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Wed May 31 2023
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Sheila Carrasco is an American actress and model. She is known for her eye-catching role as Flower in the series Ghosts. Carrasco is also the producer of the TV Series Marisol released in 2016.

Carrasco first gained the spotlight after JFL listed her on the New Face of Comedy: Characters showcase in 2018. Being one of the known faces in the entertainment world, people want to know more about her life. So, let's dive into it.

Relationship Status: Is Sheila Carrasco Married? 

Yes, Sheila Carrasco is a married woman. She is happily married to the love of her life, Josh. The married couple celebrated their 10th anniversary on October 8, 2022.

Carrasco seems to be very fond of her fan. Her wedding day is one the best day of her life, according to the actress herself. She never fails to wish her husband on their anniversary.

Sheila Carrasco on her wedding day with her husband Josh.
Sheila Carrasco on her wedding day with her husband, Josh. Source: Instagram @sheilatabasco

While it is still unknown when Sheila and Josh started dating, it is clear that they dated for a long time. There are pictures of them together when they are still young.

The married pair Sheila and Josh are yet to be the parents of their children. They do not have kids even though they have been together for so long. Nevertheless, the romantic couple are the parents of a cat they own.

Quick Information On Sheila's Husband Josh

Sheila's husband, Josh, is a multi-talented person. He is the man that inspires Ghost's lead actress every day. He also shares the same date of birth as his wife Carrasco, i.e., 16. However, the month and the year differ. He was born in March.

Sheila Carrasco's husband Josh.
Sheila Carrasco's husband, Josh. Source: Instagram @sheilatabasco

Like Sheila, her husband is also a pet lover. Not only pets but also affection for all animals. He stops by to listen to the whale's sounds while swimming in the ocean. That is the reason Sheila calls her husband by the nickname Aquaman sometimes.

Josh loves reading a lot. He is seen reading whenever he gets free time. A fun fact about Josh is that he can hold his breath for over a minute. Also, according to Sheila, he cries when he eats perfect Sushi.

Sheila Carrasco's Net Worth: How Rich Is Ghosts Actress?

Ghosts actress Sheila Carrasco is an estimated net worth of $1 Million. She spent a comfortable lifestyle with this staggering amount.

Carrasco has been able to amass this amount thanks to her successful acting career. She has 41 credits as an actress on her IMDb profile.

TV Series like Ghosts, and Outmatched where Sheila has made her appearance are quite popular. With the success of the Ghosts, their actor's salaries were also increased.

Sheila Carrasco: Early Life, Birthday & Education

Ghosts actress Sheila Carrasco celebrates her birthday every year on May 16th. The talented actress, Sheila, keeps her full birthdate hidden from the world. 

Sheila Carrasco with her siblings in her young days.
Sheila Carrasco with her siblings in her young days. Source: Instagram @sheiltabasco

This has made it challenging to determine Sheila's age. But, based on her pictures, she might be in her mid-30s in terms of age.

Grew up in the south of Chicago, Sheila went to NYU for studies. She has a BFA from NYU, with a focus on directing and set designing. 

Carrasco, following her Bachelor studies, went to Harvard University. She graduated with MFA from this University. Sheila can speak Spanish and a little bit of Russian. In addition to this, she was also a Latin scholar at one point. 

Carrasco's Family Background

Carrasco's father Oscar Carrasco is Curacautín, Chile. He met Joyce, Sheila's mother, who is an American. Although Joyce and Oscar couldn't speak and understand each other language, they fell in love. The romantic couple got married in 1973. 

Sheila Carrasco's parents Oscar and Joyce Carrsco's wedding picture.
Sheila Carrasco's parents Oscar and Joyce Carrsco's wedding picture. Source: Instagram @sheilatabasco

Sheila's parents, Oscar and Joyce Carrasco, are very proud of their daughter's work. They had always supported her to fulfill her dreams.

A photo of the proud parents Joyce and Oscar was published on the Internet. They were pointing at their actress daughter's picture. 

Sheila Has A Big Brother

American actress Sheila is not the only child of her parents. She has two siblings. Her brother Sam is a Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Sheila Carrasco's brother Sam Carrasco.
Sheila Carrasco's brother Sam Carrasco. Source: Instagram @sheilatabasco.

Similarly, Carrasco's sister is a Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Air Force. Apparently, she is more close to her brother than her sister.

Sheila wished her brother on his birthday via her Instagram. She has also added that she is proud to be his baby sister.

How Tall is The Ghosts Actress Sheila Carrasco? 

Ghosts actress Sheila Carrasco stands tall with a height of 5 ft 6 inches (166 cm). She has a lean body which makes her appearance a little taller.

Carrasco has maintained a weight of around 52 kg, i.e., 115 lbs. Her body stats is 34-24-35, respectively, and wears a bra of size 34 A.

Sheila Carrasco Is A Pet Lover

The American actress Carrasco is a dog lover like Alan Ritchson. She has a deep affection towards them. She used to make home videos of her pets; dogs and cats.

Sheila Carassco with her pet cat.
Sheila Carassco with her pet cat.Source: Instagram @sheilatabasco

But Sheila used to portray herself as her pet. She did not show her pet on camera. She has also posted a picture of her with a dog and has captioned it;

"Something I don’t talk about a lot, but am working on communicating better: I totally love dogs"

Not only dogs, but Sheila likes cats too. She owns a cat. It is mixed with white and grey colors.

Social Media Presence

Sheila Carrasco is a social butterfly. She posts on her social media platforms quite often. Sheila posts glimpses of her professional and personal life in it.

The American actress Carrasco has more than 17k followers on her Instagram. She has the username @sheilatabasco. 

Likewise, Sheila has more than 6k followers on Twitter. Mark Hamill appreciated the performance of Sheila in Ghosts via Twitter. 

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