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Cheerleader (2004)
Wed Apr 05 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Ryan Cummings

Boyfriend : Kory Little
Ryan Cummings And Kory Little They Are In Relationship

American cheerleader, Ryan Cummings is one of the familiar names to the world of the internet. She is a four-time Summit Champion, Three-time Crown Champion, and Four-time majors champion. In 2018, she went viral in the world of the internet with her sassy face from which she has collected a hefty amount of fan following. 

Cummings was born on 26th April of 2004 in North Carolina, United States. She was raised by working-class parents in North Carolina. Her mother's name is Melissa Cummings who is often seen in Ryan's Instagram post. Moreover, she has uploaded a Q&A for her first YouTube video back in 2018 on the occasion of Christmas Day.

Ryan Cummings is currently dating her boyfriend, Kory Little

The beautiful American cheerleader is currently sixteen years old. Her beauty and talent have lead her to gather a huge amount of followers. Most of her fans always wonder whether she is involved in any relationship or not? So, the wait is over, Ryan is currently romantically involved with her boyfriend, Kory Little. Kory is a nineteen years old, TikTok star who has over 4.9 Million followers.

Ryan Cummings boyfriend, Kory Little
Image: Ryan Cummings with her boyfriend, Kory Little. Source: Instagram

 He usually uploads his gymnastic trick videos on his TikTok account from which he has gathered a large number of followers. Before becoming a huge name in the world of musically and TikTok he participated in various competitive cheerleading. Moreover, he also holds his own YouTube channel under the name KoryLittleVolgs where he usually uploads various tumbling videos.

Wonderful love life with a boyfriend, Kory Little

The beautiful cheerleading duo is now a popular celebrity couple who has a large amount of fan following. Remembering their old days, they met one another for the first time at the Cheer Athletics couple. During their training session, they started helping each other and started their relationship as a friend. Soon the couple started liking each other and decided to take their relationship one step further. 

Ryan Cummings boyfriend
Image: Ryan Cummings enjoying a summer days with her boyfriend, Kory Little. Source: Instagram

The happy cheerleading duo is now together for over two years and seems very much happy with one another. Having the same working environment, they are very much comfortable with one another and often help to improve each other. Furthermore, they often upload pictures of one another in their respective social media account where they are seen spending quality time. 

The net worth of Ryan Cummings in Thousand

Like Jaime Edmondson, Cummings is one of the popular cheerleaders in the United States. She is also a hard-working personality who has engaged in various projects apart from her wonderful career. Talking about her fortune, Ryan has an estimated net worth of $400,000 as of 2021 which she accumulated through her career as a cheerleader and businesswoman.

Ryan Cummings cheerleader
Image: Ryan Cummings after winning the championship title. Source: Instagram

Currently, her yearly income falls somewhere between $60,000 to $100,000. Apart from her cheerleading career, she owns a clothing brand under the name Sunny co clothing where she and her team sells various clothes at different prices. As the brand is evolving day by day, she is now earning a good amount of sum from it. 

Another popular American cheerleader, Brittany Hertz has also a net worth of $400,000 as of 2021.

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