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Mon Jun 19 2023
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Stanley Tucci is a successful American actor and filmmaker who recently appeared in the TV Series Citadel.  With his exceptional talent, Tucci has won many accolades like Emmy (5 times), Golden Globes (2 times), and so on. 

Tucci gives credit to his wife, Felicity Blunt, for his success as well as for being his ally in every step. Not only in professional life, but Blunt has also supported the actor during his health problems. So, let's peek into the Hollywood-tale-like romantic journey of Stanley.

Stanley Tucci Lost His First Wife In 2009

Before his marriage with Felicity, Stanley Tucci was already married once. Yes, the Citadel actor was in a nuptial relationship with Kathryn Tucci

Stanley Tucci and his first wife Kathryn Tucci.
Stanley Tucci kissing his first wife Kathryn Tucci in her forehead. Source: YouTube @Rumor Juice

Tucci lost his wife in April 2009, which made him extremely sad. Kathryn was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a treatment process. In search of the cure, the couple had traveled to many countries.

However, all the hard work went in vain. The American filmmaker, Stanley's wife passed away in their house. Kathryn's demise had left Tucci in sorrow. The King's Man actor still remembers his first wife and regrets that he could not save her.

Tucci's Married Life With His First Wife, Kathryn Tucci

The American filmmaker, Stanley Tucci tied the knot with Kathryn “Kate” Spath-Tucci in the year 1995. Stanley used to call him Kate with love. The married couple stayed together for 14 years until their death parted them.

Stanley Tucci with his five children. Source: Celebsuburb

During this 14-year-long marriage, there was a time when Kathryn and Stanley were not together. The Citadel actor is said to have had an extended affair with actress Edie Falco in 2002. 

Stanley became the father of twins; Isabel Concetta Tucci and Nicole Robert and their sister Camilla. Kathryn also had two children from her previous marriage with Alexander Robert Scott

Stanley Tucci Remarried In 2012

After grieving over his wife's death, it was time for Stanley to move on. So, the Supernova actor remarried Felicity Blunt, an English literary agent in 2012. Blunt helped Tucci to overcome the death of his first wife.

Stanley Tucci and his current wife, Felicity Blunt.
Stanley Tucci and his current wife, Felicity Blunt. Source: Celebsuburb

Felicity, sister of actress Emily Blunt, first met Stanley in the 2006 premiere of The Devil Wears Prada. In the movie, Tucci costarred alongside Blunt's younger sister, Emily. The Citadel actor still remembers that his current wife had spoken to his first wife in the premiere.

pair In this decade-long relationship, Felicity and Stanley has become the parents of two children; Mateo and Emilia. The happily wedded-pair are currently living in the United Kingdom with their children.

Stanley Tucci & Felicity Blunt's Second Wedding Ceremony

The American actor, Stanley wore wedding suit for the second time in summer 2012. He married Emily Blunt's older sister, Felicity in a private setting.

stanley Tucci and his second wife Felicity Blunt in their wedding dress.
stanley Tucci and his second wife Felicity Blunt in their wedding dress. Source: Pinterest

Later, in September 2012, the newly married pair had a wedding ceremony again, but this time lots of guest were invited. Emily was the bridesmaid while, Steve Buscemi, served as Tucci's best man.

In the holy ceremony, the Citadel actor was wearing a Hugo Box Tuxedo. On the other hand, the groom, Blunt was in a custom gown made by Nanette Lepore.

Felicity Blunt Helped During Stanley Tucci's Illness

Watching Kathryn go through high-radiation chemotherapy was terrifying. Stanley hoped to never experience this awful thing. But, the twist of fate, the Big Night actor, Tucci, was diagnosed with Oral Cancer in 2017.

In Sunday Sitdown Tucci spilled the beans that he was terrified upon finding his illness. After lots of findings, Stanley found a life-saving cure for it. This made the American actor's heart filled with joy and relief.

Even so, Felicity had to drag and scream to Stanley to go to chemotherapy. As Blunt was insistent, Tucci went through the process and now is in remission stage.

The Citadel actor described his experience while going through chemotherapy as;

"I lost 35 pounds. I couldn’t eat. I had a feeding tube for six months and everything tasted like you-know-what and smelled like you-know-what."

Stanley Tucci's  Net Worth

Born on November 11, 1960 in New York, Stanley Tucci has never seen the poverty. He belongs to a well-to-do family. Tucci's mother Joan was a writer whereas his father stanley Tucci Sr was a art teacher.

Stanley Tucci sold his South Salem state. Source: Realtor

Today, with more than 140 credits as an actor, 13 credits as producer, Stanley Tucci has amassed the net worth of $25 Million. Tucci with his staggering amount lives in London alongside his family now. The American actor sold his New York house for $1.8 Million.

American Actor Stanley Tucci Still Remembers His First Wife

It has already been more than 10-years since Tucci's first wife passed away. The actor has also been married to his second wife now. However, the Stanely still remembers his first wife.  

Stanley Tucci still remembers his ex-wife Kathryn Tucci..
Stanley Tucci still remembers his ex-wife Kathryn Tucci. Source: celebsuburb

As Kathryn is always in the heart of the American actor, Stanley, it was quite difficult for him to move on. Tucci felt guilty when going for a vacation with Felicity in their initial days.

In an interview Stanley said that he is still grieving over his first wife's death. It is hard to forget Kathryn. Tucci often speaks about her in the public.


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