Sarah Midori Perry

Vocalist, Artist, Keyboardist, DJ (1991)
Wed Jun 17 2020
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Sarah Midori Perry is known by a stage name of Sarah Bonito, is a British-Japanese born famous Singer, Vocalist, Keyboardist, and DJ. She is best recognized as the lead vocalist of the British indie pop band from London Kero Kero Bonito (KKB). In addition to KKB, she creates art on her social platforms.

She was born on 4 March 1991, in Otaru, Japan. She lived near Nagoya until she was 13 but later she moved to the UK. For her education, she studied at Kingston University London for a BA in Fine Arts. She holds dual British-Japanese citizenship whereas ethnicity is mixed.

What is the Relationship Status of Sarah? 

The 29 years old Perry's fans assume that she has a boyfriend like most people of her age. Regardless, she has not revealed anything about having a boyfriend or being in a relationship with the media.

Sarah Midori is reported to be a single
Photo: Sarah Midori Perry Take A Selfie Picture With a Cat Jamie
Source: Instagram @sarahmidoriperry

Hence, it is still unknown whether she is in relation to someone or single. Thus it is believed that Sarah Midori is a single lady. Now, she is more focused on her growing career rather than engaged in kind of romantic affairs. Besides, she has one cat named Jamie, where she often shares pictures with him on her Instagram account.

How Rich is Sarah Midori Perry? 

As of early June 2020, Sarah Midori Perry's exact net worth has not been revealed by sites but it is over $700,000. Her primary source of income is her successful profession as a singer in the music industry. Similarly, Celina Sharma and Sarah Grace are well-known musicians with a similar amount of worth.

As the main vocalist, Perry performs live at numerous events along with her band, KKB, and has also released numerous recordings with KKB. So she'd earned a decent amount of money. As she pursues her ventures, her wealth is expected to continue to grow as well.

Besides that, Midori Perry is making a fair amount from selling many of her artworks through online. Her paintings are listed from $3 and $20 price in major cartels.

Band Group, Kero Kero Bonito

Her childhood friends Gus Lobban and Jamie Bulled were searching for a new band member who would have their roots in Japanese music, particularly Japanese Rap in 2013. And Perry was chosen because of her background in art and her bilingual skills.

 Sarah Midori Perry with her Band Members, Gus Lobban and Jamie Bulled
Picture: Sarah Midori Perry with her Band Members, Gus Lobban and Jamie Bulled
Source: Under Main

The trio has launched their debut mixtape on Double Denim, Intro Bonito, after exploring their mutual love for J-pop. Nevertheless, KKB gained considerable popularity in Japan after contributing to the compilation EP of Ryan Hemsworth's single Flamingo.

KKB released numerous singles in 2012, including Coursework Story, (Getting To) The Top, Ms. World, and Laser Quest. And they released their first debut album, Bonito Generation, in October 2016, and released the next single TOTEP in February 2018 as well.  

Their second album is titled Time 'n' Place was released in 2018. The album was inspired by the drastic changes in band members' lives following their debut album.

Photo: Sarah Midori Perry's Painting a Picture
Source: Instagram @sarahmidoriperry

Apart from her work with KKB, Sarah started working at various events as a DJ, under the name DJ Cryalot in 2019. She is also found to work with other band members, as well as artists. Once she's rapped an EP entitled Promise on electronic artist Spazzkid. She works as a graphic artist, in spite of her musical ventures.

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