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Sun Sep 25 2022
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Roisin Waters is the Irish celebrity daughter who has been in the limelight since birth. She was born as the only child of Sinéad O'Connor and John Waters

Despite getting fame and recognization from an early age, she never thought of misusing it; instead, she made her own identity. She followed in her parent's footsteps and decided to contribute to the Irish music industry. 

Waters' Parents Are Irish Musicians

Aforesaid, Waters is enjoying her spotlight because of her celebrity parents. She came into this materialistic world in London on March 6, 1996. However, she was raised in Ireland by her famous Irish parents.

Sinead O'Connor holding her newly born child Roisin Waters
Sinead O'Connor holding her newly born child Roisin Waters (Image Source: Hindisip)

Her father, Waters, is an Irish author and musician, whereas her mother, Sinead, is a renowned singer and songwriter. Both are considered the most excellent musicians in Ireland. 

Furthermore, Waters also has lovely grandparents. She is the granddaughter of John O'Connor and Marie O'Connor and loves spending time with them.

Sinead & John Were Never Married

Yes, you heard it right; Roisin Waters' parents were never married to each other; instead, they gave birth to her while they were dating each other. Unfortunately, they could not tie the knot because of misunderstandings and frequent conflicts just like Lucy Iglesias's parents.

As per online tabloids, the former couple dated in 1995, and within one year, they could not stick to their relationship and get apart in 1996. As a result, their beautiful relationship ended with a complete stop.

However, within those one year, Sinead was already pregnant since she had Roisin Waters in her belly. After the separation, she still decided to give birth to her despite her family being against her. 

Because of Sinead's bravery and love for her unborn child, she went against her family and allowed Waters to see the world. Since then, the mother and daughter have been living together. 

Waters' Mother Married Three Times

It is no surprise that Sinead has been married three times to different men. She first married John Reynolds, a record producer and musician. They exchanged vows in 1987 and separated just after three years of marriage, i.e., 1991.

An intense look of John Reynolds
An intense look of John Reynolds (Image Source: POPSUGAR)

After separating from Reynolds, she started dating Waters' father, John. As mentioned earlier, they stick together for only one year. 

Soon after breaking up, Sinead decided to remain single and started living a single life until she met journalist Nicholas Sommerlad. Ever since their first meeting, they connected and decided to exchange vows in 2001.

After exchanging rings and vows, the former couple shared the same beds and roofs for only three years as they divorced in 2003. Their relationship ended on a nasty note. 

Sinead O'Connor and her ex-husband Steve Cooney are hugging each other
Sinead O'Connor and her ex-husband Steve Cooney are hugging each other (Image Source: Independent. ie)

Thenceforth, Sinead tied the knot with Australian-Irish musician Steve Cooney in 2010. Unfortunately, this relationship could not go further, as they went their separate way in 2011.

Has Three Half-Brothers

The celebrity daughter Waters is blessed with three lovely half-siblings from her mother's side. She has one elder brother named Jake Reynolds and two younger brothers named Shane Lunny and Yeshua Bonadio.

Jake currently serves as a musical artist in Ireland, whereas Yeshua is enjoying her childish life. He is the son of Sinéad O'Connor and Frank Bonadio

Talking about Shane, he is no more with us as he was found dead on January 7, 2022, in Bray, Ireland. He was the child of Sinéad O'Connor and Donal Lunny. According to the police investigation, Shane committed suicide. 

(Fun Fact: Water's mother, Sinead, was never married to Frank and Donal. Similar to John, she just dated them. However, she surprisingly became a mother. Regarding Jake's father's identity, it is still a mystery.)

How Rich Is Roisin Waters?

Waters lives a wealthy life because of her parents' enormous wealth. She was born with the silver spoon and has achieved every expensive item ever since birth. However, her net worth is still a mystery as she has not revealed it. 

Roisin Waters and her mother Sinead O'Connor's previous house which was sold for $800 thousand
Roisin Waters and her mother Sinead O'Connor's previous house which was sold for $800 thousand (Image Source: Independent. ie)

She is rumored to be worth more than millions of dollars. The story seems true as she is the child of millionaire parents. However, her mother, Sinead O'Connor, has a massive fortune of $1.5 million, whereas her father, John O'Connor, has $5 million in his bank account. 

Without a doubt, Waters is currently enjoying her parents' wealth. Some people have confirmed that they often see her in branded clothes and expensive cars just like Kortni Morton.

Is Waters Single Or Married?

Roisin Waters is a married woman enjoying her marital relationship with Leo O'Shea. They have been together for several years. Unfortunately, the exact wedding date is still in the dark. 

Some online tabloids state that the lovely couple has already moved to the US for a better livelihood. They reside there without any conflicts. However, it is just a supposition as it has not been proved yet. It is also unknown whether they share a child or not.

Waters Has A StepMother 

As of this writing, Waters' parents have moved on and are currently busy with their careers and love life. Her father, John, is in a married relationship with Rita Simons. They exchanged vows and rings in 2014, and since then, they have been living together without children. 

Roisin Waters' stepmother Rita Simons posing during a night event
Roisin Waters' stepmother Rita Simons posing during a night event (Image Source: GoodTc)'

Regarding her mother, Sinead, she is rumored to be exchanging vows with Barry Herridge, whereas some other stories believe that she is currently single. According to whosdatedwho, she has been married to Barry since December 9, 2011.  

Physical Outlooks: Height & Weight 

Roisin Waters is 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) tall, weighing around 58 kg (127 lbs) which is suitable according to her size. She has a slim body and fair skin. 

Furthermore, she has impressive brown eyes and amazing black hair. Unlike her mother, she has not done tattoos. People admire her slender body and gorgeous face. 

Doesn't Have A Profile On Social Media 

Despite being a renowned celebrity daughter, Waters has not got a profile on social media platforms. It seems she does not like being in the limelight. As a result, her daily activities are still unclear to the public. 

Wedding Pictures of Sinead O'Connor and Barry Herridge
Wedding Pictures of Sinead O'Connor and Barry Herridge (Image Source: Irish Mirror)

However, her mother, Sinead, seems to be a social sensation. She has a profile on Instagram, where she has already amassed more than 42K followers, whereas her Twitter account has more than 72K followers. 

Sinead's Twitter handle, @SineadOConnor, and Instagram handle, @oconnor.sinead, include her fascinating pictures.

Some Amazing Facts About Waters

  • Roisin Waters' mother, Sinead, has dated many celebrities in her life. Some of them are Tex Axile, Anthony Kiedis, and Peter Gabriel.
  • Waters is the niece of John O'Connor, Eoin O'Connor, and Joseph O'Connor. All of them are renowned faces of Ireland.
  • Waters' mother always shaves her head because she does not want to be pretty. She once said in an interview that:

I cut my hair off because I don't want to look beautiful.


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