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Wed Nov 16 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Samra Tesfaye

Wife : Makkon Tesfaye
Samra Tesfaye married to Makkon Tesfaye.

Samra Tesfaye is recognized as the mother of the artist, songwriter, and producer, Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, also known by his stage name as The Weeknd.

She fled with Makkonen from Ethiopia in the late 1980s during the red terror and hunger crisis. They settled in Toronto, Ontario, where Abel was born.

Makkon Tesfaye holding The Weeknd as a toddler.
Samra Tesfaye's boyfriend, Makkon Tesfaye with who she had The Weeknd.


Samra had a love relationship with Makkon, details about him are unavailable but she had Abel with him. They separated shortly after immigrating to Canada from Ethiopia. The reason behind their separation isn't available. 

After breaking up, she raised her son without a father with the help of her mother. Samra hasn't been in any other relationship after Makkon. 

Makkon is said to have been found with a new family and has been living happily with them.

The Weeknd's selfie of him posing with his watch.
The Weeknd posing with his watch on Instagram. Source: Instagram @theweeknd

Her child, The Weeknd

Abel Makkon Tesfaye is the only child of Samra Tesfaye. He was born on 16 February 1990 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He was raised by his mother and grandmother in his maternal grandparent's house in Scarbough. His mother and grandmother being very cultural made sure that they taught him their mother tongue, Amharic.

Samra had multiple jobs to support Abel. According to The Weeknd, his mother is a great mom, very protective, very cultured, but couldn't prevent him from dropping out from dropping out of college to pursue his music career. 

He finally got his recognition after releasing 'House of balloons.' The artist has also released insanely popular songs such as Blinding lights which has over 2 Billion streams on Spotify which is his most streamed song on that platform. Other of his famous songs which he is known for is, The Hills and Starboy, each summed up with 1 Billion streams.

Her son is not married yet. But he has been in a relationship with Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez.

The Weeknd hugging his mother and kissing her cheek.
The Weeknd with Samra Tesfaye.

Her relationship with her son

Samra and Abel are very close to each other. She loves him a lot and is very supportive. They spend a lot of time together and celebrate every occasion such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and birthdays. Abel describes his mother with respect as a great mother who's very protective and cultured in his interview with The Guardian. According to his interview with Rolling Stones, The Weeknd said, 'Everything good, I get from my mother."

Net worth

As being the mother of The Weeknd who's so famous and successful. She has a substantial net worth.

She has worked from every type of job from nursing to catering services for a living.

Because of the sales of his records, concerts, tours, and sponsorships, her son makes a lot of money. This has earned him a net worth of a whopping $10 Million. He is one of the best-paid entertainers in the world who has sold over 70 million albums in the United States alone so far.

The Starboy artist earns a lot and has even given his mother a house of her own in Toronto while he himself has a mansion in Silent Hills, California in 3 acres of land. In Los Angeles, he also owns a Penthouse and has a collection of exotic cars.

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