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Not everyone gets the chance to be born to a reputed family. Skylar Lynnae Neil is the late daughter of famous Musician Vince Neil. She had a great and peaceful life ahead. Nobody knows what comes in the near future. 

Skylar Lynnae Neil was born on March 26, 1991, in the United States. She is the only daughter born to Vince Neil and his former wife, Sharise Ruddell. Skylar's father is an American Musician, and her mother is a mud wrestler and a fashion model. Her parents separated soon after her birth in 1993. 

Death of Skylar Lynnae Neil

Yes, You read that right. Skylar is no more with us in this beautiful earth. Skylar could not get to see this beautiful life on earth for much longer. Skylar passed awayleaving behind her parents on August 15, 1995

Skylar Lynnae Neil
Image: Skylar along with her parents
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As per sources, Skylar died of cancer after months of pain at the age of four. Vince solely raised his daughter. After his daughter's death, he threw himself into a self-destructive phase worse than anything he'd ever done previously.

Skylar's Father's Relationship History

Vince is not only famous for his successful career as a musician but also his relationships. His relationship started as early as his career. Neil was in a formal relationship with Tami and had a son, Neil Jason Wharton, born on October 3, 1978. 

He split with his first girlfriend and started dating, Beth Lynn and tied their wedding knot in 1981. Soon after the marriage, On October 29, 1983, the couple was blessed with a daughter, Elizabeth Ashley WhartonLike his first relationship, this also ended in 1985. 

Vince Neil relationship
Image: Vince Neil along with his former wife, Lia Gherardini
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Then in 1987, He found love with Sharise Ruddell and married her. They had Skylar in 1991. Sharise divorced with Neil in 1993. Soon after that, He started dating, Heidi Mark. They were in a relationship for more than eight years.

The love birds then married in 2000. However, the relationship never remained the same after the marriage and separated in fifteen months. He remained single for some time and later married his fourth wife, Lia Gherardini, in January 2005. In 2010, Neil announced their separation.

Net Worth and Earnings of Vince Neil

Skylar did not get the chance to earn in her life. If she had been through cancer then. She would have been earnings on her own. Her father, Vince Neil, has an estimated net worth of more than $60 Million. He credits most of his net worth to his successful career of working as a musician. 

After the death of Skylar, Vince founded the Skylar Neil Memorial Fund in her honor. Since that time, Neil and the foundation have raised awareness and funding for various children's illnesses. 

Vince Neil House
Image: Vince Neil sold his mansion in California for more than $2.58 Million in 2015. 
Source: Realtor

The Skylar Neil Memorial Foundation has donated millions of dollars to The T.J. Martell Foundation, and it sponsors an annual golf tournament to raise money for children with cancer. 

In 2015, Neil sold his Lavish Mansion in Danville, CA for $2.58 Million. The Mansion included four-bedroom, five-bathroom Mediterranean-style manse is the sprawling outdoor patio and backyard that feature hand-painted Italian tile at the bottom of the fountain-studded pool, statues imported from Paris, and kitchen with marble features.

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