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Tue Sep 05 2023
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Simbi Khali is an American actress who has gained audiences love for her acting work in 3rd Rock from the sun. Simbi has always remained the topic of interest on the Internet for her love life. 

You can grab details into Simbi's marriage to divorce with the American actor Cress Willaims. The question of her kids including net worth is covered with other intriguing topics you seek. 

The Relationship Status Of Simbi Khali: Is She Single Or Has A Husband?

Simbi Khali is leading a single life and doesn't share a romantic relationship with anyone. She has kept the details of her love life private away from the prying eyes of the public. 

Simbi Khali's former husband Cress Willaims.
Simbi Khali's former husband Cress Willaims. (Source: Pinterest)

Khali hasn't shared anything hinting about her romantic life or partner on Instagram. This secrecy has only fueled the curiosity among the fans regarding her romantic affairs. 

Khali did share a married life with the American actor Cress Willaims before going single. Likewise, Khali and Willaims had their wedding exchanging marriage vows in 2000. 

Khali and Willaims shared two kids before their marriage ended on a bitter note through the divorce. They led their marital life for over ten years before their separation took place in 2011.

The Past Relationship Details Of Khali

As noted earlier, Simbi Khali was married to the American actor Cress Williams. They fell in love and started sharing a romantic bond in 1999 during the filming of the BET movie Masquerade.

Simbi Khali's ex-husband Cress Willaims with his wife Kristen Torrianni.
Simbi Khali's ex-husband Cress Willaims with his wife Kristen Torrianni. (Source: Yen News)

Without further delay, Simbi and Cress had their wedding walking down the aisle on October 14, 2000. It was an intimate marriage ceremony that took place in Malibu among family and friends.

Khali and Willaim's married life took an unexpected turn when they had their divorce in June 2011. However, the reason is unknown but it wasn't a messy divorce and was done under mutual decision.

As of now, Cress Willaims has already moved on and shares a marital journey with Kristen Torrianni. They are going strong and have had no rumors of divorce since getting married in 2013.

About Khali's Kids With Willaims

Simbi Khali is the parent of two kids welcomed with her ex-husband Cress Willaims. Their first child Elijah Khali Thomas Williams was born on July 20, 2004.

Similarly, Cress and Simbi completed their family by welcoming their second child Amika Khali Williams. She is three years younger than Elijah born on August 13, 2007.

Neither the kids Elijah nor Amika have pursued a career in the showbiz industry. They have kept a low-key profile which has created difficulty in grabbing the details of their personal life. 

Decoding Khali's Net Worth: Is She A Millionaire? 

Simbi Khali is a millionaire having an approximate net worth of at least $1 million. She has been active in the showbiz industry since 1994 and has earned most of the money through her acting career.

Simbi Khali sits at a net worth of $1 million.
Simbi Khali sits at a net worth of $1 million. (Source: Instagram @ kalialkemi)

In 2023, Khali was seen performing the role of Winsome in the short film Ricky. She has also done voice-over works for Gothic Harvest and Detroit: Become Human respectively. 

There is information lacking regarding Khali's wealth as her last year's earnings are undisclosed. She hasn't disclosed the details of her real estate properties or other business ventures right now. 

On the other side, Khali's husband Cress Willaims commands a net worth of $1.5 million. He is an American actor and must have earned playing the lead in DC's superheroes show Black Lighting

Quick Dive Into Simbi's Family 

The Weeds actress Simbi was born on April 28, 1971, and spent her childhood in Jackson, Mississippi, U.S. She not being an only child spent her childhood with four sisters and two brothers. 

Simbi's parent's names including their personal and professional life are under wrap. Yet, it is known that they moved to Chicago's South Side for their convince when she was the age of 2.

Among six siblings, Hamidah Elmore is the only sibling known and others have kept a low-key profile. Simbi moved with her to live in Alabama for better opportunities at the age of six. 

What Was The Role Of Khali In 3rd Rock from the sun?

It cannot be denied that Simbi Khali rose to international fame from the 3rd Rock from the sun. It was an American television sitcom created by Bonnie and Terry Turner that aired on NBC. 

In 3rd Rock from the sun, Khali characterized the role of Nina Campbell.  Nina is the professional assistant of Dr. Mary Albright and Dr. Dick Solomon at the university.

Khali's role Nina initially was a recurring role but was bumped to a main character by season 3. She was a loved character who appeared from 1996 to 2001 for a total of 134 episodes. 

Is Khali Found On Social Platforms? 

Simbi Khali maintains an engaging social media presence and is active on social sites. She can be found active on the social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. 

You could check Simbi's updates on her Instagram handle under the username @ kalialkemi. She shares modeling pictures and glimpses into her personal life through the use of Instagram.

Quick Insight Into Khali's Acting Career

Simbi Khali is an American actress from the late 90s active in the showbiz industry. She stepped into the acting world debuting in the television series Sinbad as Carmen in 1994. 

One of the Modeling pictures of Simbi Khali.
One of the Modeling pictures of Simbi Khali. (Source: Instagram @ kalialkemi)

It was Khali's appearance in 3rd Rock from the sun that boosted her acting career. She has proven her versatility by appearing in We Were Soldiers and A Thin Line Between Love and Hate.

In addition to acting, Khali is also an amazing voiceover artist who has voiced in Gothic Harvest. She is also a model and the lady's modeling works are all around her official Instagram. 

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