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Wed Feb 22 2023
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Sasha Whitten is the celebrity daughter of Countess Vaughn, a TV personality and singer. Her mother, Countess, is best known for her roles as Kim Parker in Moesha, a United Paramount Network sitcom, and its spinoff, The Parkers. She also played Alexandria DeWitt in the 227, an NBC sitcom.

Being the daughter of one of the famous TV personalities and singer Countess Vaughn, it is ordinary for individuals to be eager to know more about the life of Sasha Whitten. Let's learn about Sasha's personal and professional life through this article. 

Relationship Timeline Of Sasha's Parents

Sasha Whitten's parents, Countess Vaughn and David Whitten began dating each other on June 2006. They were deeply in love and decided to get engaged. After the engagement, Countess announced that David was her fiance.

Sasha Whitten's father, David Whitten proposing to Countess Vaughn.
Sasha Whitten's father, David Whitten proposing to Countess Vaughn.
(Image Source: Hip Hop Vibe)

Unfortunately, Countess and David's relationship ended in August 2018 after twelve long years of being together. The exact reason for their breakup hasn't been revealed, but the reported Bleach attack might have aided their breakup.

David Whitten Reportedly Threw Bleach At Countess Vaughn

According to TMZ, David reportedly threw bleach at Vaughn's face. The reason for the attack was alleged to be:

“keep her from working as an actress.”

Countess also accused David of abusing her for several years. She even accused him of threatening to leak explicit videos of her. The hearing judge provided a restraining order for David to stay at least 100 yards away from Vaughn for her safety.

Countess Vaughn Was Previously Married

Countess Vaughn was married to Joseph James before dating David Whitten. They first started dating in November 2001 and married two months later, on January 16, 2002. Coincidentally, it was also the marriage year of a popular American actor, David Eigenberg.

Countess and Joseph's marriage ceremony seems to have been private, as there is no news of them making it a lavish wedding. Their close friends and family were invited to the ceremony.

Countess Vaughn and her ex-husband Joseph James.
Countess Vaughn and her ex-husband Joseph James.
(Image Source: Who Dated Who)

Sadly, it doesn't look like the relationship between Countess, and Joseph went too well, as they filed for divorce three years into their married life. They broke up in January 2005 and officially divorced on July 3, 2005.

Vaughn gave birth to a son, Jaylen James, on July 2003 when she was still married to Joseph. After the divorce, the custody of the then two years old was handed to Vaughn, who has raised him to be quite a handsome lad. Needlessly to say, Jaylen is the step-sibling of Sasha Whitten.

Social Media Presence

Countess Vaughn's daughter Sasha Whitten is too young to have a social media account of her own. As for her mother, Countess has a verified Instagram account, @countessdvaughn, with over 664k followers. She is super-active on her Instagram.

Countess has also garnered over 125k followers on her Facebook account @Countess-Vaughn. However, she isn't as active on her Facebook account, with her last post being in 2020 when she updated her bio.

Sasha Whitten's mother, Countess Vaughn, posing for a photo shoot.
Sasha Whitten's mother, Countess Vaughn, posing for a photo shoot.
(Image Source: Healthy Celeb)

Countess also has a Twitter account, @CountessDVaughn, with over 17.7k followers. This is the least amount of followers she has on social media. However, she hasn't tweeted anything since December 27, 2015.

Net Worth Of Sasha Whitten's Mother

Since Sasha Whitten depends on her parent's income, she is not old enough to have her own net worth. However, her mother, Countess Vaughn, has a net worth of approximately $900 thousand.

Countess's career as an actor and singer has greatly contributed to her net worth. Even though she might not have hit the millions, it's still enough to live comfortably without worrying about finances.

Who Is Sasha Whitten's Mother? 

Countess Danielle Vaughn, better known as just Countess Vaughn, was born on August 8, 1978, in Oklahoma. She was born to Leo Vaughn and Sandra Vaughn, who worked as local teachers.

Countess began singing at just the tender age of three in 1981. She won the Star Search junior vocalist championship & became the overall junior champion in 1988. This paved the way for her future career.

Vaughn received the NAACP Best Supporting Actress Award in 1998 for her role in Moesha. Additionally, she was nominated for the NAACP Image Award for the same role. Similarly, Marta Cunningham has also been nominated for the NAACP Image Award.

Sasha Whitten's Mother Suffered From Hair Loss & Used A Wig

In 2014, Sasha's mother, Countess Vaughn, appeared on The Doctors and discussed her terrible experience with wigs. She stated:

"It's crazy how one day everything's fine then the next thing, the simplest thing, can mess up your life."

Countess Vaughn happily singing a song
Countess Vaughn happily singing a song.
(Image Source: Bronze Magazine)

Countess had used the wig for five long years and used wig glue to make it stay in its place. But she discovered that she had a scalp infection because of it, which in turn had caused hair loss. She only consulted with a dermatologist after six months after her hair loss discovery.

Countess Vaughn Had An Abortion

In Hollywood Divas, which aired on October 8, 2014, Vaughn revealed the fact that she had an abortion when she was 18. It was something that shocked everyone exploring unexpected revelation. She said:

"I had an unwanted pregnancy. I had just started my TV show. I knew that in black Hollywood a girl having a baby, they’d get rid of you. I had to do something about it. I had to make a decision to get rid of a child for my career."

Vaughn had been dreading it for a long time, only revealing it several years later. It was a painful decision for her, and she was forced to keep it a secret as her show would have been canceled otherwise.


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