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Tue Jul 25 2023
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Sammy Azero is a Canadian actor known for his acting role in Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City. He has also ventured as a director and writer in addition to his professional acting career. 

The concerns of people about Azero's romantic relationship will be made transparent in this article. You will be able to grab details on his net worth and other interesting details by scrolling down further.

Is Azero Single? Unraveling the Mystery Behind Their Relationship Status!

Sammy Azero isn't flying solo and has shared a lovely relationship with his girlfriend Victoriya Moskalyuk. They have dated each other for several years cherishing beautiful moments. 

There are no details available on Azero and Moskalyuk's first meeting and dating details in the public domains. However, they probably started sharing their romantic affair in 2019. 

Sammy Azero with his loving partner Victoriya Moskalyuk.
Sammy Azero with his loving partner Victoriya Moskalyuk. (Source: Instagram @ sammyazero)

Azero and Moskalyuk have been flaunting their relationship since the start of their relationship on social media. They are often seen sharing cute couple pictures on Instagram and fans love to see it. 

The love birds Azero and Moskalyuk haven't completed the marriage ceremony but may soon plan for it. They have no rumors of extra affairs or cheating and share a blissful love life together.

Who Is Sammy's Partner Moskalyuk?

Victoriya Moskalyuk is a multi-talented Canadian lady who is an actress and writer. In addition, she is also a producer, and Youtube host who was raised in Ukraine. 

Likewise, Moskalyuk studied Business Administration at the University of Ontario. She also claimed herself a self-employed entrepreneur according to her official Youtube bio. 

Victoriya Moskalyuk enjoyed time with her boyfriend Sammy Azero in Panama City, Panama.
Victoriya Moskalyuk enjoyed time with her boyfriend Sammy Azero in Panama City, Panama. (Source: Instagram @ viktoriya.moskalyuk)

You can find Victoriya's YouTube channel under the username @ @ViktoriyaMedia with over 30k subscribers. She uploads business-related and earning method content on her YouTube.

People can connect with Sammy's girlfriend is found on Instagram with the username @ viktoriya.moskalyuk. She provides a glimpse into her personal life and updates fans daily through Instagram. 

Azero's Wealth Status: How Much Net Worth Does He Have? 

Sammy Azero is estimated to have a staggering net worth of $1 million similar to Adam Shulman. He has achieved this financial success through the fortune made in his acting career. 

Azero has starred in the movie Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City playing the role of Enrico Marini. It was a decent hit movie grossing $45 million at the worldwide box office.


Sammy Azero's behind-the-scenes from the movie Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City.
Sammy Azero's behind-the-scenes from the movie Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City. (Source: Instagram @ sammyazero)

Sammy has starred in the television series Alert appearing for a single episode starring Hugo. He will continue to add money through his acting work in the upcoming three projects. 

However, Azero hasn't mentioned any other income-adding ventures other than acting. While glancing through the Internet, no details could be fetched on his real estate or endorsement deals. 

Details On Parents And Siblings Of Azero

Sammy Azero was born to his parents in Canada but their names and other details are unknown. They probably have kept a low-key profile staying away from the media and public's eye. 

Unfortunately, no information is discovered on Azero's siblings or family members searching on the Internet. They have stayed behind the radar of media platforms and the public. 

Azero may be respecting the privacy of his family members not revealing anything. Also, he hasn't shared any pictures of his parents and family members on Instagram. 

The Physical Appearance Of Azero

The Coroner actor Azero's physical appearance radiates a captivating blend of uniqueness and charm. He stands at an impressive height of 5 feet 10 inches just like Michael Koman.

The Canadian actor Sammy Azero has a height of 5 feet 10 inches.
The Canadian actor Sammy Azero has a height of 5 feet 10 inches. (Source: Instagram @ sammyazero) 

Azero has maintained a good body structure and physique under the weight of 79kg through gym sessions and diet. His fashion choices are an eclectic blend of trendy and classic looks. 

Azero's physical appearance is a harmonious combination of captivating features and a vibrant personality. He excludes a vibrant personality accompanied by a radiant smile. 

Social Media Platforms Of Sammy

Sammy Azero has built a charismatic social media personality engaging with fans. She has interacted and connected with people building a strong community through social media sites. 

On Instagram, Azero shares behind-the-scenes glimpses and updates on upcoming projects. Likewise, he is found under the username @ sammyazero on the Instagram platform. 

Sammy is taking his social media presence side by side with his career in the showbiz industry. He is growing his fan base day by day through a positive attitude and charming persona.

Explore Azero's Career In The Showbiz Industry 

Sammy Azero is a prominent Canadian actor who has made a significant impact in the showbiz world. His acting career began with a small role in the short film Semblance in 2016.

Azero stepped into the mainstream world through an acting role in the television series In the Dark starring Wesley Moreno. This success opened doors for him, and he quickly gained recognition within the industry.

Sammy's career continued to flourish as he took on diverse roles in various genres of television series and movies. He is always praised for his acting performances in Covid-19 in Despair and Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City.

In addition to acting, Azero is also a director and writer of several projects contributing to the entertainment industry. He has written and directed three short films that include Seven, Nana, and Covid-19 in Despair.

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