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Thu Mar 30 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Shona Learoyd

Husband : Ian Andreson
Shona Learoyd and Ian Andreson are in a relationship.

Shona Learoyd is a professional dancer who became famous after marrying British Musician Ian Andreson. She was born in the United Kingdom to British parents in 1950.

However, she is the kind of person who does not bring out much information regarding her personal life easily because she always continues to live a low-key life. 

Married A Famous Scottish Singer

Shona Learoyd is in a married relationship with Ian Andreson, a famous Scottish singer. His nickname is ''The Madman Flautist.''

Ian Andreson And Shona Learoyd posing for vintage music poster Source: tullpress
Ian Andreson And Shona Learoyd posing for vintage music poster. Source: tullpress

After Andreson was separated from his first wife, Jennie Franks, he met with Shona Learoyd in the mid-70s. She was working as a press officer for Jethro Tull's record company. Like countless love, soon, they fell in love after seeing each other. Since then, they started dating. 

After one year of dating, the romantic couple thought of spending their whole life together and decided to turn their relationship into a husband and wife relationship.

When Did They Marry?

The romantic couple Learoyd and Andreson got married privately in 1976. As soon as they married, Learoyd's popularity rose to the next level. As mentioned earlier, she was his second wife. 

Like every relationship, their marriage had many ups and downs, but they never gave up on each other and never considered divorce. Indeed they are living a happy life with their children now.

Blessed With Two Children

Yes, you heard it right that they are blessed with two children. Gael Anderson is their daughter, whereas James Duncan Anderson is their son. 

Ian Andreson and Shona Learoyd are playing with their children Gael Anderson and James Duncan Anderson. Source: majaknia.blogspot

Like Learoyd, their children are rarely seen in the media. A fun fact is that they are enjoying their childhood to the fullest. 

So How Rich Is Shona Learoyd?

Learoyd has a net worth of $1 million which she ensued from her career. She will obviously own this amount of money since she is a very hardworking woman who worked in different American companies early. 

Similarly, Learoyd's husband, Ian Andreson, has a massive net worth of $100 million. He has access to this amount of money from his successful business career. To add up, he owns multiple salmon farms in England. 

Interestingly, Learod is also fond of luxurious cars and owns supercars like an energy-efficient Baby Lexus and a gas-guzzling Mercedes AMG.

Ian Andreson and Shona Learoyd's 12-acre mansion in England.
Ian Andreson and Shona Learoyd's 12-acre mansion in Wiltshire, England. Source: The Daily Telegraph

Currently, Learoyd and Andreson are living in Wiltshire, England. The lovely couple owns multiple estates in the United States and Switzerland.  

As per the reports, they bought a huge, luxurious mansion in Wiltshire, England, in 1994. This luxury mansion, or we can call it a villa, covers 12-acre land and can handle a small family because it comes with eleven bedrooms, a spa, and a beautiful lawn. 

To add up, the mansion echoes acoustics at the back, with a separate music room with numerous musical instruments and twenty prized Martin guitars on the wall.

Learoyd's Husband's First Marriage

Slipstream writer Ian Andreson was first married to photographer Jennie Franks in 1970. She was a dramatist, life coach, and Actress from England.

Sadly, the ex-couple got separated after four years of their married life. In the year 1974, they were officially divorced. However, they have not disclosed their actual reason for divorce.

More than this, she has also contributed a handful of lyrics of his tracks to Andreson in his second wedding with Shona Learoyd.

Learoyd's Daughter Is Already Married

Gael Anderson, daughter of Learoyd, was born in 1970 in the UK. She is happily married to Andrew Lincoln, an English actor widely recognized for his excellent role in AMC's The Walking Dead. 

Picture of Shona Learoyd's daughter, Gael Anderson cuddling with her husband, Andrew Lincoln.
Picture of Shona Learoyd's daughter, Gael Anderson cuddling with her husband, Andrew Lincoln. Image Source: CelebSuburb

The loving couple is also blessed with two children, Matilda Clutterbuck and Arthur Clutterbuck. They are in the limelight because of their parent's fame.

About Learoyd's Son: James Duncan

You may have guessed it already about the aims and hobbies of Learoyd's son, James Duncan Anderson. Like his father, he is also making his career in music.  

Born on December 17, 1931, he is now following in his father's footsteps. At the age of thirteen, he played the drums for the first time, and since then, he has been involved in music.

James has also recorded many songs and performed live with various bands, including solo artists in London. On top of that, he has also collabed with his dad on his Rubbing Eye at a US concert in 2013.

Learoyd's Husbands' Career Highlights

Andreson started his career as a salesman at Lewis's department store in Blackpool. He has even worked as a toilet cleaner at the beginning of his career.

In 1993 he started his music career. He performed The Blades with Michael Stephens (guitar), John Evan (keyboards), and Jeffrey Hammond (bass) with his school friend. 

Ian Andreson playing the flute by wearing a black outfit.
Ian Andreson playing the flute. Source: getreadytorock

Because of his famed one-legged flute stance, Ian is referred to as a mad flamingo. Andreson released his first solo album, Walk into Light, in 1983.

As Andreson was fascinated by music since his early childhood, he worked hard during the starting of his career but now has his music albums. He has also done a lot of concerts and collab songs with reputed musicians.

About Learoyd's Husband: Ian Andreson 

As previously mentioned, Ian Andreson, a famous Scottish singer and songwriter, was born on August 10, 1947, in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland. Without a doubt, he is a musical genius who has a deep bonding with music. 

He also has a profound knowledge of music. Hence, he is a multi-instrumentalist who knows how to play various musical instruments, including bass guitar, harmonica, keyboards, saxophone, bouzouki, balalaika, and different whistles.

Is Learoyd Active On Social Media?

Despite being famous, Shona Learoyd is not active on social media, like most celebrities. 

Still, her husband has his youtube channel as @Jethro Tull & Ian Anderson, where he has 10.8k subscribers.

Andreson mostly posts live recordings of concerts, including his new playlist solo and collab with Jethro Tull on his youtube channel. Most of his videos easily cross 1 million views.

However, Andreson is not active on other social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Did You Know This About Learoyd? 

The professional dancer Learyod has been a student of ballet for a decade. She has also performed as a professional dancer in several shows and stage programs. 

In addition, she attended some years of experience as a per press officer that operates at Chrysalis Records. 

However, details regarding her family members are still behind the curtains. 


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