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Sat Sep 09 2023
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In the realm of the music world, Richard Sterban is remembered as one of the legendary American singers. He is well-recognized as the bass singer of The Oak Ridge Boys

Sterban with The Oak Ridge Boys has released unforgettable songs like Bobbie Sue. People have shown curiosity about his relationship, net worth, and other aspects which are covered here.

What About Richard Sterban's Wife: Know His Relationship Status

Richard Sterban is a married man and shares a romantic life with his wife Donna Sterban. They are long married celebrity couple who have shared over three and a half decades of married life.

Richard Sterman with his wife Donna Sterman.
Richard Sterban with his wife Donna Sterman. (Source: Twitter @ RASterban)

Speaking of Sterman's love life, he and his wife Donna exchanged marriage vows on September 21, 1988. They had an intimate wedding ceremony witnessed by close colleagues and family. 

Both Richard and Donna haven't shared any details on their love life and have kept it under wrap. They probably want to cherish their beautiful moments themselves without sharing them publicly. 

Donna is not the first wife of Richard and was previously married to another woman. However, the identity of his first wife and details are not found while searching through the public domain. 

About The Kids Of Richard In Brief 

Richard Sterban is the father of five children through his present and past marital life. Two of his kids are daughters whose names are Lauren and Tori Sterman shared with Donna.

Richard Sterman's grandson Tyler Sterban with his daughter Salem Sterban.
Richard Sterman's grandson Tyler Sterban with his daughter Salem Sterban. (Source: Twitter @ RASterban)

Richard shared three sons with his first wife whose identity is not revealed as of now. Likewise, the names of his three sons are Rich, Doug, and Chris Sterban respectively. 

In addition, Richard is also the grandfather and receives immense love from five grandchildren. His grandson Tyler Sterban is the father of two daughters Asher and Salem Sterban

Speaking of Richard's kids, there is not much to explore about their personal and professional lives. They probably haven't followed in the footsteps of their father pursuing a career in the music industry.

Discover Sterban's Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Have? 

Richard Sterban commands an astounding net worth of $5 million which matches Martha Ludden. With fame and love, he also made admirable wealth through his successful music career. 

The American singer Richard Sterban has a net worth of $5 million.
The American singer Richard Sterban has a net worth of $5 million. (Source: Wikidata)

Sterban is a member of the country and gospel quartet The Oak Ridge Boys where he sings base. He has received money through the royalties of the group's songs on music platforms like Spotify. 

Richard earns money through concert tours of The Oak Ridge Boys at different places. He and other members earn money through their merchandise sales such as t-shirts & records. 

In the past, Richard also owned a Nashville Sounds minor league baseball team from 1978 to 2008. However, the details of his other income sources and business ventures are unidentified. 

Explore Sterban's Bio/Wiki And Age

Richard Sterban was born to his parents on April 29, 1943, and is the age of mid-80s right now. The name of Richard's father is unknown but his mother's name is Victoria Sterban

Sterban is not the only child instead has shared two other siblings Susan Wesolowski and Joseph Sterban. Moreover, he was raised with them in Collingswood, New Jersey.

Richard completed his high school education at Collingswood High School. After high school, he went to Trenton State College but his major and the graduation details are undiscovered. 

Richard's Illness: Is He Still Alive?

Richard Sterban's Illness topic is extensively searched as he had health complications in the past. There is no need to worry as he is still alive and doing fine having no health complications right now.

Richard Sterban enjoyed his time watching baseball.
Richard Sterban enjoyed his time watching baseball. (Source: Twitter @ RASterban)

Richard was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation which causes irregular heartbeats impacting the heart in 2017. He went through a surgery called catheter ablation and has been doing fine since then. 

Sterban health condition again deteriorated when he fell and broke his handi in 2022. He had to go for surgery to repair bone taking proper recovery time and retaining full health recovery. 

The people's curiosity regarding Richard's illness increased when he retired from touring in 2022. Regardless, he didn't state that health conditions were the reason behind that decision.

How Has Richard's Vocal Range Changed Over Time? 

Richard Sterban is well-recognized for his vocal range which is a defining feature of his music career. His voice range spanned from E-flat 1 to E4 in one of the videos posted on YouTube in 2017.

Sterban's voice has been described as spanning across an amazing 10 octaves. It is true that Richard's voice has evolved but has been able to maintain his signature sound despite his age.

In addition, Richard's vocal abilities have been praised by fans and critics alike. The singer's vocal range has changed over time as his voice has matured and deepened due to growing age. 

A Brief On Richard's Music Career

As noted earlier, Richard Sterban is a notable bass singer of  The Oak Ridge Boys. He wasn't the bass singer from the start and formerly was a backup singer for Elvish Presley at the start. 

Sterban's career truly soared when he became a member of The Oak Ridge Boys in 1972. His distinctive, deep bass voice added a unique dimension to the group's harmonies.

The Oak Ridge Boys, with Sterban as a key member achieved success in no time. They gave several hits such as Elvira and Because He Lives with albums like The Oak Ridge Boys Have Arrived.

Richard was also inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2015 as a member of the Oak Ridge Boys. Overall, he remains a beloved figure in American music with a resonant voice and enduring career

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