Sammi Haney - Esperanza Jimenez From "Raising Dion" is a Survivor.

Sun Jan 09 2022
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In Raising Dion, actress Sammi Haney plays Dion's Best Friend. 

Disabilityshirts's owner is a diligent, courageous, and outspoken young woman. She had gone through multiple surgeries since she was two years old.

Haney was diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type III, sometimes known as "Brittle Bone Disease." But God blessed her with a supportive family from where she got motivation that makes her feel disability is also a normal thing. 

sammi wearing hospital dress playing ipad
Picture of Sammi Haney in Hospital ( Source: Instagram @Sammi )

After Dion's Best Friend Star grew up, she tried to do something herself. So She started with the support of her loving father, who created all of the shirts. 

The Young talented girl has gone rock climbing with a physical therapist from the Children's Rehabilitation Institute in Port Aransas.

She was born on August 25, 2010. 

Haney's Relationships

As of 2021, Sammi Haney is only 11 years old, so she is a single girl. She will be waiting for the guy who will appreciate what she is.

Matt Haney and Priscilla Haney are the beloved parents of Sammi Haney. She also got a beautiful sibling, Sarah, and a handsome brother John. 

Net Worth

Haney earned most of her income through acting. She also owns her online shop of disability shirts, where she provides shirts for disabilities. 

Sammi Haney's Net Worth is $500 thousand on her own.

Haney's Physical Problem

Haney may not be physically strong, but she has a powerful spirit. She has been a wheelchair user for the rest of her life.

Picture of Sammi Haney (Source: Instagram @Sammi)

Priscilla's daughter has a height of three feet six inches. And she got a weight of 17KG(39 lbs).

Dion's Friend Hobby

Dion's Friend aspires to see individuals like her in novels, television series, and films. She loves to watch cartoons, real-life movies.

Haney loves to draw pictures, write something, and take photos at home. Sometimes she loves to travel outside of her state. 

Father in Movie

In Raising Dion, Matt Haney, the birth father of Sammi Haney, played her father's role.

The main reason her father plays her role is not for the income. But to be an advisor for her daughter so that her talent can recognize her to the world.

We can visit her personally through the social media

Instagram @SammiHaney

Twitter @SammiHaney

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