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Sun Mar 26 2023
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Sophie Nélisse was born on March 27, 2000, in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. She is popularly known for her movies The Book ThiefYellowjackets and 47 Meters Down Uncaged.

In addition, she is also widely popular for her role in The Great Gilly Hopkins as Gilly Hopkins and The Book Thief as Liesel Meminger. 

Interestingly, she has won many awards in her life.

Is Nelisse Dating Anyone?

Sophie Nélisse is currently dating a photographer Clovis Henrard who is also from Canada. The romantic couple met each other on Instagram in February 2020 during the quarantine.

Nélisse has shared many pictures of her partner on her social media, expressing love toward her boyfriend on Valentine's Day. 

Following the quarantine, they grew closer and loved each other even more.

How Was Nelisse & Henrard First Date?

Ésimésac actress Nelisse had a very funny movement during her first date with her boyfriend, Clovis Henrard. On December 30, 2020, she posted a picture where she quoted:

Fun fact: On our first date, I tripped over the stairs coming back from the bathroom because I couldn’t stop staring at how cute he was instead of focusing on lifting my feet high enough to reach the third step. And before you ask, yes he saw me fall. 😳👏🏼🤎

Sophie Nélisse posing with her boyfriend Clovis Henrard on their first day
Sophie Nélisse with her, Clovis Henrard, on their first day. Source: Instagram  @Sophie Nélisse

Since their first date, they have been together and enjoying their romantic relationship to the fullest.

On-Screen Romance 

Besides the wonderful dating life of Nelisse, she was once speculated to be dating her costar Nico Liersch during the shoot of The Book Thief. There were rumors that the couple was in a loving relationship.

However, both of them acknowledged that they were only very good friends. Rather than this, there are no rumors and controversies relating to Nelisse.

How Rich Is Sophie Nelisse?

Endorphine actress Nelisse enjoys a net worth of $1.5 million, like actress Dominik Garcia-LoredoShe was always not so wealthy as she had to overcome financial difficulties before starting her acting career. 

But now, look at her she has acquired all the things that she was wished of.

 Sophie Nélisse's  car that she drives and travels Source: Instagram  @Sophie Nélisse

She collected this big money through hard work and passion for her job. Currently, she is living in her own house in Canada.

Nelisse Is A Drop Out Student

Pawn Sacrifice actress Nelisse completed her high school at Windsor's High School in June 2017.

After high school, Nelisse aimed to participate in the Olympic games in 2016,  So she quit her education and started training for gymnastics. 

However, she did not participate in the Olympic game because of her acting.

Family Background

Nélisse was born to her parents, Pauline Belhumeur (mother) and Instagram (father). Her mother was a school teacher but left her job in 2013 and, her father is an engineer. 

 Sophie Nélisse posing with her family with mother  Pauline Belhumeur, younger sister Isabella Nelisse and brother Vincent Nelisse during the time of Christmas Christmas
 Sophie Nélisse with her mother, Pauline Belhumeur, younger sister Isabella Nelisse and brother Vincent Nelisse. Source: Instagram @Sophie Nélisse

Nélisse, without a doubt, is close to her parents and siblings because she is often seen spending time with her family members.

Nélisse Has A Brother & Sister

Transplant actress Nélisse has two siblings with whom she spent her childhood. Vincent Nelisse is his brother and Isabella Nelisse is her younger sister. 

Her younger sister is also a very popular actress and has worked in many movies. Nélisse and her sister worked together in a film called Wait Till Helen Comes, which was released in 2016.

About Nélisse's Sister: Isabella Nelisse 

Isabella Nelisse is also a popular actress born on December 3, 2003, in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. 

Sophie Nélisse posing with her younger sister Isabella Nelisse 
Sophie Nélisse with her younger sister Isabella Nelisse. Source: Instagram  @Sophie Nélisse

She is popularly known for her movies Whitewash (2013), and The Tale (2018). She started her career debut in Mama, where she portrayed the role of Lilly.

Career Debut

Mean Dreams actress Nelisse was not so sure about her acting career at a young age as she was more interested in bodybuilding and gymnastics than acting.

At the age of four, she moved to Montreal with her parents and started doing gymnastics and started training for the 2016 Olympics with her mother's support. She also signed for a talent agency and started working there to earn money and pay for the expense of gymnastics training.

Popular TV series poster yellowjacket f
Sophie Nélisse TV series Yellowjackets poster. Source: Instagram  @Sophie Nélisse

At the age of eleven, she was not very serious about the profession as she was busy with her training session. After giving a lot of auditions, she got into the acting job and started giving less time to her gymnastics classes.

However, in 2013, she successfully got the role of Liesel Meminger in The Book Thief, along with Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson. This was her third movie, and the viewers started loving her as an actress, so she started focusing on acting as her career and stopped gymnastics completely. 

Leisure Activities

Sophie Nélisse, without a doubt, is a travelholic person, like Jean-Luc Bilodeau. She loves traveling and hanging out with her friends during her free time. 

Sophie Nélisse enjoying with her guitar
Sophie Nélisse holding her guitar. Source: Instagram @Sophie Nélisse

On top of that, we can see many highlights on her Instagram related to travel diaries worldwide.

Rather than this, Nélisse loves playing guitar, doing adventures, gymnastics and swimming. She also loves photoshoots in her free time, as we can see many photos on her Instagram.

Physical Appearance

Close actress Nelisse stands 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm) tall and holds a body weight of around 48kg or 106 lbs. Her waist is 24 inches, and her chest size is 32 inches. 

Sophie Nélisse posing for a full figure picture
 Sophie Nélisse posing for her Instagram feed. Source: Instagram @Sophie Nélisse

She has a flawless body with a shape of an hourglass. She has dyed blonde hair with stunning sunshine blue eyes.

Honour & Awards

47 Meters Down Uncaged actress Nelisse has won many awards and honors from different fields. 

She is popularly known for the ''Phoenix Film Critics Society Award'' in 2013 for Best Performance by a Youth in a Lead or Supporting Role - Female from the movie The Book Thief.

Nelisse has also won the ''Nevada Film Critics Society Award'', ''Jutra Awards'', and ''Hollywood Film Awards.''

Animal Lover 

Transplant actress Nelisse is an animal lover, as we can see many photographs on her Instagram handle. She has posted a picture with an elephant, horses, cat, and dogs. 

 Sophie Nélisse playing with her pet cat
 Sophie Nélisse playing with her pet cat Source: Instagram   @Sophie Nélisse

However, she only has a pet cat and a dog in her house. Vadhir Derbez also has a pet and he is a pet lover. She mentioned that she loves her pets more than anything. She goes for a walk with them and ever goes swimming together.

Active On Social Media 

Yellowjackets actress Nelisse has many fans and followers on her social media account. She has around 286k followers on her Instagram @Sophie Nélisse. She mostly posts pictures about her daily activities, friends, siblings and traveling on her Instagram.

Nelisse is also active on her Twitter account @Sophie Nélisse,with more than 22.2k followers. 

However, she does not have her official Facebook page and tik to account with her name.


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