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Survivalist, Acting, and Hunting (1975)
Wed Mar 23 2022
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Ricko DeWilde is an American actor who is renowned for a 2013 reality television show, Life Below Zero. Apart from that, he is an extreme survivalist.

DeWilde was born on 7th June 1975 in Huslia, Alaska. He shares Gemini as his birth sign. DeWilde is 6 ft and 2 inches (187.96 cm) tall. He has dark black eyes and black hair color.

Career Outset of DeWilde

DeWilde learned a traditional lifestyle since his childhood. This led him to follow the same track and made him passionate about hunting and exploring nature.

Talking about his television career, he made a debut in 2018 in the TV series, Life Below Zero. He has acted in more than thirty-two episodes till now.

Where Did DeWilde Study?

According to reports, DeWilde was homeschooled by his parents. Further, he was taught not only about academic matters but also about life skills to endure in the harsh condition of Alaska.

This way, Ricko did not attend a university for acquiring any kind of degree.

Who Are DeWilde's Parents?

The name of DeWilde's father is Lloyd DeWilde while that of his mother is Amelia DeWilde. His parents deceased long before.

Ricko DeWilde' s parents: his father in a sap green jacket, grey shirt and pants with his mother in dark brown fur jacket and green pants.
Photo of Ricko DeWilde's Parents (Source: Instagram@reeky_reeks)

His father used to be an adventurer. However, the professional life of DeWilde's mother is still behind the curtains. 

DeWilde's Siblings

Ricko has thirteen siblings. Among them, one of his eldest sisters, Riba May DeWilde, was assassinated by her son Eli Simpson on 26th Nov 2016.

The remaining siblings of DeWilde are engaged in diverse professions. 

Net Worth of Ricko DeWilde

Expert hunter DeWilde has a total net worth of $1 million. It is reported that his salary per episode is $200 thousand.

His total wealth constitutes his salary, wages, income from his social media platforms.

Ricko's Clothing Line

DeWilde is the owner of HYDZ Clothing. He designs different patterns for various dresses. Most of his productions are for gift purposes. 

Their merchandise consists of designs that represent Native American beauty. These are finally decorated with feathers.

Ricko's Wife 

DeWillde is living together with his long-time girlfriend Rona Vent. They began dating in 2013. However, they have not confirmed if they are officially married.

The loving couple is very supportive of each other and works hard for their family too.

Children of Ricko DeWilde

Ricko and Rona have five children together. Simone DeWilde is the eldest child of the family. Ricko has three daughters. Skarlett DeWilde and Maya DeWilde are the remaining two.

Ricko DeWilde' s children celebrating Christmas.: his eldest daughter in a grey hooks and blue pants, son in black hooks and other children in different dresses.
Photo of Ricko DeWilde's Children with a pet dog (Source: Instagram@reeky_reeks)

Further, the next two members are the sons of the DeWilde family. Skyler DeWilde and Keenan DeWilde are their names.

DeWilde & Life Below Zero

DeWilde is one of the casts of Life Below Zero. This show covers the life of Alaskan residents and their lives in the harsh climate.

Further, the series also explores the way of fishing and hunting of the natives there.

DeWilde on Social Media

DeWilde is present on social media. He is followed by more than 13.9k acolytes on his Instagram account. He has approximately 900 posts and follows nearly 3k profiles.

Further, he also has a Twitter account with approximately 2k adherents.

Where is Ricko Now? 

DeWilde is currently living with his family in Fairbanks. However, he often visits Huslia and spends some time there.

The extremist continues to live the way he has always loved to and his life story persists with nature.


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