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Sun Feb 05 2023
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Vadhir Derbez is a Mexican actor who got into prominence after portraying excellent roles in many TV series and movies such as How To Be A Latin Lover, 3 idiotatsSense8 and Dulce Familia

Besides being a successful actor, he is also a producer born on February 18, 1991, in Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico, with a zodiac sign of Aquarius. 

Know About Derbez's Parents 

Derbez comes from an acting family as his father, Eugenio Derbez, and his mother, Silvana Prince, are professional actors and models. However, Silvana has already decided to avoid the media and limelight. 

Vadhir Derbez and his mother, Silvana Prince.
Vadhir Derbez and his mother, Silvana Prince.  Image Source: Instagram @vadhird

The interesting fact is that Derbez's parents were never married; instead, they gave birth to him in 1991 when they were dating each other. Unfortunately, after some years of his birth, his parents got separated. 

Reason Behind Derbez's Parents' Divorce

If you are willing to know about White Elephant actor Derbez's parents' unsuccessful love life, then let us make it clear that his parents got separated after five months after his birth. 

His parents' relationship ended sourly because of his father's affair with Victoria Ruffo, a Mexican actress. The former couple started having disputes in 1990 and got separated in late 1991 or early 1992. 

Since then, Derbez has been living with his lovely mother, Silvana, as she got custody of her child. As a result, Derbez has stated that he loves his mother more than his father. 

Did You Know? Silvana was pregnant when her ex-boyfriend Eugenio cheated on her by having a romantic relationship with Ruffo. 

Derbez's Father Was Married Thrice

As mentioned earlier, Derbez's parents were never married and got separated right after his birth. Soon after separation, his father Eugenio married Victoria Ruffo and gave birth to a beautiful child named José Eduardo Derbez

After some years of Jose's birth, Eugenio divorced Ruffo and married another woman named Alessandra Rosaldo, with whom he shares a beautiful daughter Aitana Derbez. Unfortunately, this relationship also could not go further and ended in 2020. 

Vadhir Derbez and his sister, Aislinn Derbez.
Vadhir Derbez and his sister, Aislinn Derbez. Image Source: Instagram @vadhird

The fun fact is all mentioned names are not Derbez's father's first wives; instead, he married them after exchanging vows with Gabriela Michel. As per online tabloids, they tied their knot in 1986 and divorced in 1987

Furthermore, Eugenio shares a daughter named Aislinn Derbez with his first wife, Gabriel. It has been confirmed that he was romantically linked with Gabriel before he got involved with Derbez's mother, Silvana.

Is Vadhir Derbez Single?

Currently, The Waiter actor Derbez is single and has no signs of his affairs which makes us believe he is not dating anyone. It seems he is more focused on making his career. 

Furthermore, his Instagram handle also supports the news to be accurate as his Instagram posts do not give us hints about his love affairs. As a result, he lives a single life without any past experiences or relationships with girls. 

Vadhir Derbez: A Rich Actor 

Talking about Derbez's bank balance, he has an estimated net worth of $5 million which he earned through his successful acting and producing career just like Michael Aloni

Vadhir Derbez posing with his car for a photo shoot.
Vadhir Derbez posing with his car for a photo shoot. Image Source: Instagram @vadhird

He has appeared in and produced many movies throughout his career, from where he has made a massive fortune. Without a doubt, today, he lives a millionaire life owning many luxurious cars like Chevrolet Corvette (C3) and Ferrari Testarossa.

Furthermore, Derbez has been making tremendous money from the age of five. He first got paid by appearing in TV commercials. 

Derbez's Body Measurements 

Gossip Girl: Acapulco actor Derbez is a good-looking man with an excellent physique, possibly due to exercise and diet. He stands at 6 feet (183 cm), weighing around 81 kg (179 lbs). 

Furthermore, he has brown eyes with short back hair and fair skin. He is often seen in branded clothes, watches, and sunglasses. People, especially girls, admire his fantastic body and sweet voice. 

Nala: Derbez's Pet Name 

Derbez is a certified pet lover who owns a Standard Schnauzer, a dog breed that originated in Germany. He has named his dog Nala, often seen together on social media platforms. 

Vadhir Derbez posing with his pet Nala for a photo shoot.
Vadhir Derbez posing with his pet Nala for a photo shoot. Image Source: Instagram @vadhird

Derbez has even raised his voice for animal rights, making his lovely fans more responsible toward animals. In addition, he has shared a drone video of himself and Nala on Instagram, where they seem to be having fun. 

Why Is Derbez Considered Gay?

Most Mexicans consider Sense8 actor Vadhir Derbez gay due to his girlish behavior and face structure. However, it is invalid, as Derbez has repeatedly denied this news through Instagram and news channels. 

Despite knowing he is a straight person, some people still consider him gay. Some stories also say that he is single because of his homosexuality just like Sebastian Bails.

The exact reasons behind people calling Derbez gay are still a mystery. It seems that they are considering him a lesbian with complete surety. As mentioned above, he has stated that he is not gay. 

Derbez Runs a Youtube Channel 

Besides Instagram and Twitter, Derbez also has a youtube channel named @Vadhir Derbez. His channel has already amassed 1.2 M subscribers in a brief period. 

Furthermore, his Youtube Channel includes his movie trailer, Instagram and TikTok reels, memes, and funny expressions. He started his channel on July 14, 2007

Movies & TV Series 

As mentioned above, Derbez first appeared when he was only five. He has been giving his best efforts to make the Mexican film industry more efficient for over twenty-six years. 

As a result, people acknowledge Derbez's superb acting skills in popular movies like White ElephantEl AmarreThe WaiterDulce familia, and Imaginum

Furthermore, he is known for his appearances in TV series like VecinosMariachisSense8Gossip Girl: Acapulco, and La Familia P. Luche.

Won Silver Goddess Award in 2016

It is not strange that Derbez has impressed Mexican audiences through his notable portrayal in many TV series and movies. Due to his acting skills, he has been awarded one of the prestigious awards of Mexica. 

He won the "Silver Goddess Award" in 2016 for his remarkable acting in Ladrones (2015). He achieved that for Best Newcomer - Male (Revelación Masculina).

Highly Admired On Social Media 

El Amarre actor Derbez has a strong presence on social media, which could be the result of his unique and inspiring posts. He has got a profile on Twitter and Instagram with tremendous followers. 

Vadhir Derbez's childhood picture.
Vadhir Derbez's childhood picture. Image Source: Instagram @vadhird

He has more than 307K followers on Twitter, whose username goes by @vadhirderbez, whereas his Instagram handle, @vadhird, has already amassed 5.9 M followers. 

Some Interesting Facts About Derbez

  • Vadhir Derbez is the grandson of Silvia Derbez, a former Mexican actress who was very popular in the 90s.
  • Derbez is fond of music and musical instruments. As a result, he plays guitar very well.
  • He is available on Tiktok, Spotify, Soundcloud, and various sites like AllMovie, AllMusic, and Letterboxd.


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