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Wed Aug 23 2023
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In the realm of the digital world, Stephanie Soo is a popular YouTube content creator. She is a social media sensation who creates mukbhang, vlogs, and other entertaining content. 

The concern of Stephanie's husband and his mysterious identity is made transparent in this article. You can also explore the details of her net worth, parents, YouTube career, and other exciting topics.

Discover Soo's Relationship Status: Is She Married, Single Or Has A Boyfriend? 

People are curious if Stephanie Soo has a husband or is leading a single life which will be explained in this article. As of now, she is married to her long-time boyfriend Rui Qian.

The marriage ceremony picture of Stephanie Soo and Rui Qian.
The marriage ceremony picture of Stephanie Soo and Rui Qian. (Source: Instagram @ missmangobutt)

Stephanie and Rui have been in a relationship for a significant period since meeting in the early 2010s. They often share their lovely pictures but her husband's face is not revealed right now

Moving forward, Stephanie announced engagement with her then-fiance in 2019. She shared the news of her engagement ceremony on various social media platforms to her fans and well-wishers. 

The YouTube star Stephanie completed her marriage with Rui in July 2023. They had their wedding ceremony in a tiny little chapel in Switzerland as shared on her official Instagram page. 

Who Is Stephanie's Husband And His Mysterious Identity? 

We have mentioned Stephanie Soo's husband's name is Rui Quan but his name remains still unknown. The question of his name and face is a curious concern of people searching on the Internet. 

Stephanie Soo with her mysterious husband.
Stephanie Soo with her mysterious husband. (Source: Instagram @ missmangobutt)

Soo has indeed shared several pictures with him on Instagram but hiding his face. Likewise, he is available on Instagram with the username @ mistermangobutt and has over 218k followers. 

As per Rui's Instagram bio, he is professionally a fashion model but his details on the Internet are unknown. This mystery has only fueled curiosity of interest among the general public for now. 

Some have come up with a conspiracy that Stephanie's mysterious husband's name is Rui Quan. He is an agent advisor and sales professional but it remains as a speculation right now.

What About The Net Worth Of Stephanie: Do You Know Her Financial Status?

Stephanie Soo has been able to accumulate a jaw-dropping net worth of $1 million similar to Cynthia Addai-Robinson. She has created this wealth through her successful social media career. 

Stephanie Soo promoted the sweatshirt from her store Fanjoy.
Stephanie Soo promoted the sweatshirt from her store Fanjoy. (Source: Instagram @ missmangobutt)

Soo is a popular South Korean YouTube content creator and makes massive money from her YouTube career. She has crossed over 1 million subscribers on all of her official YouTube channels. 

Stephanie's main channel can be found under the username @ missmangobutt with over 3 million subscribers. According to Social Blade, she makes $33.3K to $532.7K yearly through it. 

In addition, Stephanie earns money through brand sponsorships on her YouTube and Instagram handles. She also earns money through her merchandise shop Fanjoy selling various products. 

Glimpse Into Stephanie's Family And Age 

The YouTube star Stephanie was born on November 27, 1995, and is the age of mid-20s right now. She probably has opted to keep the details of her personal life private including her parents. 

Stephanie Soo with her brother Jason on the Tennis court.
Stephanie Soo with her brother Jason on the Tennis court. (Source: Instagram @ missmangobutt)

Stephanie is not the only child and has two siblings with whom she shared her childhood. She is seen posting about her siblings Cindy and Jason on her social media platforms. 

People have mostly searched for Stephanie's brother on the Internet platform. She has also uploaded a video entitled Meet My Adopted Brother on her YouTube channel. 

Stephanie moved to Atlanta, Georgia, with her family when she was in her middle childhood. She is often seen featuring family members on her YouTube content such as vlogs. 

Social Media Platforms Of Stephanie

Stephanie Soo being a social media influencer has kept a captivating social media presence. She has become a beloved figure in the online community due to her dynamic personality. 

Stephanie Soo is a popular social media personality.
Stephanie Soo is a popular social media personality.  (Source: Instagram @ missmangobutt)

Furthermore, Soo can be found active on the social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. For those searching her Instagram, she is available with the username @ missmangobutt.

Stephanie's authenticity, approachability, and passion for sharing experiences on social media are loved by her fans. Through her content, she has further strengthened her bond with fans.

Explore The Physical Appearance Of Stephanie

Stephanie Soo's physical appearance effortlessly complements her engaging online persona. She weighs around 49 kg and stands at a decent height of 5 feet 2 inches similar to Kelsey Henson.

Soo's distinct features include a radiant smile that often lights up her content. Her choice of makeup and hairstyles varies, allowing her to showcase her creativity with an amazing fashion sense. 

A Brief On Soo's Professional Career

Stephanie Soo has gained attention as a popular YouTuber and social media influencer. She is famous for her engaging content in the realm of mukbang, vlogs, and lifestyle videos.

Stephanie Soo with musician Stephanie Poetri.
Stephanie Soo with musician Stephanie Poetri. (Source: Instagram @ missmangobutt)

The lady started her professional YouTube career in March 2017 uploading videos. As of today, she has three YouTube channels with a total of more than 5 million subscribers.

In addition, Stephanie also hosts a true crime podcast called Rotten Mango. The podcast covers true crime stories and spooky topics available on YouTube and other platforms like Spotify. 

Stephanie can also be called an entrepreneur as she runs an online clothing brand called Fanjoy. Through her various ventures, she has managed to turn her passion into a profitable career.

What Happened Between Stephanie  And Nikocado Avocado? 

Stephanie and Nikocado Avocado are both popular YouTubers known for their mukbang videos. It all started with Stephanie and Nikocado's collaboration videos with Zach Choi.

Moving ahead, Stephanie made a video where she accused Nikocado of trying to force her into controversy. It was made after the collaboration videos which spread like fire at that time. 

Soo revealed that Nikocado attempted to stir controversy by pressuring her to discuss fellow YouTuber Veronica Wang. It was detailed in a 47-minute video uploaded by her. 

Nikocado responded and blamed Stephanie as the one who wanted to create controversy. Later, Veronica Wang supported the claims of Stephanie calling Nikocado a very manipulative person.

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