Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams Love Relationship

Mon Apr 19 2021
By   Selena

American actress, Sarah Hyland, 30, and Wells Adams, 36, are a beloved couple, additionally, both of them are major stars of show business. Hyland became an overnight star for her incredible performances on the hit TV series Modern Family. 

Likewise, Adams is also a well-known star who came to prominence for his time on the reality TV series, The Bachelorette. 

Both sets of fans adore the couple who have made things Instagram-official. They also became really close during quarantine. 

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams Are Engaged 

After around 2 years of dating, Hyland got engaged to Wells in July 2019 during the vacation in Fiji. They started dating in September 2017. And the engagement ring cost is around $200,000 and is designed by Lorraine Schwartz

Photo: Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams Became an Engaged in Sep. 2019
Source: People

Their engagement came after they started living together in a property in Los Angeles. The pair are planning to get married soon, in fact, there was a lot of talk about them getting married in quarantine. 

However, they are still to release an update about their nuptials. In June 2020 they postponed their wedding due to coronavirus concerns. 

Wells Adams Supports Sarah Hyland Through Her Illness 

Fans of Sarah and Modern Family might know that Sarah suffers from kidney dysplasia. Due to this, she has had multiple kidney transplants. Moreover, her body also rejected the kidney donated to her by her brother. 

Wells Adams is a supportive partner to Sarah who looks after her illness as well
Wells Adams is a supportive partner to Sarah who looks after her illness as well
Image Source: E 

Doctors figured out a way that made her body accept the transplanted kidney, but it has other side effects which make it difficult for her to maintain body mass, muscle mass, etc. 

In addition to this, the illness has also compromised her immune system. This means that Sarah falls in the high-risk category if she gets infected with COVID. In all of her sickness and hardships, Wells has remained by her side and has treated her with a lot of care and support. 

Fans absolutely adore the way Adams has given his support to the actress. He also talks about how sweet she is in interviews. As a matter of fact, he also revealed that he chose to postpone the wedding because Sarah had her immune system compromised. 

Adam Wells Slid Into Sarah Hyland’s DMs 

As many modern love stories go, Adam approached Sarah via Twitter’s DM feature and they immediately hit it off. Sarah has talked about her fiancé’s caring nature and how much he has done for her. 

Adam Wells first talked to Sarah Hyland by DMing her on Twitter
Adam Wells first talked to Sarah Hyland by DMing her on Twitter
Image Source: HM

It seems that the pair are perfect for each other and will be together through thick and thin. Ever since the start of their relationship, Adam has been really supportive and they are the perfect pair together. 

Wells also helped her recover from her former toxic relationship with Matt Prokop

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