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Fri Aug 04 2023
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Rocky James Prinze is the youngest child of the celebrity couple, Freddie Prinze and Sarah Michelle. While the parents enjoy stardom, the celebrity son has always been out of media reach.

Did you know? Rocky James hates seeing his parents kissing. If you find this interesting, keep scrolling to know more amusing facts relating to this celebrity kid.

Rocky James Prinze's Birthday & Age

How old are Freddie Prinze and Sarah Michelle's youngest child? Well, Rocky James Prinze has now his age in two digits since 2022 as he was born in 2012 in Los Angeles, California.

Rocky James celebrates his birthdate every year on the 21st of September. Sarah's pregnancy with her second child was revealed in April 2012. Since then Michelle and Prinze's fans were waiting to see the cute baby of the celebrity couple.

However, Freddie and Sarah, being supersecretive and protective parents did not reveal the face as well as the name of their son. It was three months following Rocky James's birth that the couple finally announced their second child's name.

Rocky James Prinze's Parents' Relationship Details

Freddie Prinze and Sarah Michelle have been in a blissful marital life for two decades now. Following their initial meeting in 1997 on the set of  I know what you did last summer, the couple started dating.

The 90s "It" couple were not into marriage and never thought of it. But one day, Interestingly, Freddie had an intuition that they were gonna be married and that he will propose to Sarah.

Rocky James Prinze's parents are married for two decades now.
Rocky James Prinze's parents are married for two decades now. Source: Instagram @sarahmgellar

Freddie Prinze in a 2020 interview with People's Magazines:

"one day, I just knew we were gonna get married and I knew I was gonna propose. I didn't know when or how. And so I did and fortunately, she was on the same page. My instincts were correct."

The romantic love birds, Michelle and Prinze, tied the knot on September 1, 2002, in Mexico. The intimate wedding marked the beginning of their new love journey ahead. Interestingly, Rocky James Prinze's father is Michelle's first love.

Sarah Michelle and Freddie Prinze's relationship is going strong.
Sarah Michelle and Freddie Prinze's relationship is going strong. Source: Instagram @sarahmgeller

Here is Rocky James's parent's relationship timeline.

1997Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar first met on the set of the movie "I Know What You Did Last Summer"
1999They starred together in the movie "She's All That"
2000They started dating after reconnecting at a friend's party
April 2001Freddie Prinze Jr. proposed to Sarah Michelle Gellar
September 1, 2002They tied knot in an intimate private ceremony in Mexico
2009They welcomed their first child, a daughter named Charlotte Grace Prinze
2012They welcomed their second child, a son named Rocky James Prinze
2022They celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary

How Is Sarah Michelle & Freddie Prinze's Married Life Going?

To date, Sarah Michelle and Freddie Prinze are still together. There are no rumors of their disputes and divorces. In fact, Rocky James Prinze's parents keep on flaunting their romantic married life on social media.

The love between the husband and wife duo is still fresh and has not faded. Sarah posted their wedding image on Instagram on the occasion of their 20th wedding anniversary. 

Rocky James Prinze Has An Older Sibling

As aforementioned, Rocky James Prinze is the youngest child of Sarah Michelle and Freddie Prinze. He has a big sister named Charlotte Grace Prinze. She is three years older than Rocky.

Rocky James Prinze's mother and sister.
Rocky James Prinze's mother and sister. Source: TheThing

When Sarah was pregnant with Rocky, her representative said that Charlotte was quite excited about being a big sister. The Prinze siblings truly care for each other and have a good relationship despite having a completely different nature.

In an interview, the Scooby-Doo actor Freddie revealed that Charlotte is more like him and Rocky is like his mother. While Rocky James Prinze can talk to any person he doesn't know, his older sister, Charlotte, is calm and quiet at first. She will talk about the vibe in the room later.

Insight Charlotte Grace Prinze Life

What is with September and Prinze's family? All the moments like the wedding of Freddie and Sarah, and their children's birthday are all in September. As if all things are perfectly planned.

Charlotte who was born on September 29, 2009, is practicing jiu-jitsu now. The proud father, Freddie, could not help but gush his daughter's new interest. He tweeted a clip of Rocky James's sister wearing a Gi.

Rocky James Prinze's sister Charlotte Grace Prinze practices Jiu-Jutsu.
Rocky James Prinze's sister Charlotte Grace Prinze practices Jiu-Jutsu. Source: Pinterest

Will Charlotte Grace ever follows in the footsteps of her parents? It is more likely as she loves the showbiz industry. Speaking of which, Rocky Jamez'a sister took a musical theatre class in 2016.

Yes, following that, Charlotte made her first acting debut. Initially, Freddie and Sarah thought she will be playing a minor role. But they were wrong as their daughter landed the role of Simba.

Rocky James Prinze Net Worth: Youngest Son Of Millionaire Parents

Yes, Rocky James Prinze is the son of millionaire parents. He is living a rich lifestyle with his parent's fortune similar to Lou Sulola Samuel. Speaking of which, his father, Freddie James has a net worth of $30 Million. Similarly, Rocky's mother, Sarah Michelle, has an estimated wealth similar to her husband.

With a combined fortune of $60 Million, the celebrity couple are raising their kids in a very comfortable environment. Following, Rocky's birth, Prinze and James bought $6.1 million on a new property in Mandeville Canyon, Los Angeles in 2013.

Later, Rocky James's parents purchased a home worth $2.45 million in Bel-Air. With over three decades of their professional life in the showbiz industry, Rocky James' parents have amassed an influential net worth.

Rocky James Prinze Does Not Like His Parents Kissing

The American actress, Sarah Michelle, revealed that her youngest son does not like her kissing Freddie. She said Rocky James Prinze would say, "Shame Shame Shame, I Know your name".

For teasing, Michelle and Prinze would kiss in front of him. He would probably cry from teasing.

Did You Know Sarah Michelle's Youngest Child Rocky James Prinze Likes Skating?

Yes, it is neither football nor basketball, Sarah Michelle's youngest child seems to be interested in skating. He must have inherited a love for sports from Freddie.

Rocky James Prinze with his father Freddie Prinze.
Rocky James Prinze with his father Freddie Prinze. Source: Zimbio

The father and son duo was spotted wearing knee pads and helmets in Pacific Palisades, California. Freddie was carrying the skateboards. 

Rocky James Prinze's Lives A Low-key Life

Despite being a celebrity child, Rocky James Prinze stays out of the spotlight. Prinze's famous parents do not want him to face the paparazzi now. And it was the reason why Freddie and Sarah rarely post about their children.

It was not until nine months after Rocky's birth that the world got to know what he looks like. The American actress, Sarah, was spotted with her two children in Los Angeles in June 2013.

Similarly, as Prinze is quite young, he is not allowed to use social media platforms. This all has helped Rocky James to live a private life.




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