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Thu Jul 20 2023
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Rick Dufay is popularly known among the people for being the guitarist of the band Aerosmith. He has also gained attention as a celebrity father of the American actress Minka Kelly

Dufay shared a romantic relationship with Maureen Dumont Kelly and details about it are shared in this article. You can explore why he left the band Aerosmith and other interesting details too. 

The Details Of Dufay's Relationship With Maureen Dumont Kelly

Rick Dufay shared a romantic life with Maureen Dumont Kelly with whom he welcomed Minka Dumonte Kelly. It is unclear whether they were married, but following the details of some public domain, they were said to be husband and wife. 

Dufay and Kelly first interacted in 1979 at a recording studio in Los Angeles. They might have started dating after and sharing a romantic relationship but were tight-lipped regarding it not sharing much on the media outlets and public eyes.

Rick Dufay's former wife Maureen Dumont Kelly and his daughter  Minka Dumonte Kelly.
Rick Dufay's former wife Maureen Dumont Kelly and his daughter  Minka Dumonte Kelly. (Source: Page Six)

As noted earlier, their daughter  Minka Dumonte Kelly was welcomed on June 24, 1980, through their romantic bond. However, the information on their marriage ceremony isn't detailed while searching through the Internet. 

While glancing through the Internet, Dufay and Kelly were eventually parted through the untimely demise of Maureen. As of now, he hasn't shared married life with anyone and has kept his romantic relationship details under wrap. 

Dufay's Partner Maureen Passed Away At The Age Of 51

Rick Dufay's romantic partner Maureen Dumont Kelly passed away on December 4, 2008. She was an American actress and was known for being the mother of Minka Kelly. 

Likewise, Maureen had an untimely demise departing from this world due to colon cancer. She was in a hospice facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico, at the end of her life.

Minka has always regretted not getting to spend her mother Maureen's Thanksgiving together. During her demise, Minka was in Los Angeles and busy with her professional career.

The Riches Behind Rick Dufay: A Closer Look at His Net Worth!

Rick Dufay is estimated to have an astonishing net worth of $5 million similar to Aleksandr Galibin. He has achieved this wealth through a successful music career and other works. 

Dufay was the guitarist of the American rock band Aerosmith who joined in 1981  replacing Brad Whitford. He remained in the band till 1984 and contributed to the album Rock in a Hard Place.

Rick Dufay has made a net worth of $5 million.
Rick Dufay has made a net worth of $5 million. (Source: Discogs)

In addition, Rick did some music work enrolling in the entertainment industry. He has worked in the music department of the movies Lonely Street and In the Bath with Kath

On the other hand, Dufay's daughter Minka Kelly has an estimated net worth of $5 million. She has achieved this financial success through her successful acting career in the showbiz industry. 

A Quick Summary Of Dufay's Parents  

The guitarist Rick Dufay was born on February 2, 1952, and is the age of early 70s right now. His father is Richard Ney while the details of his mother are not publicly known. 

Dufay's father Richard Ney was a popular American actor from the 1940s who contributed to the showbiz industry. He debuted in Mrs. Miniver which became his breakthrough acting work.

The picture of Rick Dufay's father Richard Ney.
The picture of Rick Dufay's father Richard Ney. (Source: Pinterest)

Richard was a phenomenal actor giving notable acting attributes in Ivy and Shirley Temple's Storybook. Unfortunately, he left his soul leaving well-wishers and family on July 18, 2004, at the age of 87.

Rick is a private person who hasn't shared any details about his early life keeping it low-key. He is probably a single child as there is nothing regarding his siblings on the Internet. 

Who Is Dufay's Daughter Minka Kelly?

Minka Kelly is a multi-talented personality who is an actress, model, and philanthropist. Regardless, it can't be denied that she has gained popularity through her versatile acting appearances in various television series and movies.  

The Golden Derby Awards winner Minka is known for her portrayal of Sara Matthews in the movie The Roommates. Some of her other notable acting performances include Just Go with It and The Butler among several others. 

Rick Dufay with his daughter Minka Kelly.
Rick Dufay with his daughter Minka Kelly. (Source: Extra)

The lady has not only thrived for fame but has also been involved in social work contributing to society. She is a supporter of Stand Up to Cancer and the Humane Society with several other non-profit organizations. 

In addition to acting and modeling, Minka is also an author who has written a memoir titled Tell Me Everything. The memoir simply delves into her personal life, sharing her experiences and struggles which are available on Amazon and other platforms. 

Why Did Dufay Left The Music Band Aerosmith?

As noted earlier, Rick Dufay was enrolled in the music band Aerosmith after the departure of Brad Whitford in 1981. He joined as the guitarist and Joe Perry also joined with him. 

Dufay was part of Aerosmith's 1982 Rock in a Hard Place album and can be heard in some parts of it. He is also seen in the music video of the single Lightning Strikes.

Moving forward, Rick left Aerosmith in 1984 but the exact reason for his departure is undiscovered. It was reported he left because of creative differences with the band. 

Is Dufay Active On Social Media?

The celebrity father Rick Dufay is not active on social networking sites despite his popularity. He has opted to keep his personal life away from the reach of media and public eyes. 

Dufay doesn't have an account on any social sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. His privacy has only fueled the curiosity among people wanting to know about his personal details. 

On the contrary, Dufay's daughter Minka Kelly is active on social media platforms. She can be found on Instagram under the username @ minkakelly having 1 million followers. 

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