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Mon Nov 21 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Sonni Pacheco

Ex-husband : Jeremy renner
Sonni Pacheco married to Jeremy renner on 2014. In 2015, The divorce was completed.

Sonni Pacheco is a Canadian actress who has performed in movies such as American Pie Presents: The Book of Love, The Wingman. She began her career as a model before moving into the movie business.

Pacheco was relatively well-known as a model and actress, but it was when she married Jeremy Lee Renner that she became well-known among the audience. Let's know more about Sonni Pacheco's life down below. 

Sonni Pacheco's Relationship With Her Former Husband

Sonni Pacheco is now a divorced lady. On the set of the American action espionage thriller Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, Sonni Pacheco met actor Jeremy Renner. Jeremy Lee Renner played Clint Barton and Hawkeye characters in the movies Thor, The Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War, and Avengers: Endgame. 

Pacheco gave birth to their daughter, Eva Pacheco, in 2013 after the two began dating. In the meantime, she starred in Jim Garrison's comedy The Wingman. On January 13, 2014, Pacheco and Renner married. However, to safeguard their family's privacy, the couple agreed to keep the affair to themselves. 

Sonni Pacheco along with Jeremy renner and Their daughter Eva on Shopping.
Sonni Pacheco gave birth to a daughter in 2013 after the two began dating.

Sonni Pacheco is active on Instagram more than other social sites. She usually posts about her new own work. She started to work on won hobby as a Sculpture Artist. The beautiful sculpture artist has been busy with her work since she had divorced her ex-husband. She is enjoying her life as a single right now. 

Why Did Sonni Pacheco Divorce Her Husband? 

Sonni Pacheco filed for divorce from Renner a few months before their first wedding anniversary. The Wingman actress cited irreconcilable differences as the main reason for her split with Renner.

The couple's divorce was finalized in 2015. The celebrity duo agreed to share the custody of their daughter. Moreover, Renner agreed to pay Pacheco $13,500 a month in child support. 

On the other hand, Pacheco went to court in 2016, claiming Renner owed her about $50,000 in child support. Renner responded by saying that the divorce, as well as Pacheco's persistent demands for additional money for childcare, had taken a toll on his emotional and physical health. 

Does Her Daughter Play Role On American Hustle?

Mayor Carmine Polito and Jeremy Renner kiss a baby while meeting residents on the street in American Hustle (2015). Renner's real-life daughter Eva, who was one month old at the time, was the infant. 

The Man of Steel actor's girlfriend known as Amy Adams also played the role of Sydney Prosser on American Hustle, and Christian Bale starred in American Hustle as Irving Rosenfeld. He appeared in Exodus: Gods and Kings in 2014 and Knights of Cups in 2015. 

Sonni Pacheco's Net Worth

Sonni Pacheco has amassed a sizable fortune from her acting and modeling careers. Her estimated net worth is $2.5 million. Her marriage to an ace actor has surely increased her net worth, even though she didn't have a bright profession.

Sonni Pacheco with her friend Magnus Resch.
Sonni Pacheco started her new career as a sculpture artist.
Source: Sonni Pacheco's Instagram (@soniapachecoart)

The Canadian actress's ex-net husband's worth, on the other hand, has undoubtedly increased as a result of the massive success of the movie The Avengers. As of 2021, Jeremy Renner's net worth has risen to $50 million. Jeremy Lee Renner's movies Thor, The Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War, and Avengers: Endgame are blockbuster movies of Marvel. 

Here is the video of Jeremy Renner's interview.

In the episode What If, he played an alternative Hawkeye. For the documentaries Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe, Expanding the Universe, and the Assembled episode The Making of Hawkeye, the actor was interviewed.


Sonni Pacheco was born in the Canadian city of Pitt Meadows, that's why her nationality is candian. The Canadian beautiful actress's age is 29 years old. She was born in 1991, but it's unknown when she celebrates her birthday. Her Ex-Husband celebrates his birthday every January 7. Her ethnicity is North American, and her nationality is Canadian.

Sonni Pacheco with her dog, at hiking.
Sonni Sonni Pacheco's nationality is Canadian.
Source: Sonni Pacheco's Instagram (@soniapachecoart)

The gorgeous actress worked as a lingerie model for several companies and publications. She has also worked with Monster Energy Drinks as a spokesperson. In 2009, she featured in American Pie Presents The Book Of Love.

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