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Wed Aug 16 2023
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Staiv Gentis is well-known in the fitness world. With his amazing physique, he has inspired many individuals across the globe. Besides fitness, Gentis has also appeared in several movies like The Astronaut, Leatherdaddy, and so on. 

Gentis is also popular for his high-profile date. Sorry ladies, this handsome French actor is taken by the French Supermodel Ines Rau. Let's look at their romantic life while we explore the enigmatic life of Staiv.

Staiv Gentis's Relationship Status

The Leatherdaddy actor Staiv Gentis is in a romantic relationship with a French model Ines Rau. Gentis and Rau have been dating since 2017 and are supportive of each other in their growth.

Unlike most celebrities, Staiv and Ines do not like to flaunt their love lives on social media. Yes, the love birds have been keeping their relationship under wraps.

Staiv Gentis with his model girlfriend Ines Rau.
Staiv Gentis with his model girlfriend Ines Rau. Source: Pinterest

Apparently, Rau and Gentis know how to keep their professional life and personal life separate. The celebrity couple has not spilled the beans on their romance.

Staiv is not known to have dated anyone besides Ines. On the other hand, his romantic other half was romantically linked to French footballer Kylian Mbappe. Although things are not official, the two were spotted together in several places.

Who Is Staiv Gentis's Girlfriend?

Staiv Gentis's girlfriend is a top-notch model from France. Yes, Gentis and his love partner, Ines Rau, both shares their interest in modeling.

Rau is transgender just like Nikita Dragun She became the second transgender model to be in Playboy magazine after Cossey.

Staiv Gentis's Girlfriend Is A Transgender

Yes, Ines Rau was born male in 1990 in France and spent the majority of her life as one. Gentis's romantic partner, Ines was 16 when she underwent a gender-affirming surgery changing herself to a woman. 

Ines Rau at Canes 2023.
Ines Rau at Canes 2023. Source: Instagram @supa_ines

Later, Ines revealed that she felt like a female despite being born male. And inspired by the life story of English trans model Caroline "Tula" Cossey, Rau collected the courage to change her gender.

As a transgender herself, Gentis's love partner supports their rights. She also takes active participation in awareness programs related to LGBTQ+. 

Staiv Gentis's Early Life: Age, & Birthdate

The actor and model, Staive Gentis is currently in his mid-20s in terms of age. He was born on April 14, 1999, in France. Gentis is an Aries and is fiery and strong just like his zodiac sign.

Besides this, there is little to no information about Gentis's early life. Staiv's parent's identities have been kept behind the curtains respecting their personal space.

Nevertheless, in an interview, Gentis shared that he was not good at studying. His teenage years were full of stress with trouble as he resisted authority and tried to buck the educational system.

The Wealth of Staiv Gentis: Know His Earnings, Income, & Net Worth

Staiv Gentis's exact net worth is not officially public. However, he is estimated to have a wealth worth at least $1 Million. The French actor and model has appeared in several movies as an actor as well as a stunt performer.

Some of Gentis's movies are Some like it rare, Warlike, Valerian and the City of Thousand Planets, and so on. Besides acting, he also collects the amount from modeling. 

Staiv Gentis and his girlfiend explores different countries.
Staiv Gentis and his girlfriend explores different countries. Source: Instagram @supa_ines

Gentis has posed for several magazines. Not only this, but he is interested in boxing and martial arts too. Well, Staiv might have earned a substantial amount in this field too.

On the other hand, his supermodel girlfriend, Ines Rau has a net worth of $1.5 Million. Clearly, the couple is wealthy. The romantic pair lives their rich lifestyle by traveling to beautiful destinations both in and out of the country.

Staiv Gentis's Martial Arts Journey

Well, Staiv Gentis is a multi-talented personality. His interest in maintaining an active lifestyle has led him to join several things and martial art is one of them. 

Staiv Gentis is involved in martial arts.
Staiv Gentis is involved in martial arts. Source: Instagram @staiv_gentis

Gentis does boxing, Shadowboxing, and kickboxing. He has shared a glimpse of himself practicing boxing with his friend and Sensei Yacine Bouaissa at the Dojo.

Upon asking why he loves such combat sports, Gentis said it is like facing the fears and doubts in his life. And he likes to conquer them with training.  

Staiv Gentis Fitness: Height, Weight, & Physical Appearance

The French actor, Staiv Gentis is known for his fitness and awesome physique just like Lean Beef patty. He has been training every single day since a young age to gain such a body. Gentis has also trained Ricardo Tisci, Marc Jacobs, and Michele Lamy (Rick Owen's spouse).

Leatherdaddy actor stands tall with a height of 6 ft (183 cm). Gentis's love for fitness has led him to take part in several fitness competitions. One such competition was the 2012 MUSCLE MANIA FITNESS EUROPE CHAMPIONSHIPS that was held in Paris. 

Staiv Gentis is a personal trainer of several big names.
Staiv Gentis is a personal trainer of several big names. Source: Married Biography

Staiv secured the second position in the competition. Not only physical fitness but he also believes in mental fitness. Gentis now performs yoga to heal his mental health. He can be seen doing different breathing techniques as a part of his health regimen.

In addition to this, Gentis has also talked about the shamanic ancestral medicines. He said that the venom of giant frogs is used for purifying intoxication of the body and healing it.

Speaking of his supermodel partner, Ines Rau has a height of 5 ft and 10 inches. Similarly, she has maintained a weight of 55 kg. Rau's physical stats are 32-24-34 inches respectively.

Staiv Gentis's Love For Andrenaline-Boosting Things

Aries are fiery and highly energetic people. Staiv Gentis is true to this statement as he is similar to it. His love for adrenaline-pumping things made him to be involved in several things such as boxing, hiking, martial art, and so on.

Did you know? Gentis has also conquered GR 20 which is considered to be the hardest and toughest trail in Europe. Likewise, he has done skydiving and so on.


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