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Tue Apr 30 2024
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Sonny Side is a famous American YouTuber who runs his own YouTube channel named Best Ever Food Review Show. The show is about reviewing and traveling Vietnamese food which explores each country's culinary world. He has amassed 9.7 million subscribers on YouTube and has also brought his show to Instagram to earn further 360k followers.

Sonny was born as Will Sonbuchner on August 22, 1984, in St. Cloud, Minnesota USA. He holds American citizenship and is of white ethnicity. He went on to study at a university, after graduating from high school. But, he didn't finish his college education. Further, there is no information regarding his family background in the media.

Does Sonny Side Have a Girlfriend or Wife?

The YouTube star, Sonny Side, remains relatively confidential about his personal life. Over the years, Side gained much fame through his YouTube content. And Sonny talked about his wife in a number of his videos!

Sonny Side married his long-time girlfriend he met in Vietnam
Image: Sonny Side Captured the Picture in Tehran, Iran
Source: Instagram @besteverfoodreviewshow

While Sonny doesn't hide his marital status, Side never disclosed his wife's name. Similarly, Will Sonbuchner and his mysterious spouse tied the knot years ago. But Sonny and his loving partner kept their wedding hidden from the spotlight.

Sonny and his wife share an inseparable relationship. Yes, Sonbuchner's partner accompanies him on most of his travels for videos. However, the celebrity wife keeps herself behind the camera lens.

How did Sonny Side and his Wife Meet?

The truth about how Sonny Side and his wife met stays hidden. But Side told his version of how he and his spouse came to be. And according to him, Sonny met the love of his life while making a video in Vietnam.

Many of his viewers love his sense of humor, and through Sonny's humor, he told his love story. The YouTube star stated it was love at first sight. Likewise, he awkwardly asked her to help him make the video.

Much to Side's joy and relief, instead of making fun of the new content creator at the time, Sonny's wife agreed to help him. Since then the duo started dating in secret. The Youtuber and his loving partner exchanged their vows in an intimate ceremony.

Sonny Side Net Worth

Sonny Side is a Creator of the comedy/food review show and YouTube channel Best Ever Food Review who has an estimated net worth of $10 million. His primary income source of earnings is his YouTube career where he is keen to promote Vietnamese food and travel.

Caption: Sonny Side's Eating a Massive Turkey Leg at Disney Magic Kingdoms
Source: Instagram @besteverfoodreviewshow

As of now, Sonbuchne has over 10.6 million subscribers on his YouTube. And he's currently making $150.7 K-$ 2.4 M a year or $12.6 K-$ 201 K a month as per social blade. Similarly, other YouTubers like Hooman Nouri and Nicolette Grey also make a fair amount.

Added to that, Sonny is also adding some extra amount as a freelance videographer at a local Vietnam travel service.

When did Sonny Side Open His YouTube Channel?

In December 2015, Will Sonbuchner best known as Sonny Side initially started posting video content on both YouTube and Facebook. Likewise, he posted his first YouTube video in December 2018 on his YouTube channel Best Ever Food Review Show, in which he tested the cheese sandwich.

Eating the world's smelliest fruit! - Vietnam

Sonny's content is primarily known for charting the strange, wonderful, delicious, and occasionally unsavory culinary options found in various parts of Asia. With a fresh POV and punchy delivery, he explores each country's unique foods, while encouraging empathy and understanding of other cultures.

In addition to that, Sonny is now employed in Seoul as a professional videographer, director, and editor.

Travel Show: Crazy Delicious

In the past time, Sonny Side also worked with a travel channel where he hosted a show called Crazy Delicious. He had spent a year and a half working with the crew on this project. In early 2018 the show's pilot was broadcast.

 Sonny Side at Travel Show, Crazy Delicious
Photo: Sonny Side at Travel Show, Crazy Delicious
Source: YouTube

However, just after two of the episodes, Discovery Channel bought the Travel channel. So, he was replaced by the show with another.


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