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Camera Operator (1993)
Wed May 10 2023
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Stephanie Rose Bongiovi has earned the spotlight as Jon Bon Jovi's daughter. Her father, Jon, is an American music icon who has provided top-notch songs like Bad Medicine.

Bongiovi is trying to make a name for herself in the entertainment world and works as a camera operator. Stephanie has handled camera works for the comedy television series Impractical Jokers.

Does Stephanie Rose Bongiovi Have A Husband Or A Boyfriend? 

Stephanie Rose Bongiovi may haven't found her love interest as of now. Stephanie appears single, with no names linked to her as her husband or boyfriend. Moreover, she hasn't shared a romantic relationship publicly throughout the years.

Stephanie Rose Bongiovi and her dad, Jon Bon Jovi, were photographed together.
Stephanie Rose Bongiovi and her dad, Jon Bon Jovi, were photographed together. (Source: Instagram)

While surfing the Internet, no reports are available giving the details of her romantic affair. Bongiovi has kept her privacy, sharing no information on her romantic partner. 

Until and unless the celebrity child discloses her relationship with the public, fans can only speculate. So it's safe to say Stephanie isn't seeing a boyfriend or married to a husband. 

What About The Net Worth Of Stephanie Rose Bongiovi?

Stephanie Rose Bongiovi owns a roughly calculated net worth of $1 million. She has earned money through her work in the camera department in the entertainment industry. 

Bongiovi has worked as a camera production assistant in the movie Passing. Netflix paid a whopping $15 million for the movie's distribution rights. 

Bongiovi has been freelancing as First Assistant Camera at NorthSouth Productions. Also, she did a production internship at Vice Media, LLC, from June 2015 to August 2015. 

Stephanie's father, Jon Bon Jovi, owns over $400 million as an estimated net worth. He has added this wealth through his fortune made as a singer. Madeline Robbie Schneider's father also holds hundreds of millions as his assets!

About Stephanie Parent's Relationship 

Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea Hurley are the parents of Stephanie Rose Bongiovi. They were lovely married pair who welcomed her on May 31, 1993, in New Jersey, United States.

It's common for celebrity couples to part after several years. However, this case didn't apply to Jon and Dorothea, as they have remained in a marital bond for over three decades. 

Jon Bon Jovi with his loving wife Dorothea Hurley.
The American singer Jon Bon Jovi with his loving wife, Dorothea Hurley. (Source: Pinterest)

Jon and Dorothea first started dating in the early 1980s but broke up as Jon decided to pursue a music career. Regardless, they are destined to be together and rekindled their romance in 1985

The lovely couple Jovi and Hurley shared exchanged marriage vows after three years of courtship. It was a private wedding ceremony completed in Las Vegas in 1989.

Were Stephanie's Parents Engaged In Extra Marital Affairs?

Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea Hurley never had an extramarital affair. It was the first marriage for both of them and weren't married previously. 

Jovi and Dorothea don't share any misunderstandings or divorce. They strive to capture more beautiful moments together without any news of divorce. 

Did Stephanie Rose Bongiovi Grow Up with Siblings? 

Jon Bon Jovi's daughter Stephanie Rose Bongiovi wasn't the only child of her parents. And yes, Stephanie grew up with three siblings. She is the elder sister of three brothers and the eldest child in the family. 

Stephanie's brother Jessie James Louis was born on February 19, 1995. Jacob Hurley was welcomed two years after Jessie's birth on May 7, 2002, youngest in the family, Romeo Jon Bongiovi, was born on March 29, 2004

Jon Bon Jovi with his son Romeo Jon Bongiovi.
Jon Bon Jovi with his son Romeo Jon Bongiovi. (Source: Hollywood Life)

Among all the siblings, Jacob has pursued a career in showbiz as an actor. He is an uprising actor making a fresh start in the entertainment industry. 

Jacob will appear in the upcoming projects Sweethearts and Rockbottom. He strives to become one of the successful actors in the future.

Was Stephanie A Drug Addict? 

Stephanie was indeed a drug addict. She battled addiction during her late teens and nearly met death due to an overdose of drugs in November 2012 during her college years. 

Stephanie was found unresponsive in her college room at Hamilton College, where she was a first-year student. She was immediately taken to the hospital and later regained consciousness.

Stephanie Rose Bongiovi was a drug addict in her late teens. (
Stephanie Rose Bongiovi was a drug addict in her late teens. (Source: Health-Time)

After a thorough investigation, the authorities found the incident occurred due to a heroin overdose. Likewise, Stephanie and her college mate Ian S Grant faced arrest due to possession of marijuana, including the usage of drug paraphernalia. 

They were soon released thanks to the Good Samaritan Law of New York State law. Stephanie is now free from drugs and is living a healthy life. 

Stephanie's Social Media Presence

Stephanie Rose Bongiovi may fall under people with no interest in social networking sites. She isn't active on any social media handles, including Instagram. 

Bongiovi may love to keep her personal life private, away from social sites. She has occasionally appeared at events with her family but doesn't use any social sites. 

However, Stephanie's father, Jon, is active on social media. You can get him on Instagram with the handle @ jonbonjiovi having over 1.6 million followers. 

Educational Background

Stephanie may have completed her primary and high schooling at some local high schools. However, she was always fond of cameras joining The New School. 

At The New School, Stephanie completed her Bachelor's degree majoring in Film, Cinema, and Vidoe Studies. The details of whether she did further studies are not known. 

A LookOut On Stephanie's Professional Career

Stephanie Rose Bongiovi works in the entertainment industry in a camera and electrical department. She has worked for the comedy television series Impractical Jokers.

Moving back, Stephanie started her career working as an assistant at The Weinstein Company. After leaving there in 2014, she joined being an Intern at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Stephanie Rose Bongiovi with her mother and father.
Stephanie Rose Bongiovi with her mother and father. (Source: Pinterest)

Stephanie completed her internship with Jon Stewart. Bongiovi later joined as a production intern at Vice Media, LLC. She worked there for only three months, starting in June 2015. 

The celebrity child works as a freelance First Assistant Camera at NorthSouth Productions. She is the second assistant camera in an upcoming project called Jess Kidding Around!

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