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Tue May 16 2023
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Robert Noah is known among the people as the father of Trevor Noah. His son, Trevor, is a South African comedian who was formerly the host of The Daily Show

In addition to Noah's comedy career, he is a writer, producer, political commenter, and actor. The talented artist has appeared as Totatsi Bibinyana on Coming 2 America

Has Robert Noah Shared Married Life With Someone? 

Robert Noah hasn't shared married life with anyone. Yes, Robert fathered a child with his partner. He shared a romantic relationship with Patricia Noah but never got married. 

Looking at Robert's love life, he met his romantic partner Patricia in Johannesburg. They gradually developed feelings for each other. Trevor's parents used to live in the same apartment. 

Robert Noah's former romantic partner Patricia Noah and his son Trevor Noah.
Robert Noah's former romantic partner Patricia Noah and his son Trevor Noah. (Source: newsunzip)

With time, Robert and Patricia started sharing a romantic relationship. As a result of their relationship, they welcomed Trevor Noah on February 20, 1984

Moving forward in time, there is no information on whether Robert shares a married or romantic relationship. No online sources have placed information regarding his love life after Patricia. 

Robert And Patricia's Separation Reason

Robert Noah and Patricia Noah had a secretive relationship from the start. The main reason for keeping it secretive was the rules that prevented interracial relationships. He is a white man, while Patricia is a black South African. 

Things became worse when Robert and Patricia welcomed their son Trevor Noah. The authorities found out about regarding their relationship. Patricia was sent to jail for sharing a relationship with a white guy and welcoming a kid with Robert. 

After Trevor's mother was sent to jail, he was handed to his maternal grandmother's home for care. The peak of racism between white Americans and African-American during that time was their separation reason. 

About The Net Worth Of Robert: An Overview

Robert Noah commands an approximate net worth of $1.2 million. Robert must have earned most of his wealth through his professional career in the culinary field. 

Robert has worked in different places, including New York and Canada. Also, he used to own a restaurant in Johannesburg that may have accumulated some amount of money. 

On the other hand, Robert's son Trevor Noah has made a hefty net worth of $100 million, similar to Darcy LaPier. Trevor has earned amount of money through his comedy career and other works. 

Trevor worked as the host of the late-night show The Daily Show. He initially made $5 million to $8 million, which increased to $16 million after signing a contract with Viacom in that show. 

Robert's Son Real Estate Details 

Robert's son Trevor Noah has purchased and sold several real estate properties. Trevor bought a mansion located at Bel-Air for $20 million in January 2019. Noah later sold the Bel-Air mansion for $21.5 million

Trevor Noah bought the lavish Bel-Air Mansion at $27.5 million.
Trevor Noah bought the lavish Bel-Air Mansion at $27.5 million. (Source: Pinterest)

Trevor owns a duplex in Manhattan worth $10.1 million. However, he later placed the lavish duplex on sale pricing it for $12.95 million on October 2022. 

The former talk show host purchased another Bel-Air home for a staggering amount of $27.5 million. Noah later made a profit of $2.5 million, selling it to Travis Vanderzanden.

Does Robert Have A Social Media Platform? 

Robert Noah doesn't have a social media presence living a private life. You cannot see him on any of the social platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

The Instagram post shared by Trevor Noah.
The Instagram post shared by Trevor Noah. (Source: Instagram @ trevornoah)

It can be assumed Robert may love to keep his personal life as secretive as possible. Now, no public domain has placed details on his social media sites. 

Although Robert doesn't have social sites, his son Trevor is available on them, including Instagram. He is loved by 8.4 million followers with the handle @trevornoah. 

Why Did Robert Separate From Treveor in The 1980s? 

On the first hand, Robert wanted to spend time with Trevor. Unfortunately, the laws and rules became a main barrier resulting in ending up in prison if having regular contact with him. 

Robert's ex-romantic partner Patricia was married to another man after their separation. This situation led Robert to have an awkward condition to meet Trevor. 

As the regular meeting became impossible, Robert moved to Cape Town from Johannesburg. After that, they didn't meet each other for seven years. 

More Details On Robert 

Robert Noah has kept most of his details private from the public. There are no details on his early life, parents, and educational details. 

Noah holds Swiss-German nationality. As noted earlier, he used to own a restaurant in Johannesburg, South Africa and was professionally a chef. 

Robert strived to bring black and white South Africans together through his restaurant. He also employed black South Africans in his kitchen too. 

Is Robert In Contact With His Son? 

Robert Noah stopped meeting Trevor Noah when he was at the age of 13. Trevor first hated him due to his absence from his life and not getting to spend time with him. 

The comedian Trevor Noah with his father Robert Noah.
The comedian Trevor Noah with his father, Robert Noah. (Source: Buzz South Africa)

Regardless of Trevor's hate toward Robert, his mother used to explain the good side of Robert. Finally, Trevor decided to meet him with a little encouragement from his mother. 

Robert keeps a low-key life, making it difficult for Trevor to search for him. But the embassy's helped the TV star mail a letter to Robert. 

Moving ahead, Trevor decided to meet him and traveled to Capetown. Robert and his estranged son finally met, it was awkward at first, but as of now, both are on good terms.

A Brief On Robert Son's Professional Career

Trevor Noah is a prominent South African comedian. He made an early start in his career performing at local clubs and theatres in South Africa. 

Noah rose to fame and became a household name through his show Tonight with Trevor Noah. His stand-up comedy special The Daywalker is famous, focused on his experiences as a mixed-race South African.

Trevor Noah with David Beckham at AI Thumama Stadium.
Trevor Noah with David Beckham at AI Thumama Stadium. (Source: Instagram @ trevornoah)

Trevor was one of the personalities ruling the late-night talk show. He entertained the audience, mainly household viewers on The Daily Show, from 2015 to 2022. 

Noah has also voice acted in the movie Black Panther playing the role of Griot. Additionally, you can see his Netflix Tv special, Trevor Noah: Afraid of the Dark.

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