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Yatch Captain, TV Personlaity (1965)
Thu Feb 23 2023
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Sandy Yawn is a professional Super Yacht captain and the face of the reality television show Below Deck. The show involves contestants who participate in improving their boating, and they couldn't have asked for a better mentor than Sandy herself.

Captain Sandy lives for water and has been doing it for the last three decades. Through Below Deck, she can use that experience and guide those who compete and improve themselves with the hope of becoming the next Captain Sandy.

Below Deck: Sandy Yawn's Time In The Show

Below Deck has been on TV for a long time, with Captain Sandy involved in the show's past six seasons, first arriving in the second season. IMDb describes the show as documenting the crew with Sandy Yawn as their Captain of a multi million dollar charter boat in the Caribbean.

Captain Sandy is wearing a red shirt in the picture as she is talking to the camera.
Captain Sandy in season 2 of Below Deck (Source: YouTube @Bravo)

The show Below Deck has been a massive hit among tv audiences, both boat enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike. For enthusiasts, the show is about the thing they are interested in. But for non-enthusiasts, half of the show's fun is watching Sandy. 

It was a considerable risk to do the show as people around her told Captain that it could end her actual career as a ship captain, but the threat was a payoff. The love for Captain Sandy is not just limited to the viewers but also among the participants. She is known for making the environment pleasant while not hesitating to be strict with someone if needed. 

What Is Captain Sandy's Net Worth?

Below Deck captain, Sandy Yawn has an estimated net worth of $400,000. It might not look impressive compared to other top celebrities, but when you look into the fact that she works as a ship captain in a male-dominated industry, her wealth is exceptional.

Sandy's wealth can be credited to her work with the Yacht for over three decades. Today, her most significant source of income is the tv show Below Deck. According to Screenrant, the captain of the boat of the show makes around $210,000 annually, with an additional tip of $100,000, which is the annual income of Sandy.

Relationship Status: Is Captain Sandy Married? 

Captain Sandy finally discovered love through Leah Rae, whom she first met in 2018. She first laid her eyes on Rae when she received a Facebook message from her. Then they started talking to each other before finally meeting in person in the same month Marisol Nichols divorced Taron Lexton, i.e., November 2018

Leah Rae is taking the picture as Captain Sandy is looking at the camera with a smile on her face.
Captain Sandy with her girlfriend Leah Rae (Source: Captain Sandy Instagram @captainsandrayawn)

Sandy Yawn's love for Rae has been going strong since, but they are not officially married. Being an LGBTQ couple, the two have often used their platform to speak for the benefit of the community and have received wide praise for it as well. 

Leah Rae only discovered her sexual orientation much later, as she was previously married to a man for over two decades. She once used to go by the name Leah Shafer. Her ex-husband's name is Ross Shafer, and he is a motivational speaker. 

Sandy Didn't Start Early In the Yacht Industry

Captain Sandy didn't have the most precise focus early on in life as she started doing what she loved (Captain of the Yacht) only at twenty-five. It's common among many people to discover their passion for one thing and start working on it young. But Sandy can't relate to it.

Sandy has revealed that her first step in this world was through an ad she saw in the paper. Her journey started late and was not smooth since her first captain was not the best teacher. In her words:

I started out on that merry-go-round that many of us find ourselves on, and at the age of 25, I decided to turn it around. I worked for a captain who did not inspire me. I thought to myself, if that's all it takes, I have the ambition, and that's really all it took was an ambition, an open-mindedness, and the drive to learn, which landed me on Below Deck Mediterranean.

Captain Sandy Is A Stepmom To Lauren Rae

Although Sandy has no biological child, she is the stepmother to Lauren Rae. Her partner Leah was previously married to Robert Shafer, who is Lauren's birth father.

Leah Rae and Lauren Rae are taking a selfie as they pout.
Leah Rae with her daughter Lauren Rae (Source: Instagram @leahraeofficial)

It is yet to be discovered how old Lauren Rae is. But she is most likely less than eighteen years old, as she still lives with her mom. Kids leave their parent's homes at that age to live independently.

Has A Yachting Certification

Sandy holds the Masters of Oceans All Oceans license from the United States Coast Guard. Before getting the degree, she learned yachting in her hometown Fort Lauderdale. She is professionally trained at the Maritime Professional Training School.

Because Sandy started so late, trying to make a name for herself in a male-dominated industry, she is a quick learner. She also believes it was only possible because of her self-motivation, which helped her along the way. Especially with the trainer she experienced at the beginning of this arduous journey.

Captain Sandy Runs A Podcast With Her Wife, Leah Rae

Of many things Below Deck Captain Sandy Yawn does with her wife, Leah, a podcast is one of them. They together run a podcast called The Captain Sandy & Leah Rae Show. Everyone has a podcast nowadays, as it is a great medium to invite people and discuss things that you think are important.

The idea of doing a podcast together was in Sandy and Leah's minds for a long time before finally turning it into a reality. The show's first episode aired the same day rapper Takeoff passed away. The podcast has been a hit among her fans. In Sandy's words, their podcast is about:

Our show is all about doing the next right thing and helping people navigate the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis.

Captain Sandy is speaking to the mic as she expresses her words through her hands.
Sandy Yawn in episode 8 of The Captain Sandy & Leah Rae Show (Source: Captain Sandy Instagram @captainsandrayawn)

Sandy Almost Lost Her Life On A Motorbike Accident

Masters of Oceans All Oceans license holder Sandy was involved in a deadly accident a few years ago when she got hit by a car while on her bike. The accident occurred on February 21, 2015, while she was riding to the Miami Boat Show.

The only thing positive that came out of it was that while checking Sandy's body, doctors discovered a tumor on her kidney, as reported by People. And it was treated immediately, which saved her life. This is what Sandy had to say about it:

Due to that crash the doctors discovered a tumor on my kidney. It was cancer. 4 years ago today I had the tumor removed and I am alive and cancer free. The yachting industry was there for me and of course my family & friends. I appreciate them and life! May I never forget and pay it forward. 

Sandy's Decision In Below Deck That Led To Fallout With Fans

During season 5 of Below Deck Mediterranean, fans were less pleased with Sandy's decision to sack Hannah Ferrier. This led to fans trolling her on the internet. But the problem was that the hate was not just limited to her but her family as well.

Usually, celebrities in these types of instances remain silent. But not Sandy, as she addressed it and asked people to be more positive. While people did come in her support, most of them were still upset about her decision and made it visible to her with their comments.


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