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Model, YouTuber (1999)
Sun Apr 30 2023
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Sab Zada is a multi-talented American personality who is mainly famous as a social media influencer. In addition, she is also a YouTuber, model, and singer. She has created the songs like Peter Pan, Time, and 1005. 

Well, Sab's fame also comes from her relationship with Jaden Smith, the son of Will Smith. By profession, Jaden is a famous actor, rapper, singer, and popular TV personality.

Zada's Early Life 

Born on June 18, 1999, Sab Zada's real name is Sabrina Zada. She was raised and born in Huston, Texas, by her parents. 

The American model Sab was a student at a local high school in Texas. After completing her education, she enrolled at Texas State University for graduation. 

Unfortunately, Sab has not revealed her family's identities for some personal reasons. She thinks that media involvement may interrupt their private time.

Is Sab Zada Really Dating Son Of Will Smith? 

Yes, Sab is dating Jaden Smith, the son of Will Smith. The lovely couple was first seen holding hands in Los Angele outside the movie hall. Since 2020, they have been spotted in public places by several paparazzi.

The lovely couple Sab Zada and Jaden Smith.
The lovely couple Sab Zada and Jaden Smith. Source: GeekULTD

Spending most of their time in Disneyland, Jaden and Sab brought a lot of attraction to the media. Although the duo didn't speak much about their relationship, they always often appear on each other's Instagram.

Before meeting Sab, Jaden was quietly dating Kylie Jenner, Sarah Snyder, and several TV figures. But the only name that got out to the public was Kylie.

Sab's Partner Was In A Relationship With A Man

Jaden Smith never speaks about his sexuality openly on social media. But previously, he admitted that he and Tyler Gregory Okonma were dating each other. 

Interestingly, Jaden and Tyler have been friends for more than two years. The duo has also performed numerous concerts together. 

The duo Jaden Smith and Tyler Gregory Okonma
The duo Jaden Smith and Tyler Gregory Okonma. Source: GayTimes

The singing duo Jaden and Tyler became a headline for the news channel after Jaden made this announcement at flog Gnaw Carnival music festival in Los Angeles. The word Jaden said on stage was:

I wanna tell You... Tyler doesn't want to speak about it but Tyler is my motherfu**ing boyfriend and he's been my motherf**king boyfriend my whole f**king life!

The news spread like fire in a split second shortly after, Jaden tweeted the whole thing on Twitter. Since then, both rarely speak about their relationship. The simple reason might be because of the insecurity they feel from fans & media comments.

Net Worth Of Sab Zada: Is It In Millions?

The social influencer Sab has a net worth equal to Veronica Bielik of over $1 million, but the number will definitely increase of this rising star over the years. She makes thousands of dollars by forming contracts with LA models, Slash Management, and other companies. 

Since Jaden Smith's girlfriend Sab Zada has a dashing personality as a model, she has collaborated with many brands like GUESS originals, Smashbox Cosmetics, and Crocs. 

Why Sab Zada's YouTube Handel Is Not Verified?

Despite Sab's popularity, her YouTube channel still needs to be verified. The YouTube channel, @pasabitst has collected over 52K subscribers through her daily vlogs and music videos.

Although Sab has got good subscribers on her YouTuber channel she does not upload videos often. She is quite inactive and has not uploaded any videos since 2022. 

It seems that because of Sab's irregularity, her YouTube channel is still not verified.

Physical Stats: How Tall Is Sab? 

Sab is 5 feet 7 inches (170cm) tall and weighs around 70 kg (154 lbs). As a model in the fashion industry, she's a fitness freak who is painting her marvelous physical appearance through workouts. 

Jaden Smith's girlfriend Sab's original hair color was black, but she dyed it pink-orange. Her eyes are brown. And her body measurements are 32-23-38

Sab Zada Opens Up About Her Surgery

Famous model, Sab delivered the message about her nose job on Twitter. The ideal admitted that she got her nose surgery done. 

Sab Zana Twitted about her nose job. Source: Twitter

But the people's positive reaction motivated Sab about her looks, and she didn't want to judge her. Also, the rumors about her lips filling got out although she didn't want to reveal it.

Zada's Boyfriend Jaden Is A Rich & Young Actor In California

As of now, the multitalented actor Jaden Smitt has amassed over $90 million net worth. Because of his net worth, he has achieved the title of one of California's richest and youngest actors. 

Jaden has made his presence in the entertainment industry since 2010. His first highlighted movie was The Karate Kid, where he worked with the legendary actor Jakie Chan. 

Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan in the Karate Kid Movie
Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan in the Karate Kid Movie. Source: MUBI

Jaden's movie The Karate Kid hit a colossal box office of $359.1 million. Since then, he has been one of the most popular actors who make a six-figure income annually.

Although acting is Jaden's main profession, he has also shares in several big companies. As of now, he is the shareholder of seven companies, including Alphabet Inc, Amazon, Apple, and Boeing, with over $15 million worth.  

A Quick Look At Jaden Awards 

The Karate Kid actor Jaden is a multi-talented fellow who has achieved several awards throughout his career. In 2006, Jaden succeeded the Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards for Best PerformanceIn 2011. 

Fun Fact>>Jaden and his sibling Willow won the BET Award.

In 2007, Jaden won MTV Movie as well as TV Awards for Best Breakthrough performer. Not only that the actor has also been honored with Male Futures Awards in 2016. 

Social Media Preferences

The social media influencer, Sab, has over 649k followers on her Instagram. She made up this huge fan following with her unique look.

Sab often shares her daily achievement and explore experiences on her Insta handle. She also does brand endorsements through her Instagram Handel.

Sab Zada the travelling explorer
Sab Zada the traveling explorer. Source: Instagram @pasabist

The American model Sab is also active on Twitter under the username,@pasabit. There she has amassed over 79k followers.

Besides Instagram & Twitter, Sab is also famous on Titktok. She has won the heart of over 303.6 followers on her TikTok handle @pasbist_1.


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