dog Lover

The Purge actor Wakefield is a dog person. It is evident from the pictures on his social media that where is seen spending time with his two dogs.

They are outside and Wakefield is holding the dogs on his arms.
Rhys Wakefield with his dogs (Source: Instagram @rhys_wakefield)

In one of his Instagram posts, he is seen holding his two dogs by his arms with the post captioned "Heaven." In another one of his dog posts, a dog is sleeping on her bed, and the post says:

Frida Bonita Chiquita 

Toughest, goodest girl you’ll ever meet.

Uncovering The Physical Details of An Australian Actor:

Looking at Wakefield, you can see why so many girls love him. You will be forgiven if you call him a model (If you had to guess his profession). He has an excellent build, further helped by his attractive face.

He is the same height as Romany Malco at 5 Feet 8 Inches (177 cm). He looks after himself as his weight is 75 kg. He has gained weight but at the same time, he doesn't have any fat on his body.

Wakefield's body and face are complimented by his gorgeous blonde shoulder-length hair and his contagious smile. No wonder girls love him.

Wakefield Is In Love With Painting 

You might be surprised because one of Wakefield's not-so-secret hobbies is painting. He loves to draw sketches. People who follow him on his socials are very much aware of his talent for painting. He has posted some pictures on his Instagram and has shown the world one of his talents.

One of his sketch posts has the houses and buildings around while the river flows between them. And one man is seen on a boat on the river passing through the buildings. He has captioned the post "Sketchy".

Painting depicts a man boating on a river with buildings on each side.
One of Rhys Wakefield's Painting (Source: Instagram @rhys_wakefield)

The fans are nothing but praises for his talent for painting. One of his fans commented:

"You're an overall talented artist, mastering each art form", 

While the other said:

"Wow, you're painting are beautiful".

Active On Instagram

There is good news for all Wakefield fans who want to learn about him and follow his life. Wakefield is on Instagram. 

He doesn't frequently post on his Instagram. But he does post now and then. You will find him posting about his work, dogs, and other stuff on Instagram.

You can learn about Wakefield through his Instagram handle @rhys_wakefield.

Had An Encounter With Crocodile 

Wakefield shared a story about the crocodile encounter, which shocked and amused his fans. He posted a video on his Instagram about an encounter with a crocodile on a boat. He said he almost capsized the boat because the crocodile tried to jump abroad.

The story might sound scary (and it probably is), but he seemed to have a good laugh about it. Even the fans seemed to enjoy the story.

One of them commented, "Sorry, but this made me lol SO HARD", while the other commented, "I'd say it's an honest reaction to a crocodile lol".

Wakefield's Accolades

The actor Wakefield made an impression with his role in the 2013 movie The Purge. It was not only the audience that recognized his skill but also the film association. His performance in the movie landed him the ''Fright Meter Award'' in 2013 for the "Best Supporting Actor" category.

Besides The Purge, he has received a nod from multiple film associations for his performance in The Black Balloon and Home and Away.

He landed nominated for Logie Awards, IF Awards, Australian Film Institute, Brazil Cinefest, and Film Critics Circle of Australia Awards. Though he didn't win it, getting recognition from all these institutes is still a huge deal.

Australian Actor Wakefield Is A Shy Man 

People don't quickly expect actors to be an introvert or shy. After all, an actor's job is to use his body to act and convince the audience through his role, whether on-screen for movies or off-screen for theatres.

So, it might sound surprising to some that Wakefield is a shy guy in real life. Despite his impressive body, he doesn't feel comfortable showing it on camera.

While doing the 2008 film The Black Balloon, he had to do some explicit scenes. He revealed it was the most uncomfortable thing to do, and it got him kind of scared when he was told about the scene.

Upon questioning about the scene, he said:

I'm the kind of guy that gets nervous being half-naked in my room, so considering there was a whole crew as well as randoms in their cars watching... yeah, I was pretty freaked out about it.

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