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Actress (1962)
Thu Nov 03 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Sakina Jaffrey

Husband : Francis Wilkinson
Sakina Jaffrey is in a material relationship with Francis Wilkinson.

Sakina Jaffrey is a famous actress in the United States. She has risen her fame through movies and television series like Billions, Snowpiercer, Mira, Royal Detective, The hating Game, Lost In Space, Sunnyside, etc.

She has been continuously contributing to the American movie industry through her incredible acting skills and talents.

Childhood of Jaffrey

The Billions actress Jaffrey was born in the year February 14, 1962, in the Manhattan of the United States. She grew up in her own hometown with her parents and siblings.

She was born into a well-sophisticated family background due to which she did not have to face many difficulties and challenges to get quality education and lifestyle.

Daughter of Madhur Jaffrey

Lost In Space actress is the daughter of famous Indian American actress Madhur Jaffrey and British Indian actor Saeed Jaffrey.

She is blessed with two siblings Meera Jaffrey and Zia Jaffrey. She shares a great bond with her sisters as seen in her social media posts.

Sakina's Physical Appearances

The daughter of Madhur Jaffrey has a very dashing and charming personality. She has got a good height too. She is 5ft and 9 inches(175cm) tall and weighs around 60Kg.

Sakina Jaffrey in a smiley face
Sakina Jaffrey was captured with a smiley face. Photo Source: Superstars bio

She has an athletic body type and dark eyes that have made her more good-looking and beautiful.

Famous Movies of Jaffrey

The daughter of famous actor Saeed Jaffrey has given many famous movies through her incredible acting skills and talents.

Her blockbuster includes Mr. Robot, House of Cards, The Mindy Project, Raising Helen, Little Voice, soul, American Gods, etc.

Active on Instagram

The Hating Game actress is quite active on social media platforms like other celebs. She is more active on Instagram and Twitter than on other social sites.

She has 7.5K followers on her Instagram account @sakinajaffrey. She posts both professional life and professional life on her official Instagram account.

Active on Twitter

The Royal Detective actress is also quite active on Twitter. She has 17.7K followers on her official Twitter account.

She posts her photos and her thoughts regarding the current issues on her official Twitter account.

Married to Francis Wilkinson

Sakina Jaffrey got married to the famous Journalist Francis Wilkinson after dating each other for a couple of years.

The lovely couple is enjoying each other's company as a husband and wife happily.

Sakina Jaffrey wearing black
Sakina Jaffrey was captured in a smiley face wearing a black t-shirt. Photo source: Dreams time. com

Children of Jaffrey

The American actress Jaffrey and her husband Francis have given birth to the two children in their togetherness.

They have given birth to Cassius Kumar Wilkinson and Jamila Wilkinson. Both her son and daughter are in the movie field as an actor and actresses.

Net Worth 

Sakina Jaffrey has a net worth of $8 million. She has access to such an amount through her successful career as an actress.

She does not have her personal business or other kinds of stuff that generates money for her.


Jaffrey is a controversy-free personality. She has not been involved in any kinds of controversies that have hit the media headline yet.

She entertains people with her amazing acting and has won the hearts of millions than involved in any kind of controversy.

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