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Actress (1980)
Thu Jul 21 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Shana Dahan

Husband : Adam Kilbourn
Shana Dahan Married To Adam Kilbourn on 2015.

Shana Dahan is a lover of arts, fashion blogger, and a TV personality. She initiated her acting career from A&E (TV Channel) show Storage Wars. Furthermore, she debuted on the show with her best friend, Edwina Registre, who is also an actress like her. Nevertheless, she has also recruited for the role in Little Monster.

Shana Dahan was born on January 23, 1980, in Las Vegas. She made sure that her education was polished before she went into some company. Shana graduated with a Bachelor's degree from the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. 

Furthermore, Shana Dahan of "Housing Fights" then went to Phoenix University to receive her Master's degree in Business Administration. In this article, you will know about her net worth, marriage life details, and more. Just Scroll down

Who is Shana Dahan's Husband?

Shanan Dahan is a married woman who is having a wonderful marital life with her long-term husband, Adam Kilbourn. Five years ago, the couple walked down the aisle and exchanged wedding vows on behalf of their close family and friends.

Furthermore,  It is assumed that the pair dated each other for a few years before the knot was tied. Moreover, there are no specifics of his engagement, although according to some internet tabloids, they were presumably married in 2015.

Shana Dahan And He Husband  Adam Kilbour
Image: Shana Dahan And He Husband  Adam Kilbourn
Source: Instagram@Shana Daha

Shana's husband, Adam Kilbourn, is the founder of Black Raven Films. Coming from Fairbanks, Alaska, Adam has been staying in Las Vegas for the last 22 years. Starting with Black Raven Films in 2009, Adam's love for making stunning pictures is what inspires him to continue to develop as a filmmaker. Scroll down to know about her children.

Does Shana Have a Children?

Actually, there is no reliable source to give any specifics regarding her pregnancy or child. However, by scrolling her social networking profile, we can assume that she has no children, and she is not pregnant.

Furthermore, she keeps posting pictures to give a glimpse of her life. Scroll down to know more about her.

How She Became An Actress?

Shana used to believe in getting a good education to learn the skills to operate a company. Shana Dahan went to her TV profession to try her hand with her high school colleague, Edwina Registre. They both began appearing at the Storage Wars show on November 8, 2017. Moreover, she has also featured in the series like Little Monster.

Watch a clip of Storage Wars featuring Shana Dahan and Edwina!

He long time friend Edwina Registre is an American reality TV personality. She has become popular with her appearance in the A&E (TV Channel), “Storage Wars.”

Incomes And Earnings

Shana Dahan is an actress who has featured in several T.V series. She has a little bit new in acting; therefore, she has not made enormous wealth so far through her acting career. As per 2020, she has an estimated net worth of around $200,000, just like EJ Johnson.

Shana Dahan Promoting GYM Products V2
Image: Shana Dahan Promoting GYM Products V2
Source: Instagram@Shana Daha

She is a T.v actress, and generally, the new actress got paid around $30,000 to $25000, similar to Crystal Harris. So She has featured in the series like Storage Wars and Little Monster where she must have eared thousand of dollars. 

More than, she is also earning a decent amount of money by promoting commercials products. However, she has not revealed actual income and earnings so far.

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