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TV Reporter and Actress (1948)
Thu Feb 02 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Roz Abrams

Ex-husband : Kenneth Showers
Roz Abrams and Kenneth Showers married and later they divorced.

Roz Abrams is an American former TV journalist who gained notoriety for anchoring popular TV shows like GossipEyewitness News, and ABC Afterschool Specials. She was born on September 7, 1948, in Michigan, USA. Her real name is Roslyn Maria Abrams, and she is Virgo. 

Furthermore, despite being an anchor or host, Abrams has also established herself as a successful American actress. She is known for her fantastic role in Pride and Glory

Relationship Status 

As per online news, WABC host Roz Abrams is currently living a single life after her married relationship could not go further. She was married twice but was unable to live a happy married life. 

Furthermore, it has been confirmed that she is not dating anyone and is more busy raising her grandchildren than making love again. Also, we have provided you with a list of her past relationship. 

Divorced Kenneth Showers

It is not strange that Abrams used to be a married woman. She was in a marital relationship with her husband, Kenneth Showers, for many years. However, the married date is still behind the curtains. 

Picture of Roz Abrams' first husband Kenneth Showers
Picture of Roz Abrams' first husband Kenneth Showers (Image Source:

The former couple stayed together for a long time, enjoying each other's company. They were living a happy life until they both decided to get separated. 

Like their wedding date, the divorce date and its reasons are still a mystery. Some stories say that they separated due to a misunderstanding.

Former Couple's Children 

The former duo Abrams and Kenneth was already blessed with two beautiful children before they decided to get divorced. They were the parents of Denise and Melissa

Nevertheless, Denise and Melissa's identities and birth dates have not been disclosed yet. Their mother, Abrams, wants them to keep away from the limelight. 

Did You Know? Abrams concluded a divorce settlement by taking custody of their beautiful children. Still, the children live with Abrams peacefully and happily. 

Who Was Abrams' Second Husband? 

After WCBS host Roz Abrams' separation from Kenneth, she got married to her love of life in a private ceremony. However, her second former husband's identity is still a mystery as she has not revealed it. 

Picture of Kenneth Showers wearing black dress
Picture of Roz Abrams (Image Source: Alchetron)

Furthermore, the exact wedding date and place are also unknown to the public. Unfortunately, Abram's second relationship could not go further, just like her first marriage. 

As per IMDb, Abrams divorced her anonymous husband a few years ago for various reasons. The separation date and the reasons behind it are in the dark. 

Abrams & Her Second Husband's Kids

Abrams shares two beautiful children, Alex and Samantha, with her second husband. The family of four was living a happy life, but unfortunately, the family got divided after the former love birds' separation. 

Moreover, like their father, Alex and Samantha's identities are also unknown. They are never seen onscreen with their mother, which confuses us about their existence. 

According to rumors, the two lovely children are living with their father as he got custody of them. It appears that Abrams never got to see her children after the divorce. 

Uncovering Abrams' Body Measurement 

Pride And Glory actress Abrams has a beautiful face with dark skin. She has lovely black eyes with short white hair. Despite having wrinkles on her face, she looks impressive, which could result from make-up and a good diet. 

Picture of Roz Abrams wearing beautiful earrings
Picture of Roz Abrams (Image Source: Popular Networth)

Besides that, Abram has a slim body and is often seen wearing sunglasses and earrings that enhance her beauty more. Talking about her height and weight, she stands at 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm), weighing around 57 kg (125 lbs). 

Roz Abrams Is A Millioniare 

Abrams has an estimated net worth of $3 million, making her one of the very few millionaires among the journalist. She made a massive fortune working as a journalist, especially in the 90s. 

Besides this, she is also an actress and has appeared in many successful movies and TV series from where she has increased her bank balance, just like Kelechi Ileanacho.

Without a doubt, Abrams is living a wealthy life owning many expensive items. In addition, she also gets a good amount of money as an old age pension. 

Career As An Actress

Besides being a TV reporter and anchor, Renowed Reporter Abrams is known for her great appearance and role in many famous movies. She has given many TV movies throughout her career.

Abram's popular movies include Pride And Glory (2008) and War of the Worlds (2005). Furthermore, she became recognized after appearing in the films mentioned above, just like Alberto Bonilla.

Has Four GrandChildren 

Roz Abrams is not living the life of a mother but also is living as a grandmother of four beautiful grandkids. Her grandchildren are JaelinShatyceUnique, and Kristopher.

Furthermore, she resides in the County of New York with his four lovely grandchildren. It seems she is busy raising and taking care of her young ones. 

Academic Qualifications 

Abrams is an exceptionally well-qualified woman with a Master's Degree in Sociology. Regarding her high school, the name of her school and college are still unknown as she has not disclosed them. 

However, after completing high school, she went to Western Michigan University. She studied there for six years and received a B.S. degree and an M.S. degree in Sociology.

Former News AnchorWoman For WABC

As mentioned above, Abrams served as a TV anchor for many news channels, of which WABC affiliate in New York City is one. She has worked there as an anchorwoman. 

She worked in that news channel for seventeen years, i.e., from 1986-2003. Besides WABC, she has also served as an anchor on WCBS from 2004-2006.

Furthermore, Abrams also worked as a host of ABC Afterschool Specials and Eyewitness. Her most popular TV show is Eyewitness, from where she came into the limelight. 

Is Abrams Active On Social Media?

Talking about War of the Worlds actress Roz Abrams's life on social media, she is not active on any social media sites, unlike other celebrities. Also, there are no verified accounts by her name on any media.

She prefers to stay away from the limelight and enjoys her personal space. Also, she does not want any disturbance and is more focused on raising her grandchildren. 

However, particular Instagram and Twitter handle associated with her name have a good fan following. Her fans have likely created these handles. 

IMDb Profile 

Abrams has earned one credit on IMDb as an actress. She has acted in three TV series, one short documentary, and one movie. 

Besides one acting credit, her IMDb profile consists of three credits, including two self-credits and one archive footage credit. We can get access to her bio, list of TV series and movies, family details, and many more from her IMDb page. 


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