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Thu Apr 27 2023
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Nicolette Grey is a well-known American Vlogger, YouTuber, and Social Media Personality with over millions of online followers and fans. She is best known for her fashion, beauty, and lavish lifestyle. Likewise, her popularity raised when she appeared on UK's This Morning and Dr. Phil.

The prominent vlogger, Nicolette, was born on 15 April 2002 in the USA, under the birth sign, Aries. She belongs to white ethnicity and holds an American nationality. However, people are more curious to know about her personal life. So, let's take a sneak peek in her private matters.

Does Nicolette Grey Has Boyfriend?

The 17 years old YouTuber, Nicolette, is probably a single girl. Currently, she is focused on her professional and vlogging life rather than being active in dating and relationships life. Nevertheless, she can often be seen with other YouTubers such as Blake Linder, Erik Conover, and Bradlee

Nicolette with Blake
Image: Nicolette with another YouTuber, Blake Linder
Source: Instagram @nicolettegray

On June 2019, Grey uploaded a picture of Blake and her with a black heart caption where Blake wrapped her through waist, which partially indicates that they might be dating. But, neither of them has confirmed it yet.

Net Worth Of Nicolette Grey

Being a well-known Vlogger and YouTuber, she has accumulated a lucrative sum of money through her professional career. Nicolette's net worth is estimated at around $2 Million which is similar to the YouTuber, PromisePhan

She has over 1.28 Million subscribers on her YouTube Channel, and her yearly income from it is in between $31,100 to $500,000

Besides, she also owns a clothing line named Beverly Hills Brat, where you can get hoodies, phone cases, t-shirts, and many more. Furthermore, she has over 640 thousand followers on her Instagram, and she earns a couple of thousands of dollars from it. 

She has brand endorsements deals with some of the famous fashion line such as EDSTA.

Living A Lavish Lifestyle

With all of this massive amount of earnings and fortune, the 17-year-old kid is living her life to the fullest. She owns expensive cars such as Rolls Royce; price starts from $450,000. Not to mention, she received a G-Wagon jeep as a gift from her mother on her 16th birthday. Luna Blaise also has the same car with red color.

Nicolette's car, G-Wagon
Image: Nicolette and her G-Wagon
Source: Instagram @nicolettegray

Well, it's the current market price is around $142,000, and she drives it without a driving license. Furthermore, she loves fashion products and wears expensive clothes from GUCCI and Balenciaga. Similarly, she lives in a lavish house in Beverly Hills.

Nicolette Grey On Dr. Phil Show

Nicolette has also appeared on the Dr. Phil Show and which raised a lot of controversies. At the show, Dr. Phil suggested her mother to re-parent her daughter and gave her more love and less money. Phil suggested her mother get her a job, which made Nicolette cry on stage.

Nicolette's crying while on the Dr. Phil Show
Image: Nicolette crying on Dr. Phil Show
Source: Elite Readers

Her mother gives her $5000 per month as an allowance, and she stated that she is barely living with it. For that matter, her mother reduced her contribution per month from $5000 to $1000, and Nicolette considered it as abuse and makes her feels like a peasant.


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