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Thu Nov 14 2019
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It was the autumn of 2010 when Sophie Waite bid final goodbye to her lover of eight years, Chris Moyles. Both of them parted ways with each other due to different expectations from their on-going relationship.

As of now, who is Sophie dating? Are there any rumors surrounding her personal life? If you want answers to these questions, read along as we explore more into her relationship status.

Sophie and Chris Dated for Eight Years

After being in an on and off relationship with TV presenter Ana Boulter for two years, Chris was finally ready to move on. Moyles was destined to meet Sophie with whom he enjoyed a good and long relationship.

Chris Moyles and Sophie Waite during their dating years
Image: Sophie Waite (right) and Chris Moyles (left). 
Source: The Sun

The couple first met each other in 2002. Yes, you might argue about his looks and charms, but he managed to sway Miss Waite into the magical land of love. The pair gave everything into their relationship and nurtured it with love.

During their time together, the duo had a blast and recalled it after the break-up in September of 2010. The pair, however, remained tight-lipped when it comes to talking about their love life. 

Sophie moved out of $2.3 Million Home

In September 2010, the pair decided to part ways with each other. The paparazzi caught them when they were in the middle of their final goodbye. Chris hugged his former lover, and those around the duo witnessed the heart-wrenching goodbye.

Chris Moyles hugging Sophie Waite while bidding final goodbye
Picture: Chris Moyles (left) hugging Sophie Waite (right). 
Source: Daily Mail

Sophie wanted to have kids, a family, and settle down with her lover, but Chris had other ideas. Moyles would never commit himself to the marriage, and this caused friction between the lovely pair. The sources close to the couple said that Sophie is heartbroken as she wanted to settle with Chris and that she spent so much time and love on him.

After the break-up, she returned Chris's Audi and also moved out of $2.3 million house in North London. The BBC producer and Radio 1 DJ took time off from their professional work after the split. 

Chris Moyles and Sophie Waite exchanging each other's belongings
Image: Sophie Waite (right) and Chris Moyles (left) exchanging each other's belongings. 
Source: Daily Mail

Chris went to Leeds to be with his parents while Sophie stayed with her friends.

Is Sophie Dating Again?

After the split in 2010, the BBC producer went off the public eye. Waite is busy with her professional life but is keeping a low profile as of now. There is no definite evidence to suggest that the TV producer is dating someone.

She might be in a relationship or not; whatever is the case, Waite wants her personal life to be a secret without any media attention. On the other hand, Chris got involved in some relationship after the break-up.

Chris Moyles and Tiffany Austin at an event
Frame: Chris Moyles (right) with his girlfriend Tiffany Austin (left). 
Source: The Sun

The forty-year-old Radio DJ is currently dating an American artist manager Tiffany Austin as reported by the Sun. Chris first met Tiffany in 2012, when he took a break and went on a vacation in Beverly Hills as reported by the Sun. Not just that, the paparazzi also spotted the couple on a launch date at Jamie Oliver's new restaurant.

Sophie's involved in a Rumor!

Sophie is never surrounded by any rumors or controversies in her life, personally or professionally. Waite is quite reserved and does not waste any time by getting herself involved in talks and scandals.

Even though the BBC producer is not involved in any controversies, her former lover Chris became part of some rumor mill about his relationship. After the break-up, Moyles and Melanie C formed a strong bond, and people thought they were dating. They cleared up the air about the misconception about their relationship. 

In addition to that, Chris was also rumored to be dating Irish beauty Aoibhinn McGinnity in 2015. The couple went out together on numerous occasions, and ultimately, they confirmed they were dating each other. But as of now, Chris broke up with Aoibhinn and is dating Tiffany. 


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