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Tue Aug 08 2023
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Sam Horrigan is an American actor who is known for his exceptional acting skills. He has made appearances in many critically and commercially acclaimed movies and TV Shows like Brink, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Modern Family, and so on.

Despite being a celebrity, Horrigan tends to live away from the spotlight. This has left his fans away from his intriguing life details. So, here are some interesting facts about the American actor Sam you might not know of.

Sam Horrigan's Relationship Status Now

The American actor, Sam Horrigan is apparently in a relationship at the moment. Looks like Sam has found solace in the arms of a beautiful woman whom he cares about. However, he is yet to disclose the identity of this mystery woman.

Sam Horrigan has not introduced his girlfriend.
Sam Horrigan has not introduced his girlfriend. Source: Pinterest

According to Married Biography, Horrigan is taken as he mentioned it on his Instagram bio which has now been deleted. It's only a matter of time before Sam introduces his new love partner.

Sam Horrigan Was Married: Know His Ex-Wife

Who is the lucky one that got to marry this dashing actor? Well, Sam Horrigan's ex-wife is none other than Betty Horrigan. Sam and Betty dated for a while after their initial meeting and soon took their relationship to the next level.

Sam and Betty exchanged wedding vows in 2014 hoping they will be together till the end. But the tragedy, the once love birds separated in 2017. 

Together, Hoorigan and his former spouse have two children. They are Hailey and Blake Horrigan.

Why Did Sam Horrigan & His Wife Divorce?

The divorce reason of Sam Horrigan and his former wife Betty Horrigan is currently unknown. The ex-pair never talked about it in public. It was in August 2017 when Sam and Betty decided to part ways similar to Finley Elaine Griffin's parents.

Sam Horrigan looking sharp in a suit.
Sam Horrigan looks sharp in a suit. Source: Married Wiki

Maybe, things did not work out as they imagined. A year later, the former couple Sam and Betty officially divorced. Upon separation, his ex-wife got full custody of their children.

Apparently, Horrigan has some parenting issues and was an alcoholic. Betty has been living away from the limelight now. Thus, her relationship status is out of media reach.

Sam Horrigan Was Professional RollerBlader During Highschool

Yes, it might amaze you that the American actor, Sam Horrigan was a professional rollerblader in his high school days. He served the team as a skater for three years. 

Born on August 23, 1981, in Sacramento County, California, Horrigan was 15 years old at the time of graduation from high school. He belongs to a Christian family and follows the world of Jesus Christ.

Sam Horrigan in his young days.
Sam Horrigan in his young days. Source: Pinterest

Speaking of family, Sam was raised alongside his brother Joe Horrigan by his parents Tom Horrigan and Janet Horrigan. Although born Samuel Emmett Horrigan, the American actor was more popular with his nickname "Samson Superman".

Following his graduation from high school, Sam attended classes at Glendale City College located in Glendale. Horrigan completed his education in Glendale and started to pursue his childhood dream which helped him earn fame and fortune.

Sam Horrigan Net Worth's Break Down: Earnings, Income Sources, & Real Estates

The Little Giants actor Sam Horrigan has been in the showbiz industry for almost three decades now. At the tender age of 10, the determined Horrigan portrayed Sam Slick in the TV Movie What If.

Being a veteran actor, Horrigan surely makes more than $50k per annum. Based on his professional life, Sam has a net worth of $500k similar to Tammy Brawner. Likewise, the real estate, and houses, of the American actor are not disclosed. He loves to run in races that raise money for charities.

Some of the popular and commercially acclaimed TV Shows and Movies Of Sam are:

Movie/TV ShowRelease Date
Little Giants1994
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation2009
Modern Family2016
Desperate Housewives2006
Escape to Witch Mountain1995

Sam Horrigan Bodybuilding, Height & Physical Appearance

Without a doubt, Sam Horrigan is a dashing actor. The 6 ft (183 cm) tall actor Horrigan was a bodybuilding enthusiast since a young age. And did you know? when Sam was 18, he could literally bench press over 400 lbs.

Sam Horrigan is into body building and fitness.
Sam Horrigan is into bodybuilding and fitness. Source: Pinterest

In addition to this, Sam was an athlete and used to play soccer. Similarly, he used to be an avid runner since age six. To date, Horrigan loves fitness and works out quite often. 

Sam Horrigan's Presence Social Media Platform

Well, the American actor, Sam Horrigan is definitely active on social media. However, he likes to keep it private. His Instagram account @samhorrigan is kept private.

Horrigan has named the account Disney Villain. It has over 11k followers and 24 posts at the time of this writing.



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